After backlash, ABQ City Council drops bill jailing people for non-compliance with COVID mandates

The Piñon Post has learned that Ordinance 20-40, sponsored by Councilors Isaac Benton and Cynthia Borrego, which would mandate fines and jail time for those not following public health orders, will no longer be considered at Monday’s 3:00 City Council meeting.

According to City Council staff, “the sponsors have chosen to take it off the agenda for today,” but they “have not said” if they will place it back on the agenda. 

Our reporting was followed-up by a formal announcement from the Council, reading, “City Councilors Cynthia Borrego and Isaac Benton have announced that they are withdrawing O-20-40, relating to enforcement of Public Health Orders. They will turn their attention to creating an educational campaign to assist community compliance with Public Health Orders.”

The proposal would have charged all who “knowingly obstruct, impede with, or interfere with any City employee’s officer’s or agent’s enforcement of any public health laws, orders, or restrictions” with a misdemeanor, which is subject to a fine not exceeding $500 or by imprisonment not exceeding 90 days or both. 

The backtracking on the proposal appears to be, at least in part, due to public outrage, with many reaching out to city councilors demanding they vote against the proposal. The New Mexico Republican Party shared a post on Saturday urging supporters to contact councilors to oppose the bill.

Albuquerque residents were planned to protest the bill at 12:00 noon on Monday, however, according to one organizer of the protest, it will now be “turned into a celebration.” 

Regardless, if citizens would like to contact City Council members regarding the proposal, their emails can be found below:

Mayor Tim Keller:

Councilor Lan Sena, District 1:

Councilor Isaac Benton, District 2:

Councilor Klarissa Peña, District 3:

Councilor Brook Bassan, District 4:

Councilor Cynthia Borrego, District 5:

Councilor Pat Davis, District 6:

Councilor Diane G. Gibson, District 7:

Councilor Trudy Jones, District 8:

Councilor Don Harris, District 9:


8 thoughts on “After backlash, ABQ City Council drops bill jailing people for non-compliance with COVID mandates”

  1. Now we need to take this further and demand an end to these unconstitutional mandates which are not law. Keep writing and calling and use this and other lawful talking points. Contact the sheriffs and demand they arrest gruesome for crimes against humanity and violations of her oath. We must reclaim our republic completely, not just wish to go back to being “comfortable”. Call all the stores and demand they stop complying with unlawful orders.

    In the past few months 5 cases have been decided calling the executive orders issued by governors unconstitutional, therefore, unenforceable. Wisconsin was the first, then, two in Pennsylvania, one federal, one state. The Supreme Court in Michigan and the Superior Court in California about a week or two ago. Under Article IV, Sections 1 & 2 of the national Constitution, judicial decisions made in one state, affect all people in other states.

    Is your life yours or does it belong to the governor? Is this a republic or a mob ruled dictatorship based on coercion and fraud? I would also demand the health dept report what cycles the pcr tests are set at, which are not for diagnostic use in the first place.

    A recent paper on BJM talks about the irreversible physical and psychological damage changing the brains of those wearing masks. These changes actually cause suicides and drug addiction, which are out of control. This is criminal, so shake yourselves out of your stupors and get up and fight because your lives do depend on it.

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  4. Why not issue citations to those who refuse to wear masks and enter their names in the data base. No fine. The only thing that the individual must to do is sign a consent form acknowledging their desire to ignore the state’s request that they wear a mask and also acknowledging that they are willing to give up their right to be hospitalized if they do indeed contract the coronavirus. Why should we who follow the health guidelines as best as we can, but still inadvertently contract the virus, face the uncertainty of getting hospital care because of the possible overcrowding caused by the influx of ill individuals who actively ignored the health mandates. It is easy to demand your rights and it is easy to rebel against the mandates of the state. What is difficult is to accept the consequences of your actions when your decisions lead to unwelcome choices. The mandate to wear a mask is a health issue not a political issue.

  5. Almost everyone who ended up in the hospital did use mask. We will ALL get covid lets try to stay healthy to built immunity with the least losses. Lets not use it as an excuse to take our individual rights.., nor blame each other, China only one to blame!!!

  6. I agree with Demi, back in March of this year the CDC s website stated that masks were ineffective against a virus. What changed when they issued the mandate was NOT the science but the politics! They have flip flopped on this issue till they settled on our humiliation . There’s studies that show face masks actually create more negative health issues but are ignored by the lying communist media in lockstep with our bought and sold politicians!

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