Yvette Herrell’s race to reclaim New Mexico’s Second Congressional District

As a working mother and journalist living in New Mexico, I’ve recently become interested in politics. In doing so, I have learned a great deal about our candidates, and the conservative ideologies and values each of them represents. Over the next 82 days, I would like to educate the voters and highlight our 2020 Candidates for the General Election under our great President, Donald Trump.

Today, I’d like to showcase Yvette Herrell’s Campaign for the 2nd Congressional District. Yvette Herrell has been a longtime voice for New Mexicans! She served four terms in the New Mexico House of Representatives and is now running for U.S. House in New Mexico’s 2nd Congressional District. She’s a lifelong Republican and avid protector of our constitutional rights! 

Herrell has raised an astounding $1.3 million thus far in her 2020 campaign. She received the prestigious 2020 Iron Lady Award and was named a “Young Gun” by the National Republican Congressional Committee. The Washington Post interestingly named CD-2 the most competitive district in the nation, making Herrell’s campaign exciting as we work to create a red wave in 2020.

Yvette was born on March 16th, 1964, in Ruidoso, NM, and has been a lifelong member of the Cherokee Nation. After graduation, she attended Cloudcroft High School and obtained her legal secretary certificate from ITT Tech School of Business in Boise, Idaho. She went on to own several small businesses and became a real estate agent in Alamogordo.

In 2010, Herrell challenged incumbent Representative Gloria Vaughn for District 51 in the New Mexico House of Representatives, winning with 864 votes against Vaughn in the June 1, 2010, Republican Primary. She went on to win the General Election on November 2nd, 2010, with a total of 3,077 votes against Susan Medina, the Democrat nominee. In 2012, Yvette Herrell was unopposed in the June 5th, 2020 Republican Primary and won with 2,128 votes and also won the Nov 6th, 2012 General Election with 7,750 Votes. She won the District two more times in 2014 and 2016 before running for Congress in 2018. 

Yvette Herrell ran a very close race in the 2018 election against attorney Xochitl Torres Small. At the end of election night, Herrell was in the lead with most media outlets dubbing her the winner until the next day when more ballots were counted, and Torres Small was announced the official winner, taking the lead over Yvette with absentee ballots. Talk of voter fraud from Herrell’s campaign surfaced, although never proven.

Now in 2020, Yvette Herrell is back stronger than ever!!! She ran a fantastic campaign, winning the June 2020 Republican primary, with 45.6% of the vote against Claire Chase and Chris Mathys. Yvette Herrell goes on to face Democrat socialist Xochitl Torres Small in the November 2020 General Election. Herrell has worked tirelessly to flip this seat, and change New Mexico for the better! Voting the career politicians out of office, such as Xochitl Torres Small, Ben Ray Lujan, and Deb Haaland is now more imperative than ever for our state’s future.

Herrell has campaigned throughout New Mexico, making appearances at “ReOpen NM” rallies and fighting for our constitutional rights as our tyrant Governor MLG continues to try to eradicate them. Yvette is a loyal supporter of our great President, Donald Trump, and is dedicated to flipping New Mexico Red this 2020 general election. She has come together with all of our Republican candidates in a combined effort to rid Congress of the career politicians currently holding offices. Let’s rally behind Yvette Herrell and her boots-on-the-ground, grassroots efforts to help New Mexico and its citizens. Go Vote! Stand up for our future by changing this state and making it great once again! Herrell2020. 

Allison Friar is a Journalist and a Mother living in Albuquerque NM. Allison believes in working towards a better future for our children! Follow her on Facebook here.

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Xochitl can’t say she ‘worked with’ Trump when she voted for a partisan coup to take him down

Xochitl Torres Small is quick to claim she “works with President Trump” on issues while serving in Congress, but not even the left-wing media is buying that anymore, with KOB 4 fact-checking the freshman congresswoman for her deceptive language in campaign ads. 

But the anti-Trump groundwork has already been set with Xochitl Torres Small, not too long ago bashing President Trump in a 2018 interview, claiming the President’s border plans are “clearly ill-informed.” 

Xochitl voted for a radical Democrat bill to condemn President Trump’s tweets, and said President Trump is a “racist.” 

But Xochitl doubled down on her Trump hate when despite herself saying Nancy Pelosi and the Radical Democrats’ impeachment was “not an explicit quid pro quo,” she voted for the partisan measure anyway — ignoring the will of New Mexico’s 2nd Congressional District, who voted for President Trump by a margin of 10 points in 2016. 

A poll from New Mexico’s 2nd District shows that 66 percent wanted Torres Small to move past impeachment and focus on the work they elected her to do. More than half (56 percent) of all voters in the Second Congressional District opposed Congress impeaching President Trump.

