Thanks to violence in Dem-run ABQ, GOP candidate unsafe to door knock

Over the past few months, four Muslim men have been killed in Albuquerque in what police are calling an apparent coordinated attack on Muslims in the Duke City.

The latest slaying was of Naeem Hussain, who was an employee of the City of Española, killed in an ambush in Albuquerque two Fridays ago.

KRQE reports, “Until the suspect or suspects are caught, the Muslim community is in fear.” The outlet reports that APD is saying, “they do believe these men were targeted because of their race and religion.”

Republican House District 24 candidate Khalid Emshadi, who is a member of the Islamic faith, ripped Democrats for causing the violence against his community. He called out not only the city leaders but also his far-left Democrat opponent, Rep. Liz Thomson.

On Twitter, Emshadi wrote, “I don’t feel safe in my own district because @lizthomsonnm and @MayorKeller won’t do a damn thing about crime.” He added, “We need to change this … I will stand and fight for our rights.”

Emshadi wrote in a subsequent tweet, “As much as [I] hate to do this, I will not be in public with the exception of work until this killer is caught. I cannot risk my safety with a serial killer killing Muslims on the loose. I need to do what’s necessary to protect my family.”

After Joe Biden made a statement appearing to condemn the anti-Muslim attacks in Albuquerque, Emshadi wrote, “These politicians are good for nothing but tweets. They’ve done nothing to prevent this from happening again.” He tagged Biden, Thomson, Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham, and Mayor Tim Keller in the post. 

Emshadi fled civil war in Libya to immigrate to the United States, seeking the American dream. He is running for the Legislature to “keep it alive for all New Mexicans.”

Thomson, his opponent, has fanned the flames of racism and bigotry through her social media posts. She has demeaned police officers, conservatives, parents, and many other groups. 


7 thoughts on “Thanks to violence in Dem-run ABQ, GOP candidate unsafe to door knock”

  1. “Despite politi­cized claims that this rise was the result of crim­inal justice reform in liberal-lean­ing juris­dic­tions, murders rose roughly equally in cities run by Repub­lic­ans and cities run by Demo­crats. So-called “red” states actu­ally saw some of the highest murder rates of all. “

      1. Eight of the 10 states with the highest homicide rates in 2020 voted that year for Donald Trump. New Mexico is in this top ten as well. Use your preferred search engine- a tactic to produce better results in a search is to limit results to .edu or .gov sources. If you don’t, you might get “cyber ninjas” as a result. The issue with crime in the US has a more significant statistical relationship to the social and economic conditions of a community and less to do with political affiliation.

        1. As it turns out, after decades of research into the sociological circumstances that surround crime, there is very little to show for it. The link between socioeconomic status and crime is still inconclusive.

          Still the best methodology for thinking about crime is that it exists as a by product of personality and opportunity.

          For the sake of argument, if one were to look up states with high crime rates one could find many republican states. However, if one were to look up CITIES with high crime rates the picture becomes much more interesting. Example: St. Louis, Detroit, Memphis, Baltimore, Oakland. What are the similarities in these cities that have unnatural amounts of crime?

          Further, what are the similarities between the states of Wyoming and Vermont?

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