MLG, Dems lose their minds as DeSantis rallies for Ronchetti in Carlsbad

On Sunday, firebrand conservative Gov. Ron DeSantis (R-FL) rallied in Carlsbad for New Mexico Republican gubernatorial nominee Mark Ronchetti, who faces off against embattled incumbent Democrat Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham, whose scandal-ridden tenure has made national attention.

“Your governor had some of the most brutal lockdowns in this country, and you know how I know that? Because for the whole time during [the pandemic], Florida was a place of refuge for people,” DeSantis told the massive crowd of thousands.

Republican Congresswoman Yvette Herrell of the Second Congressional District said during her remarks, “We need more God and less government!”

Ronchetti told the crowd during his speech, “What she’s trying to do is demonize anyone who doesn’t agree with her. I have never seen someone who is supposed to be a leader try to divide and pit people against each other like she does.”

Following the rally, Democrats lost their minds on social media and in quotes to the news media.

​​“By campaigning with DeSantis, Mark Ronchetti and Yvette Herrell have made it absolutely clear that they are aligning themselves with the radical right and will bring nightmare GOP policies right here to New Mexico,” Democrat Party of New Mexico chair Jessica Velasquez whined to KOB 4. 

Vasquez appears to think being against stringent lockdowns, indoctrinating young children with sexual content and Critical Race Theory in classrooms, and being for citizens’ Constitutional rights. 

Before the rally, Lujan Grisham posted on social media, desperately trying to bash all who attended the rally as “extremists” while calling the three “MAGA All-Stars.”

During the rally, DeSantis chided far-left Green New Deal policies like those in New Mexico. Lujan Grisham tweeted, “Two MAGA peas in a pod,” referring to Ronchetti and DeSantis’ similar views on being against enviro-Marxist policies.

Another incredibly triggered tweet continued the January 6 conspiracy theory, claiming it was an “insurrection.”

The Governor wrote, “While @MarkRonchettiNM is here sympathizing with extremist white nationalist groups, @RonDeSantisFL refuses to refer to January 6th as an insurrection. Mark, I will NEVER allow you to import this toxicity from Florida into our state.”

A far-left reporter from “Source New Mexico,” Shaun Griswold, was denied entry into the event after writing a leftist screed erroneously claiming Ronchetti had ties to “white nationalist” groups. He naturally claimed victimhood by being denied entry to the private campaign event.

However, leftist news sources, including the Albuquerque Journal, KOAT 7, KOB 4, KRQE 13, the Las Cruces Sun-News, and others, were allowed entry, decimating Griswold’s claims of non-transparency. 

Despite the leftist freakout, DeSantis and Ronchetti were well-received at the Carlsbad event, with thousands from across the state making the trip to see them. 


11 thoughts on “MLG, Dems lose their minds as DeSantis rallies for Ronchetti in Carlsbad”

  1. Shaun Griswold, the “journalist.” LOL That “sign” is the most pathetic thing I’ve ever seen. No wonder they didn’t let you in. Can’t even manage a proper readable sign with bold lettering. I wouldn’t even hire him to advertise a garage sale.

  2. Wow. Gresham is really feeling the heat and lashing out with her tyrannical bullcrap, displaying her true dictator colors for all to see.
    She will never allow Ronchetti to bring Florida’s “toxicity” into our state? Now how does she think she’ll prevent anything from happening once she’s removed from her narcissist throne?
    And believe me, she has done nothing to benefit the people of New Mexico….last in education, highest poverty level, lowest in employment and on and on..all the while enriching herself and her minions. But make us the abortion capital of this country. Keep the people dumbed down with pot so that they don’t know or care about the corruption, allow illegals, whom we know nothing about into our state so you can use them for votes, and keep giving teachers pay raises while they do less and less.
    I hope and pray that this is the year the whole lot of these corrupt, sadistic bums are voted out on their a$$es and after that…..we get to see justice finally served.

  3. DeSantis is a True American

    MLG hates DeSantis presence in NM because she will never be a quarter of the govenor he is. She is evil and locks down her state. He kept his state free. MLG is a baby murderer and she supports CRT. DeSantis is ridding his state of these evils.

  4. Last year I emailed MLG , gave her Gov DeSantis phone number and tole her to call him so that he can train you how to be a Real Governor.

    If dominion puts her back in office I am moving out of New Mexico which has become a communist abortionist state. MLG reined our beautiful state.

  5. Tod Louis Bartels

    Simple answer use LOGIC people, FL. has NO Income TAX, yet they have a $480 per person surplus of state funds,!!!! Sounds like FL. has better policies than NM.

    I see signs every place thanking M.L. Gruesome for road inprovement??? the road quality still is worse than Mexico’s and the funding was from before her time!

  6. Anyone with any doubts about what party to vote for needs to check out the “lists” of worst states to live in and why.

  7. So MLG, murdering babies, killing New Mexican businesses, keeping our kids out of school, allowing drugs and chaos at the border, killing the environment with green energy bull…. deals, name-calling those who disagree with you, and lying is better for New Mexico???? Please MLG get out of the way and give us our state back. I am praying for Mark to win and win big!!!!!!!

  8. I agree completely with the previous comments and had to chuckle that the comments are spot on. The educated and unbiased people of NM has to get the facts of the current governors self serving corruption across to the duped and unknowing and be especially observant at the voting polls. Time for a change!

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