MLG signs pro-abortion executive order to further promote abortions

On Monday, pro-abortion Democrat Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham signed a radical executive order further “protecting abortion access” in New Mexico, despite abortion up-to-birth being a free for all after she signed a 2021 bill that stripped all protections for women, babies, and medical professionals.

According to a press release from Lujan Grisham’s office, it said she would “sign an executive order on Monday protecting abortion access in New Mexico as laws preventing necessary reproductive health care have gone into effect or are soon to go into effect in states across the country.”

Gabrielle Burkhart of KRQE 13 News reported that Lujan Grisham “says her executive order signals to other states that local abortion providers will be legally protected as long as she’s governor. i.e. Gov. will not execute any (potential) warrants for extradition related to this issue.”

“If there’s an opportunity, you get it fixed and addressed,” the Governor said regarding “LGBTQ” health care.

“My opponent on this issue has very extreme views,” Lujan Grisham claimed, referring to Republican gubernatorial nominee Mark Ronchetti.

State Sen. Linda Lopez (D-Bernalillo), who is in the Democrat senate leadership, claimed a 15-week abortion ban is a “non-starter.” 

“It creates more life loss,” Lujan Grisham claimed regarding a bill to limit abortions in the state.

Lujan Grisham closed off the press conference by yelling, “More! More! More,” referring to abortion.  

According to Dan Boyd of the Albuquerque Journal, the executive order “protects health care professionals and assets state will not… comply with abortion-related extradition requests from other states.”

Read the executive order here.

15 thoughts on “MLG signs pro-abortion executive order to further promote abortions”

  1. Her remark, “It creates more life loss”, proves to me how mentally deranged these people really are. She does not care about human life. What she really cares about is this huge opportunity to expand abortion clinics throughout this state and rake in a whole lot of money.

    1. EXACTLY! If she truly cared about people, she’d do her job and serve those that have already been born. The homeless. The school children that are underserved and we’re further hurt by her pointless mandates. All the people who lost jobs and livelihoods under the guise of “keeping us safe.” She cares all about money, power and control. That’s it.

  2. Planned Parenthood was at the signing the same Planned Parenthood who receives millions in federal, state and local government funding. The same Planned Parenthood who is a huge donor to democrap candidates. Liberal women have been sold a con where Planned Parenthood is nothing more than a money laundering arm of the DNC.

    1. They also supply cosmetic companies and research facilities and get paid for the stem cells. The least they could do is split the $ with the “donor”. Or perhaps subsidize the mental health treatment for the PTSD abortion causes. Peace and Sanity for us all.

  3. Ms.MLG thanks for being a loon,your only interested in the money this will bring to NM. YOUR disregusrd for human life is deplorable you only care about yourself and money

  4. I do not envy you MLG when you meet OUR CREATOR in the end. God help you and open your heart to life, love, and repentance.

  5. MLG Baby Murderer of NM

    Of course evil MLG would sign an order to kill more babies. She has to make sure she keeps receiving money from Planned Murderhood to keep her in office. All this will do is attract more evil radical left feminist psychos to New Mexico. MLG hates New Mexico and will stop at nothing to destroy this state.

    1. She also has a program for us old folks. It’s called MAIDS and it is medically assisted induced death that you can request if you are sick. Yep, welcome to the death state, New Mexico. Even illegal immigrants can’t get out of this state fast enough. Our logo should be a zia with a sugar skull in the center.

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