Otero County votes to sue SOS Maggie Toulouse Oliver

On Thursday, the Otero County Commission held a special meeting at the Flickinger Center in downtown Alamogordo to discuss the findings of the Otero County audit, which resulted in the uncovering of multiple abnormalities. Presenting on the fraud included IT expert Jeffrey Lenberg, Professor David Clements, Erin Clements, and Cynthia Butler, a statistician. 

Butler’s findings from a statistical analysis of votes were that there are margins of error in Otero County around 20 to 30 percent, which she said “is consistent with mail-in ballot stuffing” and “digital ballot stuffing.” 

Erin Clements presented the abnormalities in voting registration data. One interesting finding in her presentation was that trends in voter registrations through the New Mexico Motor Vehicle Division (MVD) continued in constant patterns even when Democrat Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham closed down the MVD during the pandemic, signifying algorithms artificially adding these new voters. She also mentioned ballot boxes in Doña Ana County found in a warehouse that had 3,000 to 5,000 ballots unsecured.

In Otero County’s case, Clements found indications that there were absentee ballot envelopes with multiple postmarks, birth years and Social Security numbers unfilled, indications that ballots were scanned twice, tabulators filling out unfilled ballot questions, tabulators counting folds as votes, and machines being incorrectly programmed for write-ins.

Lenberg focused on how the New Mexico voting machines were running out-of-date software while the 2020 General Election project file was missing from Otero County. Lenberg explained how risk-limiting audits, like those in New Mexico, do not work. He noted how Otero County is “one of the few counties to take action” and to “clear the air.” He noted how his inspection into fraud in Antrim County, Michigan triggered the Department of Homeland Security to demand a special prosecutor be appointed to persecute him.

The audit of Otero County resulted in a 500-page assessment report showing all the fraud found in the county. Recommendations for the County include decoupling the election process, where a tabulator company does not audit their own machines and where scans of ballots by the individual precinct are uploaded to a public site immediately following the election to ensure transparency. Other recommendations are included in their report. 

David Clements said, “Public trust has been eviscerated,” regarding the election process. 

The Otero County Commission approved two measures at the meeting. One was to pursue a lawsuit against Secretary of State Maggie Toulouse Oliver on a vote of 2-1 and a motion to remove drop boxes, remove voting machines, and hand count ballot on a vote of 2-1. Commissioners Marquardt and Couy Griffin voted in support of both measures, while the lone vote against both was Commissioner Gerald Matherly.

Matherly’s reservations regarding the measures were that he thought he would get in legal trouble if he supported them. 

“This right here means absolutely nothing except we’re gonna get in trouble,” Matherly said regarding the second measure to remove drop boxes. 

When discussing the lawsuit against Toulouse Oliver, Matherly said, “The Secretary of State is strictly doing her job to uphold what the representatives — the state law says. That’s in the book. To sue her is going to be a waste of time, in my eyes, because she was strictly doing her job.” 

Erin Clements said in response to Matherly, “And the statutes are clear that the Secretary of State is the one who certifies the machine, Commissioner Matherly…. She’s certainly culpable for certifying the machines.” 


5 thoughts on “Otero County votes to sue SOS Maggie Toulouse Oliver”

  1. We the People of Otero County

    Gerald Matherly is a joke, how many times do we hear him state “He is worried about getting in trouble”
    He is the trouble. His job is to represent the people of his district and act and stop worrying that *he will get in trouble* Also
    Keep in mind Both Vicky and Gerald worried about themselves when Couy stood up for we the people.
    God Bless You Couy!
    The rest of you should
    Go home shut the door and stay safe where you won’t get in trouble since you do not represent the people who put you in there only worry about yourself
    How do you sleep at night………

  2. Sounds like fake news. But if 20 to 30% of the ballots were fake, who were they for? Didn’t Trump win by 30%? Is that how he won, by fraud and ballot stuffing?

  3. Numerous abnormalities. In a county Trump won by a landslide. So are you saying Republicans stuffed the ballot box and Biden actually won the county?

  4. Stating who won the county by how ever much percentage does not change the fact that there are abnormalities in the way our votes are tallied and recorded. Distracting people by saying this party should have won, or that party cheated misses the point. The fact is there are 20-30% of ballots that are illegitimate which will skew any election results. The people responsible for ensuring free and fair elections are not doing their sworn duty if that is the case. If European countries can cast paper ballots, have them counted on election day and provide the results same day, then why cannot American states? Please understand that election integrity is not a partisan issue; it is an issue that affects each American citizen personally, regardless of political affiliation. Until such a time as we can agree on that basic fact, we will continue to be divided and allow ultra partisans to keep us fighting amongst ourselves.

  5. The gang of five are working in nearby Sierra County, to go back to paper ballots and to make Sierra County a sanctuary city for the unborn with zero abortions allowed here. True Catholics and others are working together to fight the deep state and the deep state church, and to promote the natural law, on the hearts of all men. MLR NM is working to also join in the fight against the witchcraft and pornography and immodesty in the local library system and in the public school system and getting support from the local officials, to rid the libraries of al materials that do harm to the children. The so called “Catholic Charities” NGO is a communist/freemasonic group of pedophiles and sodomites in it for the child trafficking and drugs, not for the good of the children at the border. Francis is not a pope, but an imposter. johnthebaptist.us

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