For holidays, NM Dems promote anti-Hispanic hate groups, pro-abortion orgs

For the holidays, the Democrat Party of New Mexico (DPNM), which is funded by disgraced FTX founder Sam Bankman-Fried, is affirming the radical far-left policies it shares with extremist groups. 

In a Saturday email, DPNM wrote, “As Democrats, we try to support our New Mexican neighbors and communities with a giving spirit throughout the year,” then gave a list of “organizations that share our Democratic values and need your support this Holiday Season.” 

The groups include the anti-Hispanic hate group “Tewa Women United” (TWU), which promoted tearing down the Soldiers’ Monument in the Santa Fe Plaza. TWU has backed canceling words it deems “offensive” and promotes the “deconstruction of museums” and “monuments,” claiming they promote white supremacy. The group also backs canceling famous artist Georgia O’Keeffe. 

Another group the Democrat Party is promoting that share its “Democratic values” includes the racist abortion up-to-birth group “Indigenous Women Rising,” which labels being pro-life as “white supremacy, even if you’re a person of color.” The organization crowdfunds the killing of Native American mothers’ babies through abortions. 

Planned Parenthood New Mexico, another abortion up-to-birth group, was on DPNM’s list of groups it is urging its supporters to fund.

Other “social justice” groups the Democrat Party backs include the sue-happy American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU), the anti-police group New Mexico Center for Law and Poverty, the pro-transgender group “Equality New Mexico,” the enviro-Marxist group Natural Resources Defense Council, among others. 

DPNM concluded in the email, “The Democratic Party of New Mexico wants to express our sincere gratitude for your support of the organizations and causes that lift our voices and take care of our people. Happy Holidays and may you and yours have a wonderful New Year!” 

The extremist groups promoted by the New Mexico Democrat Party further affirm these fringe anti-police, anti-Hispanic, anti-life, and anti-energy sentiments rest well within the fabric of the Democrat Party.


26 thoughts on “For holidays, NM Dems promote anti-Hispanic hate groups, pro-abortion orgs”

      1. The Dems are behind the virus to create genocide of seniors, destroy military personnel and anyone the virus misses it is a repeat effort to get rid of virus survivors with all varients of vaccines and boosters.

          1. Wait the truth will come out! NO CDC related tracking of side effects, State of FL. Surgen General Did do a study, found largest number of deaths from cardiact problems 18>45 YOA males was directly related to MRNA!

            So far the good news is it happend in the first 3 to 6 weeks of recieving the shots! USAF grounds pilots for blood clots & Brain bleeds after pilots got MRNA shots.

            Now, the thing that causes retrospect, WHY PUSH this on Military? Biden didn’t push it on USPS???? or other Government agencies??? LOOK it up!

            If think they are just that inept I have a bridge for sale in Lake havisupi AZ.

        1. Your how old? And you spew that stupidity? Well then again anybody who supports and follows Trump and all those lies, hate, and stupidity has to be well… just bottom line pieces of shit just like that insurrections Trump.

  1. Hypocrites of the evil democrap party

    MLG and a large majority of New Mexican politicians have always been decendants of Hispanics/Spaniards. Taking money from a group that hates their own people proves how evil, shallow and stupid they really are. Praying still that this evil leaves are state. Democraps are the party of hate. Racism, and murder.

    1. Speaking as a democrat but more importantly as a human being, everything you have written is patently false. We care about this state and all its citizens, just like I would hope you do. We may have different ideas how to get there, but we care.

  2. Seems to me this should be published in newspapers across New Mexico. We need to wake the people up who are blinded by their propaganda. We are preaching to the choir on this wonderful post which I truly respect. But really how many people read this. Put it in the newspaper rags all over the state. Continue to pray people because the evil is growing and getting to a point where it will be more difficult to reverse. Spread the word. Do not be afraid to talk about this evil with family and friends at dinner. You’ll be enlightening them. EVERY TRUTHFUL WORD COUNTS. It is said ‘FOR EVIL TO TRIUMPH, ALL IT TAKES IS FOR GOOD MEN TO DO NOTHING’, or might I say…say nothing. God bless you all and MERRY CHRISTMAS.

    1. No
      YOu mean Bad will toward person kind.

      the party of standards.
      Double that is
      Mayhem Death and Destruction is their Standards.

      Follow it and you will know if you are The FAFO
      At that intersection is somewhat troubling today.
      FA FO

  3. Amused Independent

    The ACLU is included on your incoherent rant? Pretty much takes all validity, if any actually existed, out of your claims here. The ACLU sues government organizations that abuses and murders it’s citizens, no matter the color. You’re a joke.

    1. I used to believe the ACLU protected the civil liberties of any and everyone — until I paid attention and did more research beyond just looking at their name. If they were honest, they would call themselves the Anti-American Anti-Constitution Lawsuit Union; but, that would take honesty.
      Commies are great at coming up with names that sound patriotic, positive, play to emotion and are utterly misleading and dishonest. It’s disgusting how good they are at it.
      In short, the ACLU is a bunch of communist goons hiding behind an appealing label.
      Oh, yeah, in my opinion. Wouldn’t want to get sued here.

  4. You are so far out in left field, labeling Tewa Women United an “anti-Hispanic hate group.” This nonprofit organization has been around more than 30 years, has a multicultural staff and board that includes Hispanics, and offers programs and services based on inclusivity. Stop with the libel. The only ‘hate’ here is coming from the Piñon Post.

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