Emshadi: Slayings wouldn’t have gotten media attention if victims not Muslim

Late Monday, a suspect had been apprehended in the slaying of multiple Muslim men in Albuquerque. The suspect, Muhammad Syed, 51, from Afghanistan, was apprehended near Santa Rosa, fleeing to Texas. 

Following the news of the alleged attacker’s arrest, Khalid Emshadi, candidate for New Mexico state House District 24, said in a statement, “It brings me great joy to know that the man responsible for the murders that have shaken and divided our community has been caught. I want to especially thank all of the law enforcement officers involved for their hard work.”

“However, the arrest of the man responsible for these crimes does not disqualify the fact that we have a lot of work to do as a state, city. and community. As a Muslim man, it breaks my heart to know that these homicides would not have received the media attention, nor the attention from politicians, that they received if the victims had not been Muslims.”

As of the end of July, there have been 68 homicide cases and 73 victims of homicide in 2022 alone. This large number of killings appears on track to beat 2021’s homicide number, which hit a staggering 117 — the largest in the history of the Duke City.

Emshadi said, “Innocent people are being killed nearly every single day in Albuquerque. Victims are diverse in their skin color. ethnicity, religion, gender. sexual orientation, etc., but the thing that they all have in common is that they are New Mexicans. They had families, friends, children, co-workers, and people who loved them. We need to acknowledge the fact that we have a much deeper problem in Albuquerque. Policies and laws have outcomes. and we have been seeing those outcomes in Albuquerque: high crime, homelessness. poverty, just to name a few.”

He concluded, “Everyone needs to understand that this is not normal, and we, as citizens, can do something about this. Start a non-profit. run for office, volunteer for a campaign, and most importantly, vote. What we can’t do is stand by and continue to let these tragedies happen. I fear the day that I may receive a call that something terrible has happened to my children, or that my children hear of something terrible happening to me. We need to take our city back.”

Previously, Emshadi said he did not feel safe door knocking for his campaign against Rep. Liz Thomson (D) while a vigilante was out on the streets targeting Muslims. He said at the time, “As much as [I] hate to do this, I will not be in public with the exception of work until this killer is caught. I cannot risk my safety with a serial killer killing Muslims on the loose. I need to do what’s necessary to protect my family.”


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