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Congress OKs plan to rob Permanent Fund for socialist ‘free’ daycare

On Friday, the U.S. House of Representatives approved a leftist stop-gap bill filled with $1.7 billion in mostly pork along with the final stamp of approval by Congress for New Mexico to further rob the state’s Land Grant Permanent Fund of billions of dollars to delve out socialist “free” (taxpayer-funded) daycare programs. The bill now heads to Joe Biden’s desk, where he is certain to approve it.

All members of New Mexico’s congressional delegation voted for the measure except for U.S. Rep. Yvette Herrell of the Second District.

The portion was hidden in the sweeping 4,126-page bill that included things such as $45 billion in further aid to Ukraine, the partisan “Electoral Count Act” said to “prevent another January 6,” more security for lame duck House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, among millions of dollars in enviro-Marxist policy measures

Previously, the second to final hurdle was met by New Mexico to fund the socialist program after around 70 percent of voters in the 2022 General Election voted for the program.

“Voting in favor of this bill is a dereliction of our duty on all counts,” 31 current and incoming House Republican lawmakers said in an open letter published Wednesday to their Senate colleagues before the chamber had 18 Republicans join Democrats to ram through the costly bill.

Now, the state of New Mexico can rob the Permanent Fund of another 1.25%, which adds up to hundreds of millions annually. 

The new spending approved by Congress will further exacerbate the United States’ $31.5 trillion in debt.

For second straight day, ambulance spotted at ABQ late-term abortion mill

For the second straight day in a row, an ambulance was spotted at the Albuquerque late-term abortion mill Southwestern Women’s Options (SWO). 

On Tuesday, another ambulance was spotted at the abortion facility picking up a patient from another potentially botched abortion.

Regarding the Wednesday ambulance dispatch, pro-life legal group Abortion On Trial wrote, “For the second day in a row witnesses saw an ambulance leaving Curtis Boyd’s Southwestern Women’s Options late-term abortion facility. This is beyond a point of abortion position. This facility is a danger to the public.” 

The abortion facility proudly advertises abortion up to and after 32 weeks gestation — full-term abortions. 

Abortion up-to-birth is currently legal in New Mexico, with no protections for women, babies, or medical professionals. 

SWO is operated by abortionist Curtis Boyd, who is responsible for tens of thousands of children’s death via abortion. He and his associates are also large donors to pro-abortion Democrat politicians such as Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham, who signed the 2021 abortion up-to-birth bill into law.

Patient transported by ambulance from ABQ abortion mill

On Tuesday, an ambulance was spotted transporting a patient from the late-term abortion mill Southwestern Women’s Options (SWO) in Albuquerque.

The pro-life legal group Abortion On Trial shared the photos taken by pro-life sidewalk counselor Christina Garza with the caption, “Yet another person was sent away from Southwestern Women’s Options in an ambulance today.”

The group commented, “When will the state of New Mexico start caring about the fact that this facility is a danger to women?”

The abortion facility proudly advertises abortion up to and after 32 weeks gestation — full-term abortions. 

Abortion up-to-birth is currently legal in New Mexico, with no protections for women, babies, or medical professionals. 

SWO is operated by abortionist Curtis Boyd, who is responsible for tens of thousands of children’s death via abortion. He and his associates are also large donors to pro-abortion Democrat politicians such as Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham, who signed the 2021 abortion up-to-birth bill into law.

Deb Haaland caught in another ethics conundrum

U.S. Interior Department Sec. Deb Haaland is once again in hot water — this time not because of what she directly did. Rather, Haaland’s daughter, Somah Haaland, is causing headaches for the Democrat, 62, after she was caught lobbying members of Congress to support a moratorium on oil and gas leasing near Chaco Canyon. 

Fox News reported, “Somah Haaland – who is a media organizer for the Pueblo Action Alliance, a cultural and environmental group in New Mexico – traveled to Capitol Hill alongside a group of fellow climate activists, according to the environmental group WildEarth Guardians. The activists argued that drilling near the Chaco Culture National Historical Park in northwestern New Mexico would cause irreparable damage to local communities and the environment.”

