Report: New Mexico gave Dominion Voting Systems $52 million

Forbes released a report this week detailing how states have given over $120 million to Dominion Voting Sytems from the years 2017 to 2019 to provide “election services.” 

According to the report, “Dominion Voting Systems is the second largest vendor in the non-transparent and entrenched election system industry where three vendors control 88-percent of the market.” 

Dominion systems have reportedly switched thousands of votes, and even faculty at the nation’s leading universities, including Princeton University, have issued warnings of how the machines can be manipulated to “flip” votes.

The Piñon Post exclusively reported on Dominion voting machines being adopted starting in the 2014 election cycle under corrupt ex-Secretary of State Dianna Duran, who was convicted for embezzlement.  

Our previous post details what machines were adopted and how they can be used to potentially change or skew votes: 

During her term, Dominion’s ImageCast Evolution unit was adopted, which according to Dominion, “is a precinct-level, digital scan, ballot marking device and tabulator that is designed to perform three major functions: • Ballot scanning and tabulation • Ballot review and second chance voting • Accessible voting and ballot marking.” 

Also adopted were Dominion’s ImageCast Central machines. According to Dominion, “Central scanning is typically used to process absentee or mail-in ballots. The election definition is taken from EMS, using the same database that is utilized to program any precinct scanners for a given election. Multiple ImageCast Central scanners can be programmed for use in an election. The ImageCast Central application is installed and later initialized on a computer attached to the central count scanner. Ballots are processed through the central scanner(s) in batches based on jurisdictional preferences and requirements.” 

Another machine adopted under the corrupt Duran administration at the New Mexico Secretary of State’s office was the ICP-BMD machine, a ballot marking device that is supposed to be used for people with disabilities. 

These machines can be manipulated, according to reports from other counties. According to the County of Santa Clara, California, the Dominion central count scanners “[a]llows staff to adjust tally based on review of scanned ballot images.” 

According to Forbes, “Dominion received $52 million from the state government. Services included the full suite of hardware and software information-technology agreements.” 
More information can be found about voter fraud in New Mexico by reading our report here.


2 thoughts on “Report: New Mexico gave Dominion Voting Systems $52 million”

  1. This has to be remedied. As long as these machines are used there will not be a fair election in New Mexico. As far as I’m concerned MLG and her democrat cronies in Santa Fe, including her Supreme Court, are all illegitimate and I will not listen to anything they say.

  2. I had a professor from Pakistan who told me the only difference between a third world country and a developed one was how well they hide their corruption and how they punish those who commit it. NM, and now the democrat party nationwide no longer care to hide it and have not been punished for it for at least 20 years. NM is a cesspool of corruption.

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