Gabe Vasquez brags about Dem gerrymandering for political gain

On Monday, far-left Gabe Vasquez, the Democrat nominee for Congress in the Second Congressional District, sent out a press release bragging about the Democrats’ partisan gerrymandered maps making it easier for a leftist to reclaim the Second District from Republican incumbent U.S. Rep. Yvette Herrell.

Vasquez, in a press release, wrote regarding a new Democrat-funded poll that shows him leading by one point, “The poll was conducted by Global Strategy Group and shared exclusively to National Journal Hotline, which noted that, after redistricting, … Republican Herrell is one of the most vulnerable Republican members in the country.” 

“Redistricting moved the 2nd Congressional district from a Trump +12 to Biden +6 district and that is reflected in these results,” it concludes.

The Democrats rammed through maps drawn by the left-wing dark money group “Center for Civic Policy” (CCP), which gerrymandered New Mexico’s congressional districts to favor Democrats and steal the voice of conservatives, especially those living in the Second District.

The gerrymandered CCP map segregates the South Valley of Albuquerque into the Second District and lumps a large chunk of Albuquerque into a strange district that sprawls all the way to Roswell. The strange shape of the districts also lumps Hobbs with communities like Española and Santa Fe, which have astronomically different cultures and needs. The snake-like figures in the Democrats’ gerrymander denote signs of extreme partisan redistricting for political gain.

But despite that, Vasquez is bragging about the partisan ploy to steal back the Second District by hook or by crook. The map is currently in litigation. 

Vasquez believes the United States is a racist country, believes in abortion up-to-birth, and supports sweeping socialist policies, such as the destructive Green New Deal.


15 thoughts on “Gabe Vasquez brags about Dem gerrymandering for political gain”

  1. I honestly believe that had the situation been 180% reversed, the Republican majority would have done exactly the same thing; that is redraw the maps with the specific intent of diluting Democrat voters, but not disenfranchising any specific group of individuals within the demographic.

  2. Vasquez is just another communist shill something NM certainly does not need more of. The proof is that the current crop of commie dupes we already have “representing “ NM have placed us last in every single good category and first in every bad. The “progressive” communist operatives will continue to send NM bobsledding to hell with their chicanery and downright criminality. By the way the Bolshevik’s called themselves “progressives “ also in Russia before utterly destroying it. Same dupes, same playbook , divide and conquer . Resist !

    1. This comment highlights the essence of the choice. We are last on the lists under socialist democrat leadership. On a local level, look at the explosion of street people and crime in Las Cruces under the comrades of the socialist democrat regime.

  3. I wouldn’t brag if I were Gabe Vasquez. If the race for the Second Congressional District was run on a level playing field Vasquez would be left in the dust.

  4. Vasquez should be embarrassed to brag about his chances; redistricting is his only possible path to victory.

  5. Can’t understand why Dems approve such behaviour. We are a better society than that, at least I thought so. All I ever see is the thrill of the win. The win is achieved under handed & Dems are proud of it. This will evidentially take its toll on those who approve & support this behavior. They don’t understand that they too are on the chopping block as only the hierarchy of the Dem party will survive & our Dem party is not high enough on the list to survive. They are only puppets who will burn with the other common Dems. Just food for though.

  6. Democraps have to cheat to win elections

    Democraps can only win by cheating. Not surprised, typical communist behavior. God is watching and these evil people will fall.

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