As well as lobbying federal officials to adopt enviro-Marxist policies, Somah Haaland screened a film for lawmakers narrated by her that “showcases the threats posed by oil and gas leasing in the region,” according to a release from WildEarth Guardians. Those in attendance to watch the film included Sen. Martin Heinrich (D-NM) and Rep. Teresa Leger Fernandez (D-NM), as well as “agency officials.” 

The Fox News report noted, “Meanwhile, the Bureau of Land Management (BLM), a subagency within Secretary Deb Haaland’s Department of Interior (DOI) that is tasked with managing nearly 250 million acres of federal lands, is expected to soon finalize a rule acceding to activists’ demands. Earlier this month, the agency closed a comment period for its proposal to withdraw 351,500 acres of public lands within 10 miles of the Chaco site for 20 years.”

Kathleen Sgamma, the president of the Western Energy Alliance, told Fox News, “In our comments on the withdrawal, we pointed out the conflict of interest Secretary Haaland already has as a member of a Puebloan nation that is advocating for the 10-mile buffer,” adding, “Her daughter actively lobbying for the buffer highlights the conflict of interest and lack of discretion.”

Both the Western Energy Alliance and the Navajo Nation Council are vehemently against the moratorium proposal. 

Sgamma continued, “The department is completely ignoring a compromise solution advanced by the Navajo Nation, whose lands are directly affected by the decision, whereas the Puebloan people are hundreds of miles away,” saying, “It appears that Secretary Haaland’s interests and kinship ties are clouding her ability to make a reasoned, balanced decision.”

The ethical conundrum with Haaland’s daughter is by far not the only situation the Interior secretary is battling. She currently is the subject of a Hatch Act complaint after she endorsed Democrat candidates in partisan races, has been sued by watchdog groups over unreleased travel logs and is the subject of investigations regarding her shady financial disclosures.

The Vatican defrocks pro-life priest while letting heretical leftist priests remain

According to a correspondence from The Vatican, pro-life Priests for Life founder Father Frank Pavone, 63, was defrocked by Pope Francis’ Vatican, claiming Pavone posted “blasphemous communications on social media” while citing his “persistent disobedience of the lawful instructions of his diocesan bishop.”

A letter from U.S. Apostolic Nuncio Archbishop Christophe Pierre, “I have been informed by the Prefect of the Dicastery for the Clergy that, on 9 November 2022, a Supreme Decision admitting of no possibility of appeal directed that Rev. Frank Pavone be dismissed from the clerical state.”

“As you will know, Father Pavone was a very public and high profile figure associated with the Right to Life Movement in the U.S. His dismissal from the clerical state may, therefore, be a matter of interest among the faithful. In anticipation of that potential interest, the attached statement regarding Frank Pavone is provided for your information, and for release within your (arch)diocese as and if you deem appropriate. The attached statement has been approved by the Dicastery for the Clergy.”

The statement claimed, “Rev. Frank Pavone, the founder of the organization, Priests for Life, Inc., was dismissed from the clerical state by the Holy See on 9 November 2022. This action was taken after Father Pavone was found guilty in canonical proceedings of blasphemous communications on social media, and of persistent disobedience of the lawful instructions of his diocesan bishop.” 

“Father Pavone was given ample opportunity to defend himself in the canonical proceedings, and he was also given multiple opportunities to submit himself to the authority of his diocesan bishop. It was determined that Father Pavone had no reasonable justification for his actions. Since Priests for Life, Inc. is not a Catholic organization, Mr. Pavone’s continuing role in it as a lay person would be entirely up to the leadership of that organization.” 

It is unclear what specific charges Pavone was laicized under. The Catholic News Agency wrote, “Pavone’s sudden laicization has shocked many Catholics and pro-life advocates. It also raises a host of still-unanswered questions about his case. Among them: What are the specific canonical crimes with which Pavone was charged? And when, and how, was he notified he is no longer a priest? Pavone, for his part, claims that he had no prior notification about the Vatican’s action until contacted by CNA on Dec. 17. Is this plausible?” 

