The most read Piñon Post stories of 2020

2020 has been a crazy year for most of us, with its ups and downs. Through it all, the Piñon Post has worked day and night to provide New Mexicans with quality, fact-based reporting so that readers can see the full story while not having to sludge through the liberal media spin. As demonstrated by our most popular articles, we have been on the forefront as the only online media source holding the far-left, including Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham, accountable and standing up for conservative voices across our state. Here are the most read stories of 2020:

‘Mom and pop’ shops selling necessary goods served with cease and desist orders by Gov. MLG

Trump’s approval among Hispanic and Latino New Mexicans has skyrocketed since taking office

MLG follows satanic cult leader on Twitter but does not follow Joe Biden

FALSE: MLG’s office claims lines of people waiting outside of grocery stores just GOP ‘talking points’

Democrat NM Rep: ‘Who said the shut down was only supposed to be temporary?’

Report: MLG-endorsed NM House candidate and ‘CNN hero’ appears to have past as porn actor

ProgressNow NM proudly endorses NM domestic terrorist group ‘Antifa’ doxxing fellow citizens

Leftists horrified as hundreds of patriotic ‘Reopen NM’ demonstrators rally at ABQ’s Civic Plaza

Unknown suspect shoots Trump supporters’ horse in possible politically charged attack

After backlash, ABQ City Council drops bill jailing people for non-compliance with COVID mandates

State senator who defended anti-Police rioters now begging for Police protection after getting hate mail

Police nowhere to be found as anarchists topple downtown Santa Fe obelisk

MLG has hissy fit on Twitter after Pelosi refuses to negotiate with Trump on COVID-19 relief

Dems eat Torres Small alive after she throws Biden under the bus in attempt to salvage political career

Gov. MLG threatens new lockdown if New Mexicans don’t wear masks in their own homes

SF jewelry shop posts pic of MLG with ‘new’ bling — quickly deletes, claiming photo was from 2019

MLG slams 29 out of 33 NM sheriffs — says they’re peddling ‘false information’ about gun control

Trump Campaign official says up to 180k ballots in question in New Mexico

Ben Ray distances himself from MLG, denies that they are related

Sizeable pro-Trump crowd counter-protests tiny Rio Rancho BLM demonstration

MLG’s comms. director says resistance to Governor just exists in ‘angsty corners of social media’

Did Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham go to Hawaii?

(Not actual photograph of Gov. Lujan Grisham in Hawaii. Photograph has been altered from its original form).

Report: New Mexico gave Dominion Voting Systems $52 million

MLG berates anti-maskers, says State Police will cite sheriffs ‘breaking ranks’ with her mandates

ABQ gun store owner Louie Sanchez fights back against Gov. MLG’s cease and desist order

Why did MLG ‘apologize’ for belittling Española but she refuses to stop ridiculing Hobbs?

Piñon Post editor sends letter to Congress urging them to deny MLG’s request for federal bailout

Millionaire NM House Speaker Egolf owes $10k in back taxes while taking $350k in CARES Act funds

It has been an honor to provide New Mexicans from all across this great state with critical stories to help turn this state around. If you would like to make an end-of-year gift to the Piñon Post to continue our work, you can do that below:

2 thoughts on “The most read Piñon Post stories of 2020”

  1. Even though it was sad to see the US Capital get attached by protestors that were angry about the out come of the Presidential elections, it was one of the most need protest for this country. We sat watching for months while riots and protests by Black Lives Matter and Antifa group throughout our country destroy business, destroy life’s, burn, kill and put US citizens life in danger. We sat and watched how State Governors and City Mayors allowed this to go on for months with very little reaction. Now the US Senate felt what the US people and businesses felt during all the riot’s and violence that was happening throughout this country. This Presidential Election was a miss handled corrupted election, mail in voting should never be allowed in this country, Voting should only be on site or absentee ballots should be allowed, voter registration cards should be required along with ID or you don’t get to vote, if not a US citizen then you don’t get to vote, you don’t have the right. The Democrats pull off the most corrupted scandals in world history and I believe that they pulled if off with aid from another country or countries to keep their hands clean and protected, I also hold the Republican Party, Donald Trump and the Trump campaign team for being a sleep at the wheel, can’t expect to turn around a national election in this country after the fact. Trump need to put his arrogance his back pocket and should of been a positive leader,.

  2. Also, will someone please get rid of Michelle Grisham, she is destroying this state, please Governor OPEN UP THIS STATE, we are the poorest must under educated state in the country, we need businesses open and children in school

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