Xochitl voted with Nancy Pelosi 95% of the time — bucking President Trump at every turn. It is a farse for Xochitl to claim she has every “worked with President Trump” when her votes, statements, and ultimately, her choice to impeach him in a partisan sham coup d’etat prove she is not willing to work for anyone but herself.

Let’s Flip New Mexico Red and Stop the Democrat Machine in 2020!

2020 is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to “clean house” and remove the out-of-touch career politicians who have cost New Mexico so dearly. For far too long, our elected representatives have focused more on their own careers within the “Democrat Machine” than on serving New Mexico families. For Example, NM CD-1 Representative Deb Haaland served as campaign co-chair for Elizabeth Warren’s failed presidential campaign in 2020. Deb spent the months leading up to the COVID-19 pandemic door-knocking in Iowa rather than doing her job and working on behalf of New Mexico families in Washington, D.C.

I am recommending that all patriots do not engage in “party politics” like the Democrats, and instead, evaluate each candidate on their own merits and provide monetary support and volunteer hours directly to the candidates that have the clearest path to victory so we can put some true conservatives in US and NM Government. 

As a lifelong conservative who spent the previous 10 months on the campaign trail attending events, researching candidates, and promoting conservative values, I have a unique understanding of many of the Republican candidates running in 2020. I would like to highlight a few of the true conservative candidates who I believe to have a path to victory with adequate resources, professionalism, and dedication to the art & science of politics. I personally vouch that these candidates are worthy of volunteers, donations, and our votes in November to represent us in Washington, D.C., and Santa Fe, N.M. 

First, let’s start at the top of the ticket with our great president, Donald Trump. It was just announced that Trump has raised $1.1 billion dollars for his re-election campaign. President Trump has spent significant resources on grassroots organizing in New Mexico with the Trump Victory Initiative, who are coordinating volunteers and have knocked on tens of thousands of doors in New Mexico already — and it’s only August. Mr. Trump is dedicated to electing Republicans up and down the ballot.

Among our U.S. congressional nominees, I will start with Michelle Garcia Holmes, because District 1, which covers Albuquerque and Torrance County, as well as parts of Sandoval, Santa Fe, and Valencia counties, is densely populated and the economic / entertainment center of New Mexico. The current representative for NM CD-1, Democrat Deb Haaland, must be held accountable and fired for working as a campaign co-chair on Elizabeth Warren’s presidential campaign. Deb’s inability to perform her job duties is enough to vote Deb out of office, and her recent comments labeling destructive rioters “peaceful protestors” shows that Deb does not have New Mexico’s or the United States’ best interests at heart. As a former police officer and New Mexico Attorney General Chief of Staff, Garcia Holmes has the experience and qualifications to represent New Mexico’s families in “The People’s House.” CD-1 is Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham’s former seat, so unless we vote out Deb in 2020, we can expect Haaland to follow the “Democrat Playbook” and become our next governor. 

Next is Mark Ronchetti, who is running against current six-term NM CD-3 representative Ben Ray Luján who is Assistant Speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives, under Speaker Nancy Pelosi. In another shining example of the “Democrat Playbook” at work in New Mexico, CD-3 has laid the foundation of many Democrat political careers, including Bill Richardson (former New Mexico governor) and Tom Udall, who retired from NM CD-3 to run for U.S. Senate, where he has sat since 2008 and is only giving up his seat due to retirement. 

Ben is attempting the same “play” in moving from NM CD-3, after a comfortable career of no real Republican challengers, and if Ben Ray Luján is elected in 2020 to U.S. Senate, we can expect another 40 years of an entrenched, out-of-touch career politician who takes his orders from the Democrat Party leadership rather than listening to the people of New Mexico. In only seven months, Mark has caught up to speed, won the Republican primary with a resounding victory, and is listening to the concerns of New Mexico’s voters. Mark has my full support because of his conservative values and ability to best represent me as a U.S. senator.

Finally, among the federal candidates, we have Yvette Herrell, who has tremendous momentum building towards November 2020. In a “rematch” of 2018, we have Herrell against Xochitl Torres Small, and NM CD-2 was named the most competitive district in the county, with Xochitl’s seat at risk. Additionally, Herrell has received endorsements from Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH) and former New Mexico U.S. Congressman Harry Teague (D-NM), showing broad support. Yvette was recently accepted into the NRCC Young Guns programs, their highest tier of candidates. NM CD-2 was a district that should not have been lost in 2018 and is poised to be taken back by Yvette for Republicans in 2020. 