According to the “Modern Catholic Dictionary” by Father John Hardon, SJ, “blasphemy” is defined as “Speaking against God in a contemptuous, scornful, or abusive manner. Serious contemptuous ridicule of the saints, sacred objects, or of persons consecrated to God is also blasphemous because God is indirectly attacked.” 

Pavone responded to the announcement, saying to Life News, “I have made an irrevocable commitment to defend the unborn and to be a priest. I will not walk away from either one.”

“Ultimately, this is about how the Church will respond to abortion, and whose view of this battle will hold sway in the Catholic Church and beyond. It’s about whom the Church wants to punish: Pro-abortion politicians or pro-life priests. It’s about whom the Church wants to abort: Babies in the womb, or priests who defend them,” he added.

It is unclear why the pro-life priest was charged and defrocked under such accusations, while heretical priests such as leftist Father James Martin are still allowed to spew heretical anti-Catholic doctrines. These include statements supporting transgenderism for children and sharing blasphemous depictions of Our Lady of Guadalupe, among other examples. 

To sign a petition from Life Site News asking the Pope to reverse his decision against Father Pavone, click here.

Lujan Grisham politicizes Advent to promote her pro-abortion policies

On Tuesday, far-left Democrat Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham used Advent to promote her pro-abortion policies.

During her “12 Days of Delivering for New Mexicans” social media campaign, Lujan Grisham wrote, “Standing up for women’s rights has never been more important.” She continued, “I am proud that under my leadership, New Mexico was one of the few states to advance access to reproductive health care and abortion in 2021.” 

The Democrat’s post included a graphic reading, “Stood up for women’s rights: Repealed the 1969 criminal abortion statute that punished women and their doctors.”

“I will never stop protecting the right of women and their families to make their own decision about when to have children,” she added in a subsequent tweet.

However, the 2021 “repeal” she refers to stripped all protections for women, babies, and medical professionals. The repeal took away these life-saving protections while opening up doctors, nurses, and others in health care to violations of their conscience rights. It also legalized abortion up to birth and infanticide.

Despite claiming to support women’s rights, Lujan Grisham’s policies are not only hurting women, but they are leading to the killing of many other children in the womb — half of them being female. 

In the upcoming 2023 Legislative Session that commences on January 17, 2023, Lujan Grisham is hoping to ram through $10 million in state funds to open a new Las Cruces abortion facility that would kill more Texas mothers’ children from across the border since Texas has enacted policies to protect life in the state. 

New Mexicans offered their takes on the Democrat’s gruesome Advent message: 

For holidays, NM Dems promote anti-Hispanic hate groups, pro-abortion orgs

For the holidays, the Democrat Party of New Mexico (DPNM), which is funded by disgraced FTX founder Sam Bankman-Fried, is affirming the radical far-left policies it shares with extremist groups. 

In a Saturday email, DPNM wrote, “As Democrats, we try to support our New Mexican neighbors and communities with a giving spirit throughout the year,” then gave a list of “organizations that share our Democratic values and need your support this Holiday Season.” 

The groups include the anti-Hispanic hate group “Tewa Women United” (TWU), which promoted tearing down the Soldiers’ Monument in the Santa Fe Plaza. TWU has backed canceling words it deems “offensive” and promotes the “deconstruction of museums” and “monuments,” claiming they promote white supremacy. The group also backs canceling famous artist Georgia O’Keeffe. 

Another group the Democrat Party is promoting that share its “Democratic values” includes the racist abortion up-to-birth group “Indigenous Women Rising,” which labels being pro-life as “white supremacy, even if you’re a person of color.” The organization crowdfunds the killing of Native American mothers’ babies through abortions. 

Planned Parenthood New Mexico, another abortion up-to-birth group, was on DPNM’s list of groups it is urging its supporters to fund.

