For second straight day, ambulance spotted at ABQ late-term abortion mill

For the second straight day in a row, an ambulance was spotted at the Albuquerque late-term abortion mill Southwestern Women’s Options (SWO). 

On Tuesday, another ambulance was spotted at the abortion facility picking up a patient from another potentially botched abortion.

Regarding the Wednesday ambulance dispatch, pro-life legal group Abortion On Trial wrote, “For the second day in a row witnesses saw an ambulance leaving Curtis Boyd’s Southwestern Women’s Options late-term abortion facility. This is beyond a point of abortion position. This facility is a danger to the public.” 

The abortion facility proudly advertises abortion up to and after 32 weeks gestation — full-term abortions. 

Abortion up-to-birth is currently legal in New Mexico, with no protections for women, babies, or medical professionals. 

SWO is operated by abortionist Curtis Boyd, who is responsible for tens of thousands of children’s death via abortion. He and his associates are also large donors to pro-abortion Democrat politicians such as Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham, who signed the 2021 abortion up-to-birth bill into law.


10 thoughts on “For second straight day, ambulance spotted at ABQ late-term abortion mill”

  1. Can you imagine how many ambulances will be needed if legal abortions are banned. It will never stop abortions, just increase back yard abortions.

    1. Very true!! Plus most of the women have their reasons… I think its better than children being born and end up in CYFD custody, growing up in and out of system

      1. It’s not for us to play God. Killing babies is infanticide. It’s a lie to pretend we are being benevolent when we end a baby’s life. Put the child up for adoption if you cannot care for him or her.

    2. The DNC’s new mantra is “Safe, legal, it’s never too late, the more the better, and as many as possible.”

      No one gets together and throws a party for their fetus…they throw baby showers.

      No one looks at their ultrasound and says “Wow, I have a non-sentient collection of cells in me…I hope one day it’s a baby and not a tumor.” Instead, the parents say the ultrasound their baby’s first picture.

      We have laws that punish people for killing an unborn child in a car when they’re drunk driving, or when they assault the mother. We consider the unborn child a baby at every step of the way, in every facet of our society, save one…when the baby’s life becomes inconvenient and the mother would rather end that baby’s life than carry the baby to term.

  2. I believe it should be the mother’s choice given the circumstances but any thing beond 8 week’s should be considered murder 34 week’s is just sick that’s full term that’s a fully developed life these people have no souls and as for a mother to wait that long should never be able to get pregnant ever again period.

  3. We are not the “Land of Enchantment, we are the “Land of Abortions”.
    I drove by this abortion clinic last week and half the vehicles had Texas license plates. Just a observation.

  4. If you don’t want to get pregnant why don’t you use birth control pills or keep your legs closed for every Tom Dick and Harry.Your unborn children’s blood is an ugly stain on you,that will always be with you.

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