Trump Campaign official says up to 180k ballots in question in New Mexico

On Wednesday, Boris Epshteyn, a member of President Donald Trump’s 2020 advisory board, appeared on Real America’s Voice News with Steve Bannon to talk about election fraud across the country and the campaign’s efforts to expose the true results of the 2020 election in key battleground states.

Among the states Epshteyn mentioned were Georgia, Pennsylvania, Michigan, Wisconsin, Arizona, Nevada, and New Mexico.

Bannon pushed Epshteyn on mentioning New Mexico, to which he replied:

“I was alerted to the fact that in New Mexico, outside of Bernalillo County, which is the county where Albuquerque is, there was an issue with observers not being allowed to observe that has impacted, I believe, up to 180,000 ballots — 180,000 ballots. Do you know what the difference in the state of New Mexico between Sleepy Joe Biden and the President of the United States?… It’s 99,000. That’s what it is. So, the State of New Mexico, which has always been ripe with all kinds of fraud and all kinds of issues, is definitely another state where we’re taking a hard look at.” 

The state Republican Party shared the video on social media, writing, “[The Republican Party of New Mexico] is working overtime to get answers and we will not stop until we do. We are exposing the Democrats’ fraud scheme and working to get the TRUE results from the November 3rd Election.” 

The Piñon Post has been the leading news source in New Mexico uncovering the fraud happening across the state, from the irregularities occurring with Dominion Voting Systems to Democrats harvesting ballots from senior citizens and everything in between

There has not been an official statement from the Trump Campaign or the Republican Party of New Mexico yet on the findings of fraud in New Mexico. However, there are three races across the state still in the balance, and the results could tip many races in the Republicans’ favor, especially if the fraudulent ballot count is anywhere near 180,000. 


12 thoughts on “Trump Campaign official says up to 180k ballots in question in New Mexico”

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  2. There is a reason Barr chose to put federal “poll watchers” here.
    They have it all, you can run but you can not hide commie, evil scum.

  3. I made aistake marking a ballot and requested another one like pulling teeth since i voted for trump they handed out markers but not to everyone i told them i was voting for trump and they treated me and my son horrible he is 4

  4. Thank you thank you God! Keep praying NM. God is good! Thank you Pinon Post for your reporting! Pray your Rosaries, storm heaven.

  5. Maybe they will also find that Mark Ronhoweveryouspellit also won the Senate race! That would be of great importance for New Mexico and the USA.

  6. I have had a feeling that New Mexico has been frauding votes for a long time and that’s why they try to keep this State Democrat for a long time. But nobody cares because it’s worth 5 Electoral Votes. I hope the truth comes out!

  7. New Mexico has been so deep in election fraud for so long those of us who have lived here all our lives can’t remember when certain parts of the state were not riddled with voter fraud. Glad it is being caught. I hope all who are involved are caught and face a court and sentence. Probably should be treason charges because they were trying to make us part of the one world government, New World Order or One World Order or whatever the newest name is for it.

  8. No matter what, Dona Ana County numbers always come in at about the same percentages for Democrats. I have long suspected vote fraud here. knowing that we use Dominion voting systems now makes it seem even more plausible.

  9. County and State GOP officials should keep a close watch on the election materials that will be used in the upcoming voting system audits. The Precincts (and the Counties) to be audited were randomly selected today (11/19/20).

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  11. If you want to get technical about it NM’s SOS Maggie Oliver should not have been allowed to be involved with any elections and a criminal complaint should be filed on her with the FEC and DOJ. The Secretary of State is required to have a Faithful Performance Bond on record per NM & US Constitutions and NM Statues. Every State Officer must purchase a faithful performance bond to perfect his oath of office that he will uphold both constitutions. If he does not have a personal bond, he is only a de facto employee of the state wanting in de jure authority to perform the duties of office. All persons elected or appointed to a state public office are mandated, within 30 days, to take the oath of office prescribed under Article XX, Section 1, Constitution of New Mexico, and as soon after doing so within the 30 day grace period, they must give a penal bond binding them to the promises contained in the oath taken; otherwise, the office becomes vacant. At the end of the 30 day grace period, failure to complete any of the required steps necessary to enter the office prevents one’s entry into the office and prohibits one from discharging the duties of that office. Being bound by oath is mandated for all public officers, both state and federal, by Article VI, Clause 3, Constitution of the United States. The fact that public officers are not bonded can be used as evidence that they are acting under color of office. This also applies to the Governor, Lt Governor, Attorney General, and the Secretary of Health to name a few.

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