Other “social justice” groups the Democrat Party backs include the sue-happy American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU), the anti-police group New Mexico Center for Law and Poverty, the pro-transgender group “Equality New Mexico,” the enviro-Marxist group Natural Resources Defense Council, among others. 

DPNM concluded in the email, “The Democratic Party of New Mexico wants to express our sincere gratitude for your support of the organizations and causes that lift our voices and take care of our people. Happy Holidays and may you and yours have a wonderful New Year!” 

The extremist groups promoted by the New Mexico Democrat Party further affirm these fringe anti-police, anti-Hispanic, anti-life, and anti-energy sentiments rest well within the fabric of the Democrat Party.

NM Dems received big campaign check from disgraced FTX founder

According to financial reports filed by the Democratic Party of New Mexico’s federal political action committee (PAC), the entity received $10,000 from disgraced crypto founder Sam Bankman-Fried on August 31, 2022. He founded the failed crypto exchange FTX, which he used to launder money, according to a federal indictment.

The failed crypto mogul may have illegally taken about $10 billion in FTX customers’ funds for his trading firm, Alameda Research, whose future is also in peril, according to the Wall Street Journal. He is now worth close to nothing after his downfall.

Bankman-Fried was one of the Democrat Party’s largest donors until his downfall. On December 13, he was indicted on charges of conspiracy to commit wire fraud, wire fraud, conspiracy to commit commodities fraud, conspiracy to commit securities fraud, conspiracy to commit money laundering, and conspiracy to defraud the Federal Election Commission and commit campaign finance violations. 

The disgraced ex-crypto boss gave mostly to Democrats, although some Republicans received cash from him as well. The Democratic Party of New Mexico, however, was one of the largest 25 recipients of campaign donations.

The Democrat Party has not refunded Bankman-Fried’s contribution, nor has it made any public statements regarding taking the large contribution from the accused money launderer.

MLG’s Human Services Dept. wants budget hike to keep COVID-era policies

Democrat Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham’s New Mexico Human Services Department (HSD) just released its budget request for the New Mexico Legislature, which the Department says it will use to continue to prop up expanded pandemic-era social programs. HSD wrote in a press release that it is “requesting a budget of $1.6 billion that will leverage an additional $8.4 billion in federal funds to assist 1,088,981 New Mexicans who will experience significant reductions in Medicaid and SNAP (food stamps) benefits when the COVID-19 Federal Public Health Emergency ends.” 

The state portion — $1.6 billion — is a 14.4 percent increase from HSD’s Fiscal Year 2023 budget request. In the previous year’s budget, the Department expanded by 22 percent, or $257 million.

HSD wrote in the press release, “The Human Services Department provides services and benefits to 1,088,981 New Mexicans through several programs including: Medicaid, SNAP (food assistance), income supports, behavioral health, financial assistance, utility assistance, and child support.” 

“Our mission is to transform the lives of the 1,088,981 New Mexicans we serve through our programs and services, and now we have the opportunity to develop a new Medicaid waiver to drive transformation in healthcare,” said David R. Scrase, M.D., cabinet secretary for the New Mexico Human Services Department. 

“HSD has a once in a century opportunity to fund measurable improvements in health outcomes as every state dollar in Medicaid generates an additional $3.52 in a federal match – it’s a great investment that can dramatically strengthen our healthcare system that has served New Mexico so valiantly during the pandemic.” 

