Democrat NM Rep: ‘Who said the shut down was only supposed to be temporary?’

On Sunday, far-left New Mexico state Rep. Angelica Rubio (D-Las Cruces), made startling comments on Facebook targeting small businesses — specifically restaurants — for their alleged “blatant disregard for workers justice” [sic]. 

In her post, she singled out restaurant owner Marci Dickerson of Las Cruces’ “The Game” sports bar and grill, who showed her “true colors YEARS ago.” Dickerson’s restaurant will be participating in the New Mexico Restaurant Association’s protest, happening at 2:00 p.m. on Monday, which will include employees of each restaurant affected standing outside their establishment and holding up a sign with the number of employees hurt by the Governor’s latest lockdown.

Apparently Dickerson’s support for her employees led Rubio to stop supporting any small business that looks to defy Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham’s latest re-lockdown of the state, which bans restaurants from indoor dining and limits them to only 50% occupancy outdoors. The Governor’s order is estimated to force the permanent closure of 20% of New Mexico restaurants, according to the New Mexico Restaurant Association. 

Rubio did not appear to care that small businesses would be closing and thousands of staff members would lose their jobs. She wrote, “👏🏽 restaraunt’s [sic] 👏🏽 are 👏🏽 not 👏🏽 ‘essential’ 👏🏽 for the 👏🏽 purpose 👏🏽 of fighting a 👏🏽 global 👏🏽 pandemic! 👏🏽.” She continued, “I’ll continue to not support, nor any other business—who supports this catastrophic disregard for public health and safety of our community. I ask you all to do the same. Wow!”

In response to a commenter who was appalled by her disregard for the workers affected by the health order, which was supposed to be temporary, Rubio shot back, “Who said the shut down was only supposed to be temporary?” The comment appears to be an endorsement of the permanent lockdown of New Mexico, but Rubio did not elaborate on her radical-sounding sentiments.

Multiple constituents, many of them being Democrats wrote back to her in anger, one commentator saying, “[g]ood to know your views on business owners…. I’ll make sure to never vote for you and encourage others not to. You obviously care very little for your community… Way to go.” 

Another person wrote, “Every job is essential to families relying on their paychecks. What a shameful post to make tearing down the very businesses you should instead be helping. We will remember this when you are up for re-election.”

Others’ comments mimicked these sentiments, including support for Dickerson. One comment read, “Personally attacking a business owner during a time of crisis incredibly unprofessional. This is a poor example of leadership in a time where we need unity more than ever. I encourage you to take emotions out of this and see what Marci Dickerson has done for the community while we were shut down. While it may not be essential to you, it is to 96,400 people who are employed in the state by restaurant and food service.” 

According to New Mexico Restaurant Association CEO Carol Wight, the re-lockdown is going to be much harder on restaurants than the previous one. “Last time we had PPP money, we had ways to get open, we had some savings left. We have no more savings,” she said. “Our inventory – we’ve got fresh inventory right now we’ve got to get through and three days is not enough. So what are we going to do, right? We’re all just throwing our hands up saying, ‘What can we do?’”

After public fury on Rubio’s timeline, she shared her previous post with a long-winded comment saying, “I hope that the passion you had today, to defend those willing to go against Governor Michelle Lujan Grisham, and her attempts to keep us safe and alive, you’ll do the same for workers come January. I’ll be taking note.” In January, the New Mexico Legislature will reconvene, where Rubio will no doubt propose more far-left legislation, as she has in the past.


23 thoughts on “Democrat NM Rep: ‘Who said the shut down was only supposed to be temporary?’”

  1. I think those people in Rubio’s voting district need to start a petition to recall her. I am not sure that the area, or the State, can stand this individual to make decision for another two year.

  2. What a hateful disregard for the people of NM. She needs to be recalled. I guess she let the cat out of the bag: this was never a temporary shut down. What does that say for the rest of NM?

    1. I have been saying for months, since the beginning of this hoax, that this would be permanent and that they had no intention of letting anyone out.

      This is not about health. Until Koch’s postulates are performed, this coronahoax is false, with no basis in scientific fact or evidence. The tests are not for diagnostic purposes and the cdc website states this, as well as you will test positive if you have had a flu shot or a cold or flu in the last ten years. All 333 labs in Florida came up with all positive tests over the weekend? How does that happen? Fauci and Gates have billions to make off of patents like they did with the “HIV” wars years ago, which Judy Mikovits has talked about and was jailed for. Look at Fauci’s funding the wuhan lab for years as well…..

      They said they would do anything to take out Trump, establish the green new deal, and they are going forward with their plans. Anyone still supporting the dems at this point is nothing but a self loathing zombie who can not think for themselves, so filled with hate they can not think.

      Mail in ballots is their method to steal the election. Why are people receiving voter registration for their dead pets that are democrats? How would anyone know with mail in ballots that this was occurring? There would be no way to catch this.

  3. Well keep voting this state blue and this will continue to happen! Democrats don’t care about people and it’s shows in our state government! Maybe we need to impeach MLG! Just saying!

    1. RICHARD e. autio and ms.padilla

      I am for, the citizens down in Las cruces.. the restaurants I am sure, help keep people bringing home paychecks. How can Angelica Rubio, not understand that fact?
      Well,next time people in las Cruces remember the “d” by her name dosent mean shes caring about you or your business!!

