Lujan Grisham attacks New Mexicans who oppose her as ‘extremists’

Far-left Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham, who is up for reelection, has become increasingly defensive, with most of her social media posts and fundraising pleas attacking her Republican opponent Mark Ronchetti.

In a string of nasty emails and tweets, Lujan Grisham has claimed Ronchetti and Gov. Ron Desantis (R-FL), who will stump for him Sunday in Carlsbad, are “extremists.” 

The attacks from the embattled governor who paid off an alleged sexual assault victim $150,000 don’t just stop at Ronchetti and DeSantis. Now, Lujan Grisham is claiming all New Mexicans who do not support her are “far-right extremists.” 

She wrote on Twitter that Ronchetti “wishes his ties to far-right extremists would stay hidden, but this weekend he is making the mistake of inviting them all out,” referring to New Mexicans supporting his campaign and that of U.S. Rep. Yvette Herrell (R-CD2), who will join DeSantis and Ronchetti at the rally.

Ronchetti wrote following the attack that Lujan Grisham “started her campaign by calling New Mexicans who opposed her ‘lizard people.’ Today, she called them ‘extremists.’” He added, “New Mexicans deserve better than a governor who demonizes and insults citizens who disagree with her.” 

Ronchetti is referring to her campaign launch, where she bashed New Mexicans drowning her out as “lizard people.” 

The Governor then claimed following the “lizard people” attack that she took “the high road” by calling them names. 

Many New Mexicans denounced Lujan Grisham’s latest demeaning attack against her political opponents, including Republican New Mexico House Leader Jim Townsend (R-Artesia) who wrote, “Mark is right. MLG’s comment is ludicrous, disrespectful to New Mexican’s but typical of this Governor’s hyper political rhetoric. Shameful.”

Others responded as well: 

The rally with DeSantis, Herrell, and Ronchetti will be held at 4:00 p.m. on Sunday in Carlsbad.


13 thoughts on “Lujan Grisham attacks New Mexicans who oppose her as ‘extremists’”

    1. Bedoine is solid and great, but let’s get focused here and stay within the realism of what is truly taking place. I agree with one reply saying a vote for Bedoine is, in reality, a wasted vote. I personally think Jay Block was rock solid the best given his amazing successes in Sandoval county. However folks, we are going up against the witch trying to run NM Oz into the ground. It will take a big water bucket full of familiar-face “star power” along with a few other things to melt the witch down and out of office. Only Ronchetti has this! He, of course, has a wise head on his shoulders too but his NM wide familiar face and star power helps immensely! That is just the reality of this battle whether some of us like it or not. It is time for everyone to focus in realistic terms and get this witch along with her flying monkey’s out of the roundhouse castle! The reality is, Bedoine should ally with Ronchetti now, then run for Governor at another time. We should all NATO-up against the clear and real dangerous common threat. Consolidate & laser-focus all of the available resources, power and movement to get MLG out! The path this country is on right now is wreckless, corrupt and evil. To correct it, depends on the those within Truth, Faith, and Godliness to unite in full-strength. We’ve. got this! Let’s go!

    2. Sorry, typed on the phone and misspelled Karen Bedonie’s name in my comment. No disrespect! Total respect actually!

  1. Dem leadership hasn’t worked

    Extremist? Isn’t this the Governor who has extended her emergency powers 30 times? I recall waiting in line in rain and snow trying to buy food for my family when she was caught having catered events with waygu beef and high end booze on taxpayer dole. Oh yeah after she was called on it she “reimbursed “ the money. Her reign over NM has sure felt like it’s extremist.

    1. Sure felt like a tyrant stripping away our God given constitutional rights. She committed treason and now wants to be re-elected? I don’t get it.

  2. Those of you voting for Bedonie will only give Queen Michelle 4 more years to screw this state. Wake up! Third party candidates only suck votes away from the two main parties.

  3. We vote on rigged machines. Our votes have never counted. The fact is the mainstream media, which is controlled by the deep state, only gives voice to two candidates. The Deep State Darlings. That includes Ronchetti who is also a deep state pick. Why not cover all 3 and make it fair?
    If we are still voting on rigged machines, then they will choose the candidate they want. Business as usual.
    This says everything about the spectacle of these two “candidates” right now. Deep State vs. Deep State.
    Vote your conscience.

  4. Oh, thanks for reminding me: “LIZARD people” those words spewed out of her mouth reveal her true self—a woman who dehumanizes anyone who disagrees with her. Haven’t we had enough of her “I am better than you” attitude?! Vote her out!!!

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