MLG freaks out after news of DeSantis campaign stop for Herrell, Ronchetti

On Tuesday, shortly following the announcement that firebrand conservative Gov. Ron DeSantis (R-FL) is coming to New Mexico to promote Congresswoman Yvette Herrell and GOP gubernatorial nominee Mark Ronchetti, Democrat Gov. Lujan Grisham went in full-blown panic mode.

In a frantic email to supporters, Lujan Grisham claim Ronchetti and DeSantis are the “extremist GOP,” while dubbing DeSantis “​​one of the key leaders of the MAGA movement.”

She wrote, “It’s no surprise that Ron DeSantis supports Mark Ronchetti. They’re both Trump-style Republicans who want to restrict abortion, deny science, and let white supremacist hate groups off the hook.”

Ronchetti “permits” abortion up to the 15th week, which is consistent with a majority of New Mexicans and Americans who believe there should be limits on the life-ending procedure. Lujan Grisham backs abortion up to birth and infanticide. 

It is unclear what the scandal-ridden governor means by “deny science” since she denies that there are two genders and that babies are humans in the womb. Her claim that Ronchetti and DeSantis “let white supremacist hate groups off the hook” is also unfounded, as there are no signs this is the case. 

“Ron DeSantis’ plan this weekend is to raise a boatload of money for my opponent, help him surge ahead in the polls, and turn New Mexico into MAGA territory. But we’re not going to let that happen,” Lujan Grisham claimed. 

She then begged for money, writing, “To put a halt to the MAGA movement, I need to hit my $25,000 before Ron DeSantis reaches New Mexico this weekend. It’s the only way I’ll have enough funding to counter GOP lies and reach voters with the truth.” 

She concluded with another plea, asking, “will you donate $5 right now to help me defeat GOP extremism?”

Ronchetti and DeSantis will be in Carlsbad on Sunday at a campaign stop. More information about it can be found here


9 thoughts on “MLG freaks out after news of DeSantis campaign stop for Herrell, Ronchetti”

  1. She’s always all over the “weatherman” well isn’t the weatherman a meteorologist? Isn’t that all about science? 🤣🤣

  2. We Need a Governor on our Side

    Desantis, the best and most admired governor in the US is visiting the state with the worst and most despised governor, MLG.
    Yes we do need a governor on our side – Ronchetti.

  3. MLG doesn't deserve to keep her job

    Hey MLG what is “extremist” about wanting safe communities, good schools, lower gas prices, no blackouts, good jobs, unmasked people and a governor who actually works for the people?

  4. Why does MLG want NM last?

    DeSantis = public servant.
    MLG = public serpant dancing to Leftist puppet masters.
    MLG’s 12th generation of New Mexico roots is not going to help her this election.
    She has been the kiss of death to our state.
    Take a chance on Ronchetti.

  5. We are ‘science deniers’ because of our stance on ‘Global Warming/Climate Change’…and her loyal supporters – all ignoramuses who are victims for fake-news media…go right along. Watch our local media and their nat’l network ‘news’ every night: it is all PROPAGANDA and lies. And God forbid ‘the Maga People’ take over in 2022 and 2024 when Trump and/or Desantis will finally drain the swamp of DC and sweep the Socialists out of State Government. Of course, all depends on New Mexicans waking the hell up.

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