  4. People who refuse to wear masks and do social distancing continue to make our COVID-19 cases and deaths rise and rise. In Dona Ana County, they are mostly young people. They don’t care what happens to New Mexico businesses and their employees. Blame them, not the governor.

    1. Keep in mind, the governor is the one filling the hospital beds with Covid patients from Texas and Arizona (and trying to keep it on the down low).

    2. Sharon, you are a brainwashed fool. Koch’s postulates have never been performed, the tests are fraudulent. There is no emergency or pandemic. Prove to me anyone has died OF covid. You can’t. Do some research and read the cdc website about. Masks do nothing, they just want to see how easy you can be manipulated to believe anything and shows you are too stupid to do actual research. Masks are harmful for your health.

      This is all about the money and control. Hospitals are murdering people with ventilators, for 40 grand a pop. Every time someone is diagnosed, they get 13 grand. Ventilators do not work and have an almost 98% fatality rate.

      It is July, why are you still going along with this? Do you work for the state and are still getting your blood bribe money to bark for gruesome?

      Why weren’t you wearing a mask in January when this came here? If this is so deadly, why are you still alive? You wear a mask because you are a slave who does what they are told and can not think for yourself.

      Gruesome is purposely destroying New Mexico, and is a lackey for the nwo and the cartels she works for. She is a liar and a traitor.

      1. Informed Critical Thinker

        SOVEREIGN AG- You’re not only LOW information, but you’re also delusional. Please take your meds and shut the hell up. No one is purposely destroying New Mexico. Maybe making poor decisions, yes. But seriously? You’re a troll.

        1. No, not so critical thinker, you are a troll. The governor has destroyed New Mexico. Talk to anyone who has been forced to stay home and not go to work and is now dependent on hand outs. If you do not consider that destruction, than you must still be receiving your bribe money and work for the state and contribute less than nothing and do not care about others.

          How about reading our founding documents and discover what they say about our public servants and their oath to uphold our unalienable rights guaranteed by the constitutions. She has denied the people these rights and enforces them with violence and threats of violence. That is treason via perjury of her oath. This is not just one poor decision. How can all the other dems be doing the same exact thing, as well as other leftist commies around the world if this is not by design?
          This crazy rep admitted this is permanent. That is not planned? You are a useless idiot probably paid by soros to spew more lies.

          Where are your facts and evidence to dispute what I have said? You do not have any, so you resort to attacking me. I bet you can not even pronounce Koch’s postulates, much less understand how important they have been for over a hundred years, and have yet to be fulfilled by scientists. Until they are, this will continue to be a fraud.

          Let’s talk about how people are profiting thru fraudulent reports of covid to receive money. How many people like me, know someone who has falsely been labeled covid?

          Gruesome and her sycophants have activated the self executing sections 3 and 4 of the 14th amendment, the people must immediately file criminal complaints to their county sheriffs and have them arrested and tried by a grand jury. If a hundred thousand people have lost their jobs, they have time to do this, and should. This is a nation of laws, not men. Only the Supreme Law of the Land reigns supreme, all else is either in opposition, therefore null and void, or supports our founding documents. The people are sovereign, and masters in our constitutional republic and must stand up and take legal and lawful action against all enemies, foreign and domestic.

    3. Shut up tool. Young people are NOT dying from HOAXID-19. People like you should NOT be allowed to vote. You prove time and again you don’t have 2 brain cells to rub together!

      1. WELL SAID BOB !! You are Right On ! We’ve Got to Vote that idiot governor Out of Office!!! As for Sharon . . .pray for a Brain!

    4. The young people are not the ones making the decisions in this state. This governor doesn’t seem capable of understanding the overall factors involving life and coronavirus. She didn’t offer any data to back up her decision to shut down inside dining in restaurants. These businesses have been following the “rules”; they are not responsible for the rise of the virus. They are probably cleaner than most of our own kitchens! She is the governor; she is responsible and she needs to be held accountable for her actions. She didn’t even include the business owners in her decisions, which is irresponsible! She needs to govern, not RULE!

  5. I think the restaurants who lose fresh produce and meat should dump it all on the capitol steps and ask for reimbursement.

  6. Very distasteful and Un professional’ and she represents NM🥵. Consider the source’ if you may. We all know where the loyalty is in New Mexico With the People and For the People’ Marci for Governor! We Know She cares💜

  7. I would be amazed if any politician who was trying to turn off the NM economy got reelected. But I am new to this beautiful state and am so dissappointed in it’s “leaders”.


    MLG, aka the Governor, should be recalled and personally sued for what she has inflicted on all of us. Her decisions have been arbitrary and capricious, and not substantiated by fact.

    1. We are working on that. She has perjured her oath and has no jurisdiction or authority to do what she is doing.

      File a complaint with your sheriff and tell them to arrest her for a grand jury indictment per self executing sections 3 and 4 of the 14th amendment.

      Everyone needs to contact their sheriff, who is the highest law enforcement official in the county. Any of them can arrest gruesome, and her gang who is warring against the people. If enough people speak up, they will. She wants to destroy everyone. Do not let her do this.

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