NM Supreme Court to hear case against Dems’ gerrymandered maps in January

On January 9, 2023, the New Mexico Supreme Court will hear arguments in the suit brought by the Republican Party of New Mexico (RPNM) against the Democrats’ congressional maps, according to reports. The map drawing came after the 2020 Census required by law that reapportionment of district boundaries happen based on population.

RPNM is suing after Democrats rammed through extreme partisan gerrymandered maps last December that shifted the congressional map extremely in their favor. In the Second Congressional District, represented by GOP Rep. Yvette Herrell, the gerrymandering swung the seat from favoring Republicans by 14 points to now favoring Democrats by four points, according to FiveThirtyEight. That made Democrat Gabe Vasquez narrowly win the seat in the November 8 election.

The lawsuit claims Democrats illegally designed the new map to damage the reelection chances of the only Republican in the state’s congressional delegation, which now has proven to be an accurate assertion following the November 8 General Election.

The “drafters intentionally ‘cracked’ Republicans in southeastern New Mexico, thereby substantially diluting their votes,” the lawsuit alleges, adding that Democrats intentionally split communities of interest for political gain.

The Democrat-drawn map, which was originally made by the dark money George Soros-funded group the “Center for Civic Policy” (CCP), achieved the partisan gerrymander by plunging the Democrat-dominated South Valley of Albuquerque into the Second District while putting more conservative areas such as Hobbs and Roswell in the First and Third Congressional Districts.

In April, District Judge Fred Van Soelen of Clovis ruled it was too late to hear the case due to the approaching June 7, 2022, primary election. That has sent it to the state Supreme Court, which has taken the case. All five members of New Mexico’s fully Democrat Supreme Court either have been supported by Democrat Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham, who signed the maps into law, or were appointed by the governor. 

Other plaintiffs in the lawsuit include Roswell’s Democrat Mayor Tim Jennings, State Sen. David Gallegos (R-Eunice), and a group of Republican voters. 


8 thoughts on “NM Supreme Court to hear case against Dems’ gerrymandered maps in January”

    1. Dam strait it won’t. Since we live in Southern NM we have accepted living with taxation with out representation. We want to move but have put a lot of work in your home and land. We are older now, just trying to figure it out, but we defiantly no longer want to live in a socialist state with a government hell bent on destroying our liberties.

  1. First off…the US Supreme Court will not hear this case if they do not find in favor of gerrymandering and the NM DNC knows that, and so does the current porcelain queen sitting on the throne of the governors mansion. Precedents say they will turn away, fixing the blame on as a State issue.
    Second… Does anyone with any common sense out there recognize that the ENTIRE NM Supreme Court is loaded with nothing but DNC political party members?

    If you think, for a millionth of a second, that a snake will bite its self to kill itself to rid this State of a Democrat political party member, you are a fool with a fools errand. This is not even wishful thinking… Its believing that an ice cream cone at the State Fair, in 95 degree heat, will stand alone and stay frozen for 17 hours straight.

    Ya’l need to get real… the DNC RULES this State and will continue to rule this State because they are better lyres than every GOP or Independent / Green party member combined out there. Heck they lie better than communists and socialist’s political party members.

    They, specifically the DNC, have perfected the political lie to absolute perfection… and there isn’t much the sitting opposition members can do in the House and Senate of NM to stop anything the DNC desires right now.

    Figure out how to lie better than them? Is that the answer? Maybe put an disabled brain dead skeleton of a person with an IQ less than 40 in the running for the Governors candidacy?
    Honesty hasn’t worked in NM elections for the last 108 almost 109 years…

    The GOP hasn’t dented illicit immigration since 2004… The DNC however has “opened the bleeding heart arms” to all immigrants, criminal and poor alike… and they have captured the hearts of the majority, even GOP members, to let everyone come here for a better world bullsh…

    The GOP hasn’t done a thing on crime either. Bond reform, protests that are “mostly” peaceful, the execution of infants in and out of the womb, and criminalization of gun owners is somehow now social justice?

    They, the DNC, keep winning at every turn and the GOP and other political parties have not even figured out how to stop them…in any area of concern.

    If you as a GOP member or other party do find something, then you gotta fight to get the message out to the masses through a DNC favored politicalized media…

    Even if the GOP elects someone, all it takes is one scandle, even if remotely connected to that person, and their elected political career is going to be damaged forever (Dow for governorship is the classic and prime example of the total destruction of a campaign, see CYFD memos for that fiasco).

    The Pinion Post is…a start. But ya’ll need to get famous… so famous that the Albuquerque Journal goes out of business along with KOAT TV and people like Doug Fernandez are removed as a talking heads of the DNC and all the slanted news reporters on there.

    The so-called election experts need to find the unemployment line, the retirement line, or another State to live in so they can mess it up over there…

    Just sayin’…

  2. Im psychic & predict the outcome! What a waste of time & taxpayers $$ (not that wasting taxpayer $$ is ever an issue in this pathetic state). The so-called “rule of law” never applies to or is followed by DumocRATS

  3. Evil NM dems cheating again

    Geez, a fully loaded democrap Supreme court. This case will be one more stolen win for the evil demonic democrap party of New Mexico.

  4. Correct your Status give the US Citizens crap . Become your birth right American State nationals – New Mexicans and reform real Government of the people by the people . What we have here is Color of Government Color of law . Its all FEDERAL CORPARATIONS WHITEHOUSE INC. That’s why they ( GOVERMENT ) tell you profess / declare US Citizenship & use zip codes go get permits & lic. Its all fraud & treason against we the people . All zip codes like all upper case letters STATE OF NEW MEXICO all are part of WASHINGTON DC CORPARATIONS. The land that we the people live on here is new Mexico state not STATE OF NEW MEXICO . They own that not we the people or new Mexico state . Big difference all we gotta do is correct status creat a common law court & start hauling them in for treason.

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