Ben Ray distances himself from MLG, denies that they are related

On Friday, after U.S. Senate candidate Mark Ronchetti blasted Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham and her cousin, Ben Ray Luján for their actions banning in-person campaigning, Ben Ray distances himself from Lujan Grisham, claiming they two are not related.

Luján tweeted, “While I respect my friend, our governor, Michelle Lujan Grisham, we’re not cousins. This may come as a surprise to you, but not all Hispanic people with the same last name are related.”

It appears Luján was trying to claim Ronchetti thinks every Hispanic with the last name “Luján” is related for linking the two together. Lujan Grisham also commented from her personal account, writing, “c’mon. do better.”

However, far-left reports claim Luján and Lujan Grisham are related, and Ronchetti hit back at Luján for correcting him but not correcting leftist members of the mainstream media.

Ronchetti wrote, “Do better? Then why didn’t you correct the AP and Washington Post, and multiple NM stories stating same?”

Ben Ray Luján’s move could be him trying to distance himself from Luján Grisham after her unpopular leadership during COVID-19 appears to be tanking, from 64% approval of her response in April, to a 53% approval rating now.


4 thoughts on “Ben Ray distances himself from MLG, denies that they are related”

  1. Ha ha, the love hate relationship with politicians in this state has been going on for decades, you do the family “proud” all is good. But as soon as you make a mistake, it’s, “you ain’t no family of mine”. Then after awhile it’s all kiss and make up.
    Proud = gain power
    Mistake = screw up the power
    Kiss and make up = ok, we forgive you, now go out there and do whatever it takes to get your power back, and take me with you…..

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  3. Mr. Ronchetti blames our Tin-Pot Tyrant in Santa Fe for his inability to “contact voters”, but he recently failed to appear at an East Mountain / Republican Party of Bernalillo event, the grand opening for new Bernalillo County Republican headquarters, where 300 people came to meet him and other local candidates.

    Perhaps Mr. Ronchetti wants to generate publicity and applause, by criticizing MLG, within the safety and confines of his Twitter-sphere, while secretly enjoying the fact that he’s been relieved of the burden of actually campaigning.

    Meanwhile, we’ll all just have to guess where he stands, and hope it’s a little to the right of that fellow who, two years ago at a UN-sponsored local “climate conference”, called our POTUS “the Orange One” who’d “stolen his soul”.

    Yes, we’ll keep our fingers crossed, and hope he’s not one of those “Republicans” who vote in favor of New Green Deals, higher taxes, and so forth. Hard to say for sure, since our mean governor won’t let him meet with his constituents, or appear on radio interviews, or write position articles. All he can do is Tweet, helplessly hoping the Dominitrix in Santa Fe will release her ironclad grip on his…. political speech.

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