Lujan Grisham killed 1,100 restaurants during brutal pandemic lockdown

Recent reports from the New Mexico Restaurant Association show that Democrat Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham killed around 1,100 of the 5,775 restaurants in New Mexico during her brutal two-year pandemic lockdown. These restaurants account for nearly one-fifth of all restaurants in the state.

The group’s executive director, Carol Wight, told the Santa Fe New Mexican,  “[T]he fact we lost 18 percent is huge,” adding that 71 percent of restaurant operators do not have “enough employees to support their existing customer demand.”

The Republican Party of New Mexico noted, “These painful closings came despite multiple calls from bipartisan lawmakers to change the Emergency Powers Code to include the State Legislature in the decision-making process.” 

“As a restaurant owner in Mosquero, I have seen firsthand the challenges restaurants across the state have dealt with over the last two years,” said state Representative Jack Chatfield (R-Mosquero). 

“I am not surprised that nearly 20% of our restaurants closed. Unfortunately, Governor Lujan Grisham made these decisions on her own, and our Legislative body was not involved in the [pandemic]-emergency decisions. There is much work to be done to regain the trust of New Mexico’s small business community, as many feel Governor Lujan Grisham has left them behind in favor of national chain establishments.”

During the lockdown, Lujan Grisham bucked her own mandates to buy jewelry while chastising New Mexicans.

The news of the restaurants going under comes after 40% of small businesses closed under her watch, according to the New Mexico Department of Tourism.

As we previously reported:

During the pandemic, the Governor locked the state down completely, which crippled countless small businesses across the board. The few businesses and religious organizations that defied Lujan Grisham were plunged into even further financial ruin with fines of up to $60,000 and State Police ordered to shut businesses down.

While ruling during the pandemic, Lujan Grisham constantly bashed people across the state, even publicly shaming people in places like Española and Hobbs who she saw did not wear masks driving or eating at a restaurant.

During the holidays, Lujan Grisham forced New Mexicans to stand in cold breadlines to buy food and basic goods, with the elderly, disabled, and children forced to face the cold while the Governor feasted on taxpayer-funded $200/lb Wagyu steaks and skirted her pandemic orders to buy luxury jewelry.

New Mexicans are now continuing to face the consequences of Lujan Grisham’s harsh orders, many paying with the destruction of their livelihoods, including the 40% of small businesses gone forever.

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9 thoughts on “Lujan Grisham killed 1,100 restaurants during brutal pandemic lockdown”

  1. so you idiots that support her need to open your eyes. she doesn’t give a d— about New Mexicans all she cares about is herself. we have got to get her out of
    Santa Fe. ronshitti will be just as bad. VOTE FOR BEDONIE.

  2. This ‘governor’ is a mass murderer in more ways than one. Useful idiot zombies incapable of any degree of critical thinking will continue voting for her and the rest of her ilk. Do not call them ‘democrats.’ Call them what they are – Communists.

  3. She forced out a fabulous Mom and Pop restaurant in Farmington and they took their business to Florida. Can you blame them? It was the best restaurant in our area. She had her paid minions spy on these people during the lockdown and one slip of the mask mandate, they were out!

  4. “Everyone remembers who lined up on team “lockdown and mask up” and the flip flop to freedom fools few while turning the rest against you.” And though the blame-game will be aimed at Trump (whom I don’t and never did support), he was not the guy.

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