Regarding New Mexico state-level politics, we have a historic number of Republican candidates running for New Mexico’s state House and Senate. I encourage each person to look up their New Mexico House and Senate candidates at the “Respect New Mexico” website and support them. Three of the best examples that I have seen of state-level candidates are Stefani Lord, Michaela Chavez, and Joey Tiano. Stefani is a true patriot who has stood up to the New Mexico governor regarding the “red flag” gun-grabbing laws and won’t back down when elected. Michaela Chavez is new to politics but shows a dedication to listening to the voters of New Mexico and has what it takes to represent us in the Legislature. Finally, Joey Tiano, who is running for the New Mexico Senate, has the skills and knowledge as a former Police Officer to keep our families safe and make sure that Michelle Lujan Grisham is following the U.S. and New Mexico Constitutions. 

In New Mexico, the Democrats have complete control, which has given Michelle Lujan Grisham total, unchecked power. In 2020, we must “get back to the basics” including separation of powers. We need strong American Patriots in the New Mexico Legislature to curb the government overreach. Let’s Flip New Mexico Red and stop the Democrat Machine in 2020!!

Joaquin Roibal is a writer, engineer, and conservative activist who believes in a strong, independent, and prosperous USA. Former New Mexico Tech Student Body President and former Alexis Johnson for Congress Campaign Manager, Joaquin is a force in U.S. Politics.

Opinions offered by Piñon Post contributors do not necessarily represent the viewpoints of the publication or its editorial staff. Submit an op-ed to the Piñon Post at news@pinonpost.com.

MLG promised New Mexico would be ‘open for business’ in 2018 campaign ad — she lied

During the 2018 campaign for governor, Michelle Lujan Grisham made a lot of promises to the people of New Mexico, and some of those promises are coming back to bite her regarding her response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

In an August 2018 campaign ad, Lujan Grisham vowed to “promote small businesses and entrepreneurs,” and said “When I’m governor, we’ll be open for business.” 

Lujan Grisham repeated this line in her campaign policy proposals, writing, “we will let industry leaders know that New Mexico is open for business.”

But with the state shut down, 14-day mandatory quarantine for anyone traveling out-of-state, and hundreds of small businesses closing for good, New Mexico does not look anything like the utopia Lujan Grisham promised. New Mexico not only is not “open for business,” it is bleeding for cash, as seen during the 2020 special session, where the Governor’s unsustainable budget was cut due to her irresponsible lack of fiscal responsibility. New Mexico’s largest tourism event, the Albuquerque Balloon Fiesta, is also cancelled, as well as countless revenue-generating events and opportunities.

Lujan Grisham also fined small businesses, which she supposedly supports according to her campaign ad, with up to $60,000 fines for non-compliance with her strict health orders, in stark opposition to her previous claims of support for such businesses.

Now, New Mexico, the most dependent state on federal dollars, could be being intentionally closed — not because of COVID-19, but because of the huge federal aide being offered for each COVID-19 patient. According to a study from Kaiser Health News, New Mexico is receiving $171,000 per coronavirus patient, which may be a reason Lujan Grisham is locking down the state — a stark violation of her campaign promise. New Mexico remains closed for business thanks to Gov. Lujan Grisham.

Luján uses his late father’s cancer battle to promote his U.S. Senate run

On Tuesday, Democrat Rep. Ben Ray Luján (NM-03) revealed a new ad using the narrative of his late father’s cancer battle to promote his U.S. Senate run.

Lujan, who is a supporter of the socialist “Medicare for All” proposal backed by Senators Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders, used his father, who was an ironworker, to promote his health care plans.

“When my dad was diagnosed with cancer, mom and dad were fortunate to have insurance and good care for him during those trying days for our family,” Luján said in the ad. “That’s why I’ve worked in Congress to expand access to affordable, quality healthcare, and why I’ll bring that fight to the Senate to ensure every New Mexican can receive the affordable medical care they need.”

“I’m Ben Ray Luján. Mom and Dad were lucky to have insurance. To many, a cancer diagnosis means bankruptcy or losing your home,” the ad says.

According to Congress.gov., Luján has not passed a single bill with his name on it into law despite over 11 years serving in the House of Representatives. Now, it appears he is using the image of his well-known late father to boost his image on television commercials for his U.S. Senate run. 

Luján’s father served as the Speaker of the New Mexico House of Representatives from 2002 to 2012. Ben Ray Luján is running against Republican longtime television weatherman Mark Ronchetti for the U.S. Senate seat.

