Biden’s EPA holding January hearings pushing for more enviro-Marxist regs

On January 10th through the 12th, Joe Biden’s U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) will be holding hearings to implement new enviro-Marxist policies aimed at “reducing emissions of methane and other … air pollution from both new and existing oil and gas operations” by “adding proposed requirements for sources not previously covered.”

New Mexico “climate change” believers are already lining up to testify in support of the anti-energy proposal, with claims that more regulation on private oil and gas will help save the planet.

“Melissa Hornbein, senior attorney with the Western Environmental Law Center, said to Kiowa County Press that the anti-energy rules will be “a step in improving a draft rule issued by the EPA last year.” Hornbein noted how the rules will be “primarily targeted at reducing venting and flaring.”

Four Corners-area resident Don Schreiber claimed in the report that “the extraction industry shouldn’t be allowed to continue self-reporting on its methane waste – which he described as the ‘fox guarding the henhouse,’  because the true value of royalties owed to the state remain unknown.”

The 288-page “emissions guidelines” text of the rule includes the word “emissions” 730 times.

The proposal would “limit the use of flares for eliminating venting of associated gas from oil wells. The supplemental proposal would require owners or operators to route associated gas to a sales line, use the gas for fuel or another beneficial purpose, or reinject it into a well for enhanced oil recovery. While the November proposal also would have allowed owners and operators to route associated gas to a flare that reduces methane and VOC by 95 percent, the supplemental proposal would allow flaring of the gas only if the owner or operator submits a demonstration, certified by a professional engineer or other qualified individual, that a sales line is not available and other beneficial uses are not feasible for technical or safety reasons.”

A shorter briefing on the new proposed rules can be found here.

The EPA wrote, “EPA will hold a public hearing January 10, 11 and 12, 2023, to provide the public the opportunity to present comments and information on the Agency’s to reduce methane and other harmful pollutants from oil and natural gas operations.”

More information regarding public comment can be found here.


4 thoughts on “Biden’s EPA holding January hearings pushing for more enviro-Marxist regs”

  1. God wins, enviromarxist you lose

    Godless environmental morons need to keep their B.S. to themselves. Nobody except other environmental morons believe your crap anymore. We the People are not afraid of you nor your stupidity. God always wins!

    1. When I was growing up in the Steel Valley, the skies were orange from the flames coming out of the mills. No more steel mills and the towns are ghost towns. So it is hard for me to get spun up about global warming. USS was putting scrubbers on its stacks, but the lefty brats shut them down anyway. Witnessed it all firsthand. Now the steel is made in China, along with everything else, including solar panels for us and coal-fired power for the Chinese.

  2. It’s not about environmentalism, it’s about socialism; the oil and gas industry is just the left’s excuse to gut capitalism.

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