MLG claims ‘New Mexicans will re-elect me’

On Friday, far-left Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham debuted an increasingly cocky tone on Twitter, claiming that because she supports abortion up to birth, a teachers’ union takeover of education, and other initiatives, she “will” get a second term as governor.

She claimed, “I’m everything @MarkRonchettiNM is not. That’s why New Mexicans will re-elect me this November.”

New Mexicans responded to the nonchalant tweet, with one person writing, “Pro Education? That must be why NM is ranked last in education.  Weird.”

Other New Mexicans offered other takes:

As the November election is right around the corner, Lujan Grisham faces an unprecedented challenge as Republican Mark Ronchetti is polling ahead or even with the embattled governor who locked down the state during the pandemic, leading to 40% of small businesses going under. Libertarian Karen Bedonie, who previously ran for governor as a Republican but left the party, is also running.

Lujan Grisham’s tweet was reminiscent of Hillary Clinton’s tweet claiming she would be a “future president.”


12 thoughts on “MLG claims ‘New Mexicans will re-elect me’”

  1. She will probably get re-elected. Ronchetti is a weak candidate. She has a much more effective add campaign. There is rampant election fraud in our state and not much has been done about it.

    1. I hope she is NOT re-elected but we still have DOMINION voting machines…..I believe that this is the MAIN reason she was ‘elected’ in the first place.
      Unless THAT is fixed……. I believe that is why she makes the claim of being re-elected.

  2. More than likely, anyone who votes for that narcissistic witch will be the same people who voted for brain dead Biden.

  3. Corrupt SOS and AG have blocked petitions to remove MLG from office. Dominion machines were used in the primary this summer. There will be voter fraud AGAIN in November. This is how these clowns have been placed in these positions for decades — by a fraudulent system in the hands of corrupt politicians. Get rid of machine voting and support efforts to establish ONE DAY ONLY, PAPER BALLOTS, VOTER ID! Your county commissioners need to be held accountable for allowing this system to continue. GREAT JOB OTERO COUNTY COMMISSIONERS – others should follow suit and get rid of the machines!

  4. America’s worst governor wants another term. From a two billion surplus to a 16 billion debt, to man groping sexual harassment. She illegally locked down the state, using Covid19 as a ruse to attack a business owned mostly by her opponents. 40% of small businesses lost. 1200 restaurants closed. 10% more pay for the worst teachers in America. No way to escape bad schools, for students. Pay off by Virgin Galactic. More restrictive laws, anti oil which pays for everything. This gov took the National Guard off the border, allowing sex drug and people trafficking. Now fentanyl is the biggest killer of men age 18 to 45. The open borders allow that to happen. Terrorists have also been caught coming across the border. Crime has gone from bad to extremely bad. She and the Albuquerque mayor Keller don’t care and have everything to increase crime. Everything is worse under MLG, nothing is better. Businesses won’t come to the state with jobs under these conditions.

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