Leftists weaponizing conservative ‘Respect NM’ branding to spread left-wing propaganda

Recently, a new account has appeared on Twitter called “Respect NM Fans,” which is weaponizing the conservative “Respect NM” branding to spread left-wing propaganda. 

The account, which says it was created in July, is utilizing the “Respect NM” campaign’s images, logo and fonts to nefariously trick people into thinking the account is the real thing, but it isn’t. Instead of “Respect New Mexico,” the logo has been slightly changed to “Respect New Mexicans,” and other slight changes. 

Some of the messages promote the use of solar energy, all mail-in elections, expanding welfare, and mandated mask-wearing. 

So, before you share that “Respect NM” meme, make sure it came from the genuine Respect NM account (@RespectNM), and not the leftist campaign Respect NM Fans (@RespectNMFans). Also, it is encouraged to report the account for impersonation.

This is what a genuine Respect New Mexico meme looks like:

‘Waldenponding’ for liberty

Tell someone who just woke up from a 30-year coma that billions of digital messages and posts to “social media” (?) are exchanged, created, and commented on every day in America, and he/she will think the condition of public discourse in the Land of the Fee is stronger than ever.

If only.

The evidence is overwhelming: Electronic gatekeepers are suppressing, not enhancing, free speech.

As the president put it earlier this year, “There’s no precedent in American history for so small a number of corporations to control so large a sphere of human interaction.” Yesterday, tech titans testified before Congress, and had to face tough questions about their blinding bias. From suspending the Twitter account of Donald Trump, Jr. “for posting a viral video of medical doctors talking about Hydroxychloroquine” to labeling videos by pro-life activist Lila Rose “false,” social-media platforms pick winners and losers in the battle for ears and eyeballs.  

Differ with the ideology/narrative of Silicon Valley oligarchs, and your content faces deletions, suspensions, shadow bans, and instant “fact checks.”

A major way to fight this deception? Unplug.

Venkatesh Rao disparagingly calls it “Waldenponding” — “retreating from technology akin to how Thoreau extolled the virtues of retreating from social contact and leading a quieter life at Walden Pond.” But it’s a sound strategy to escape what is becoming, more and more, a monstrously one-sided digital Ministry of Truth. Pray. Meditate. Walk. Talk to your neighbors. Volunteer for a good cause.

When you do engage online, limit your exposure to the left’s favored platforms. Cast a wider net. For example, here is the video of the presentation by America’s Frontline Doctors that tech overloads don’t want you to see. (Whether you agree or disagree with the medical professionals’ claims, the decision is up to you — not Silicon Valley’s censors.)

Locally, KIVA and the “Rock of Talk” (broadcasting, streaming online, archived audio/video, or links provided here) bring you data, ideas, and perspectives you simply cannot obtain from newspapers, television “reporters,” and radio stations that spend more time on “Tiger King” than the deliberate destruction of New Mexico’s economy.

The game is rigged. This we know. But there’s no reason for despair. Alternatives are available — and they’re the tools that will be used to save us from socialism.

Xochitl Torres Small’s radical record cannot hide behind her ‘moderate’ façade

This article originally appeared in the Alamogordo Daily News.

It’s no secret that during her entire time in public life, Xochitl Torres Small rarely, if ever, has answered a question with a straightforward answer, consistently pivoting, deceiving, and even lying to the voters of New Mexico’s 2nd Congressional District.

I spoke to Torres Small at one of her carefully-orchestrated events in Deming in August 2019. I posed a straightforward question regarding her refusal to sign onto the bipartisan Born-Alive Abortion Survivors Protection Act, which gives an infant born alive after a failed abortion basic medical care.

I asked her, “if [a] baby survives an abortion, don’t you think it deserves the same standard of medical care [as] any other baby?” Torres Small answered, “That already exists. If a child is born, they have the right to – that exists.”

I pushed back, explaining to her how “in Albuquerque, there was a case that showed that this baby… did survive an abortion, and it was left to die on the table there, and it didn’t get that standard of care that we need to have.” She responded, “The law already exists to protect them. So, I deeply appreciate your advocacy on this issue, and we are in more agreement than we realize.”

But she did not tell me how infants who survive abortions are already protected. Despite being given examples of infanticide in our state where babies have succumbed to the horror of a botched abortion without proper medical care, she refused to acknowledge it.

To make matters worse, Torres Small used to work for Planned Parenthood, which takes the lives of thousands of babies every day and spoke at fundraisers for the organization while in Congress. She called abortion a “life-saving procedure,” and is a member of the “pro-choice caucus,” as well as a co-sponsor of extreme pro-abortion bills.

But Torres Small often says, “let’s work together,” or some iteration of that phrase intended to push difficult issues under the rug. However, Torres Small has proven to us that she says one thing and does another.

