As Biden’s failures mount, Haaland intent on canceling ‘offensive’ words

As global and national crises heat up, such as a war between Russia and Ukraine, inflation skyrocketing, illegal immigration hitting pandemic levels, sky-high gas prices, and others created by Joe Biden, his cabinet is focused on cancel culture.

Other than working toward ways to kill the United States energy industry, U.S. Interior Secretary Deb Haaland is still intent on canceling words she deems “offensive” from federal public places, specifically the word “squaw.”

The Santa Fe New Mexican reports, “The U.S. Geological Survey has identified more than 660 geographical features on federal lands nationally — including 13 in New Mexico — that contain the term and is suggesting a choice of five replacement names for each one.”

“Some examples in New Mexico are Squaw Canyon in Chaves County; Squaw Peak in Sandoval County; Squaw Spring in San Juan County; and Squaw Tit Mountain in Sierra County,” the report notes. 

But apparently the cancellation of “squaw” is just the beginning, with reports saying a task force is directed to “look at a broader scope of demeaning place names, including those that disparage various races, sexual orientation, and religions.”

The far-left Las Cruces City Council has already attempted to follow Haaland’s radical orders, renaming places in the city with the word “squaw.” In Santa Fe, there is already a task force to rip down monuments and names that some deem “offensive,” effectively canceling many historic Hispanic landmarks and places.

Radical leftists, such as Corrine Sanchez of the extremist anti-Hispanic hate group “Tewa Women United,” who also sits on Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham’s “racial justice advisory council” are praising Haaland as “powerful” for her cancel culture crusade.

“What the secretary is doing is powerful, and I think because she is an Indigenous woman, we’re finally kind of getting the leverage to do it,” Sanchez claimed.

No one knows what term will be next to be deemed “racist” by Haaland and her advisory council. But in New Mexico, cancel culture by far-leftists has already begun, notably with the toppling of the Soldiers’ Monument in the Santa Fe Plaza, which was dedicated to Union soldiers who fought the Confederacy.


9 thoughts on “As Biden’s failures mount, Haaland intent on canceling ‘offensive’ words”

  1. So, what is next asinine crusade for the Secretary of the Interior? A campaign to modify all of the “anatomically correct” Kokopelli pictographs and petroglyphs scattered throughout the Southwest?

  2. Haaland was useless as a Representative. She flunked out of law school ended up living in a car in CA. All of a sudden she is on the Tribal Council and elected to the House of Representatives. Something isn’t right here.

  3. The descriptor: “extremist anti-Hispanic hate group “Tewa Women United,”” is so completely inaccurate as to be verging on libel. TWU is a multicultural, multiracial nonprofit organization that includes staff members of Hispanic ethnicity, and is committed to working toward environmental and reproductive justice for all peoples. Lay off them.

  4. Haaland is half Norwegian. Norwegians are about as white as you can get. My neighbor on Squaw Mountain Drive does not want the name changed, and she is half Cherokee. Why should Haaland’s opinion be valued more than my neighbor’s. Eighty seven percent of those who voted said they did not want the name Squaw Mountain Drive changed. Ninety percent of Native Americans were not offended by the name Washington Redskins but the lefty wokers forced the name change anyway. The socialists are just trying to destroy the nation’s culture and the willingness to defend it. City Council street name police should be providing more real police and should be RE-paving streets, not RE-NAMING them.

  5. Haaland is a poster child for incompetence and is using her position to “get even” and make a name for herself — not caring about screwing people or damaging the reputations of GOOD,QUALIFIED American Natives!

    1. All of the current administration is incompetent/inept. Biden has not appointed a single individual capable of doing anything except damaging our country.

  6. Democrap Made Up Words

    Typical racists democrap, all they care about are stupid words and they have no clue how to run a state nor a country.

  7. I wonder if she’ll outlaw “alcoholic”, “LOP”, “failure” as well. Those all describe her. And Aunt Nancy.

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