Leftist groups caught offering $50 bribes for testimony backing partisan redistricting maps

On Tuesday, it was reported that the Center for Civic Policy (CCP), a billionaire George Soros-funded far-left group, as well as one other, was bribing New Mexicans with $50/each to testify on behalf of the organization’s radical partisan maps, which gerrymander Republicans into the extreme minority.

According to the Santa Fe New Mexican, “Kathleen Sabo, executive director of New Mexico Ethics Watch, said Monday her agency received copies of emails sent to some New Mexicans from both the Center for Civic Policy and NAVA Education Project.”

“In both cases, representatives for those organizations offered $50 stipends to help citizens attend the meetings in person and testify in favor of what they call the ‘People’s Map’ — which would reformat state congressional boundaries by creating a new district with a Hispanic voting population majority,” read the report. 

The so-called “People’s Map” is an ultra-partisan redo of New Mexico’s current congressional and legislative maps. The maps would gerrymander Albuquerque’s South Valley into the Second Congressional District, segregating it from the rest of Albuquerque. Then, the First District would wander east all the way to Roswell, while half of Hobbs would be chopped up into the Third District, which would snake all the way up to Española and Santa Fe. 

Sabo called the bribes to constituents for testimony “concerning.”

But Elizabeth Cuna, the campaign manager for the CCP claimed “such financial support efforts ensure impoverished residents and people of color — who may not have equal access or opportunity — can make their voices heard at events that may affect their lives.” However, the meetings were available to attend via Zoom and the portal for testimony was online, for anyone to access.

Still, Cuna says, “The stipend amount is moral,” adding, “It is a practice that should be encouraged, should be embraced.” Apparently, bribing voters to advocate for heavily partisan maps (the exact opposite of the Citizens Redistricting Committee’s purpose), is “moral” to the far-left extremists.

Melanie Majors, executive director of the New Mexico Foundation for Open Government, asked, “You could attend these meetings virtually, so why would anybody need a stipend to attend it?”

Edward Chávez, the supposed unbiased voice of the Citizens Redistricting Committee ran cover for the dark money organization, saying, “I don’t think these people are showing up and testifying just because they were paid.” 

The final maps proposed to the New Mexico Legislature are to be voted on this Friday, October 15. New Mexicans are encouraged to submit their comments against these extreme CCP maps through the Redistricting Committee’s portal. More information can be found here.


6 thoughts on “Leftist groups caught offering $50 bribes for testimony backing partisan redistricting maps”

  1. Offering people in the poorest state in the Union $50.00 to support this horrible plan to keep NM poor and in communist control is unconscionable. They are basically saying that New Mexicans can’t vote to better their lives but must rely on the same political scum that has robbed and raped this state ensuring poverty and misery. The “people’” financing this abomination are all foreigners and communist, wishing to continue to exploit this state to the benefit of themselves and the criminal cabal in power. No to gerrymandering!

    1. Dems have been buying votes in NM for 8 or 9 decades, this ain’t news!

      What is news is that they’ve never been so bold about taking guns away. I remember when the rule was be as blue as you want, just don’t eff with the Second Amendment. Now anything goes!

      I’m embarrassed to admit Joy Garrett is my cousin-in-law.

  2. There is this thing called the National Constitution that will debunk this. US Citizen in the Constitution of the United States Look it up.

  3. If thew George Soros’s crime groups are not soon given their due, the country will collapse under the weight of his hatred for the USA.

  4. NM is the petri dish for corrupt Democrats. The DNC simply uses us as the experiment to see if citizens will turn their backs to corruption as long as there is personal financial gain, no matter how meager.

    After proving its success for close to 90 years of Democrat control it has been widely adopted in more states, especially California, Oregon and Washington here on the left coast. There are others, particularly in the North Easter and Midwest states.

    Soros doesn’t care about our country or anyone in it, he cares only about widening the wealth gap between himself and the working stiff.

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