Although the state claims it wants to focus on fixing New Mexico’s “broken behavioral healthcare system” with the expanded budget request, its own statistics show it only used $7,958,100 of the $1.2 billion in federal COVID relief funds during the 2020-2022 fiscal years. In contrast, it spent $468,965,500 on food stamps during the same period. HSD insists it will use the state money for the following: 

  • Building on the July launch of 988, the national behavioral health crisis support line, HSD is requesting a statewide expansion of the Crisis Now integrated behavioral health response system that includes Mobile Crisis Teams and Crisis Triage Centers designed to respond to a variety of behavioral health needs safely and effectively. This request will support the development and launch of half of the State’s needed system (two in urban areas, seven in rural areas, and six in frontier areas).  
  • Implementing Certified Community Behavioral Health Clinic (CCBHCs), a federally recognized model of sustainable and high quality, integrated behavioral health clinics that research demonstrates shows outcomes. The suite of required services for CCBHCs enhances and supports the already established 988 system in NM and will be launched in Eddy, Grant, Lea and Doña Ana counties as the first step towards statewide expansion.  
  • Raising non-Medicaid behavioral health reimbursement rates from 85 percent of Medicaid to 100 percent, eliminating the discrepancy between payments for services ineligible for Medicaid and/or other forms of insurance. HSD provided 214,951 adults with non-Medicaid behavioral health services from April 2021 – March 2022.    

Regarding food stamps, the Department writes, “Benefit enrollment has increased by 20 percent during the COVID-19 pandemic. HSD will begin redetermining eligibility for many SNAP and Medicaid customers when the Federal Public Health Emergency (PHE) ends. These redetermination efforts require increased staff capacity and additional IT investments, which is reflected in this request. Importantly, this fiscal year 2024 request brings HSD to a level of staffing needed that will allow HSD to meet federal requirements ensuring timely delivery of benefits and services to our 1,081,988 customers as we unwind from the PHE.” 

According to Fiscal Year 2023 estimates, 1,055,525 New Mexicans are on government assistance through New Mexico’s Human Services Department.

New Mexico’s Fiscal Year 2023 budget was $8.5 billion, the largest in state history. During that budget year, the state delved out 11% of the budget to New Mexico’s Department of Health and Human Services, according to the Legislative Finance Committee.

Enviro-Marxists want to add jaguars to NM population to stop border wall

The far-left Center for Biological Diversity (CBD) dark money group is petitioning the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service to reintroduce jaguars into New Mexico’s Gila National Forest in the southwestern part of the state. 

According to the Arizona Republic, “The 107-page scientific petition seeks the reintroduction of jaguars to the Gila National Forest in southwestern New Mexico. It also calls for the designation of critical habitat for their recovery in New Mexico and Arizona, including space to facilitate safe cross-border movements between the U.S and Mexico.” 

The group’s Michael Robinson wrote in the lengthy legal filing, “We’re requesting a total of 14 million acres of critical habitat in both states,” adding, “The goal, of course, is to recover the jaguar in part of its historic range in the Southwest.”

CBD’s move, which is supposedly meant to protect the large South American cat, just so happens to be an opportunity for enviro-Marxists to attempt the ending of border security between the United States and Mexico, claiming the cat has a large population in the border state of Sonora, Mexico. The Mexican state borders both Arizona and New Mexico.

The lefist group claims, as reported by The Republic, “Populations of jaguars in South America are healthier and show significantly more genetic diversity than those found in northern Mexico. Rapid expansion of development, a border wall and the construction of Interstate 10 have all been linked to the destruction of habitat for the jaguar in the southwestern United States and Sonora.” However, the report even notes how the populations of the jaguars — which are by no means native to the United States — are weakening. 

Jaguars were first reported to be in the United States in the late 1700s. The population mostly became extinct around the 1960s, and environmentalists have been chomping at the bit to revive the cats’ population. There are a few jaguars still roaming throughout the southwestern United States.

“This is a real opportunity to do right by a species that has been part of the Southwest for a very long time and has only been gone for a relatively brief period of time,” claimed Robinson.

CBD is responsible for harming cattle ranchers and others who conserve land with frivolous lawsuits. Notably, the group petitioned for a cut in cattle grazing to save the supposedly “fragile” meadow jumping mouse in New Mexico’s Sacramento Mountains. No one has ever physically seen the creature there. 

In the past, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service said, “the relentless petitions and lawsuits over endangered species have diverted too many agency resources to the courtroom,” according to The New York Times.

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