Police nowhere to be found as anarchists topple downtown Santa Fe obelisk

On Monday, which is also Columbus Day in the United States, violent anarchists took to the obelisk in downtown Santa Fe, successfully ripping down the spire on top of the historic monument in the heart of the Capitol city with ropes and chains. While destroying the top of the obelisk, anarchists screamed, “Take it down! Take it down! Take it down!” The obelisk was first erected in 1866.

The vandals, presumably with the groups “The Red Nation” and “Three Sisters Collective,” engaged in the vandalism. These groups claim to support “queer indigenous feminism” and “Marxism.” One person on top of the monument said, “Monuments cause psychological, emotional, and spiritual damage.” 

“Where’s the gasoline? That sh*t should burn,” another anarchist said.

Others placed posters reading “Land Back” at the top of the obelisk, while some defaced the side panels of the monument with electric drills. Others put red paint on their hands and left handprints on what was left of the historic object.

Participants sang, “No more stolen sisters” repeatedly while some climbed on the top of the monument to pose for photos with the then-toppled historic monument. 

Police were nowhere to be found, despite the destruction of property. The Santa Fe Police Department may be refusing to respond to the illegal activity under to left-wing Mayor Alan Webber’s directive. He has partnered with The Three Sisters and The Red Nation in the past.

According to the live video shared by Amy Elizah Lindquist, police were already “arresting” people at the protest, but left after more anarchists swarmed the scene. Video appears to confirm that account.

One person took to the stage at the Santa Fe Plaza, saying Mayor Webber is “afraid of indigenous women,” and saying, “We’re coming for you Mayor Webber!” Webber previously removed a statue of Don Diego de Vargas, New Mexico’s first governor, from Cathedral Park, which has angered many across the state. 

On Sunday evening, Mayor Alan Webber asked the protesters via a press release to, “come down off the obelisk” to have a conversation about statues, monuments, histories, and cultures.


9 thoughts on “Police nowhere to be found as anarchists topple downtown Santa Fe obelisk”

  1. Proposed Law for State Legislature: It shall be unlawful to remove, destroy, deface, or erect any and all historical evidences, cultural monuments, buildings, archeological sites, national anthems or edifices which were or shall be established in effort to memorialize the true history:good, bad or indifferent; in order to correct unjust and immoral actions perpetrated by this government upon the people of this state, unless provided by the individual legal vote of the people, and not their representatives of each legal jurisdiction.

  2. More bad news for the zombie maskers… CDC finds that 85% of those who “caught” covid always or almost always were masked. Only 3.9% who caught covid did not wear masks. It even says on the box of the masks does not prevent covid. These zombies are obviously illiterate. How long will you wear a mask? One year? Two years? Masks are child abuse and destroying our childrens brains. Shame on all who comply with mandates that are not law.

    Where is the Santa fe county sheriff as these idiots destroy Santa fe? It used to be a nice to place, they have destroyed it and I have only been there once in the last year and a half. That was to go to the prayer rally a couple weeks ago..

  3. Communists from another country invade our beloved City and nowhere is the Sheriff to be found. Maybe he should resign since he is not capable of honoring his oath to office.

  4. Santa Fe has had a long and a rich history that can be shared by those who are Christians and Jews, as well other people of different faiths, creeds, and nationalities. Destroying statues is like destroying civilization and its by product, history. What will be next…to change the name of New Mexico, to New Marxico? Will Karl marx be the new figure head in this new State?

  5. Those protestors (Leftists) have no clue of what behind it. They are thinking that they are the victims. Smh. They got a lot of growing to do. Speaking of Sheriff or police, they are violating the Constitution, then vote them out.. MLG is a TYRANNY!!!!! Also Mayor Webber is weak. Why? Suppose the Communism or Marxist took over our state of NM then Mayor Webber is a wimp. He will NEVER protect our state of NM and Constitution. VOTE REPUBLICANS WHO WILL PROTECT THE STATE OF NM AND OUR CONSTITUTION!!!!!!! #SAVEOURCHILDRENNOW

  6. This will be all of America under a Biden administration. When our police fear doing their job, and anarchists and criminals are making the decisions, those of you who support the Leftist philosophy will regret it. There are appropriate processes in place for people with concerns about public structures to seek action. But why should they when they can destroy and deface at will. Where does it end?

  7. I’m hoping that after the election, the elected Democrats who are sitting by and not taking action against the burning, looting, and murdering rioters will have their pants sued off of them, for not following the law. They are elected to uphold the law and not to ignore it.


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