For example, despite her gun-toting 2018 campaign ad implying she supports the Second Amendment, she voted for H.R. 8, also known as the Bipartisan Background Checks Act of 2019, the partisan anti-gun “universal background check” bill. Now, Emily Caccamo, an ex-lobbyist for Michael Bloomberg’s dark money anti-gun group “Everytown” is her new campaign manager.

Torres Small also voted to impeach our duly-elected President, despite President Donald Trump winning the Second District by 10 points in 2016. She supports New Mexico’s version of far-left New York Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s “Green New Deal,” which would eliminate all oil and gas production by 2050 in New Mexico, annihilating lucrative industry in the Second District. Torres Small helped strip away religious liberty by supporting H.R. 5, also known as the Equality Act, which would put men in women’s sports, disadvantaging biological females, enabling sexual assault, and violate First Amendment rights of businesses, charities, and other organizations.

New Mexico’s Second Congressional District has so much potential, from the sprawling forests of the Gila and the Sacramento Mountains to the blinding beauty of White Sands, the towering spires of the Organ Mountains, and the desert prairies alive with diverse wildlife and fertile farmland. However, Torres Small’s corrosive leadership, which has taken the path of partisanship (voting with Nancy Pelosi over 94.5% of the time), is proof that she has no interest in “working together” to solve issues that affect us all. We must take back the Second Congressional District and elect someone who has the people in mind – not Washington, D.C. bureaucrats.

COVID-19 and crime reveal character — of parties and pols.

Your next shipment of coronabucks is on the way.

Well, nothing’s official yet, but it’s looking more and more like Republicans and Democrats will cut a deal on yet another “stimulus” for an economy that’s been crippled by policies justified as necessary to “protect public health.”

It’s worth noting that while the party of “fiscal responsibility” does not want to spend as much as the “opposition,” it’s still plenty eager to spread goodies from coast to coast. Republicans appear to be comfortable adding as much as $1 trillion to the national debt — currently at $26.5 trillion — with a cornucopia that includes fresh subsidies for agribusiness and “defense” contractors.

One prize that’s not likely to be in the final agreement is a continuation of the $600 extra in each weekly unemployment check. Not only has the “freebie” been rife with fraud, it is a major disincentive for returning to work.

And New Mexico’s politicians love it.

Governor Michelle Lujan Grisham considers any reduction in the payment “an unconscionable step backward in our fight to provide help to affected workers & to help sustain our economy.” Wannabe senator Ben Ray Lujan, currently “serving” in the U.S. House of Representatives, calls the $600 boost “a lifeline for millions of Americans who have lost their jobs during the COVID-19 pandemic,” allowing “families to keep a roof over their heads, feed their children, and pay their bills.”

Federal money is always welcome in New Mexico. Federal attention to the state’s glaring inability to protect its residents from violent crime? Not so much. Albuquerque Mayor Tim Keller has joined the “leaders” of Portland, Seattle Kansas City, Chicago, and Washington, D.C. in denouncing “egregious use of federal force on cities over the objections of local authorities.”

As city after city descends into mayhem and destruction, perhaps Burqueños will soon have a different perspective.

Attack Trump nationally, attack New Mexicans locally

Blame Donald Trump.

Then blame him again.

And when all else fails, blame him a third time.

That’s the strategy pursued, relentlessly, by New Mexico’s governor. Whether prompted by a questioner or concocted all on her own, Michelle Lujan Grisham finds a way to blame the White House for just about everything.

Appearing on ABC’s “This Week” — oh, how David Brinkley is missed — the governor whined about the lack of a “national strategy” for COVID-19, accusing the president of “the worst abdication of a national response and responsibility to protect Americans I have ever seen in my government career.”

Question for Lujan Grisham and her ilk: If Donald Trump is a stupid, stumbling buffoon with no management skills, why do you want him in command of a “national response” … to anything?

Anyway, the Land of Enchantment’s tiny tyrant surely basked in her latest bigtime media spotlight — the same way she preened over her fawning coverage in Rolling StoneThe Washington Post, and The New York Times. Meanwhile, two of her minions weren’t assailing the 45th president. They were offering “grief” counselling to New Mexicans.

Well, that’s how they portrayed it. New Mexico Human Services Secretary David Scrase and Workforce Solutions Secretary Bill McCamley reviewed “COVID-19 related OpEds [sic] and letters to editors over the past four months,” and concluded that “denial and anger” are running rampant in the state, necessitating “a quick fact check.”

The largest whopper offered by Scrase and McCamley? That the novel coronavirus case fatality rate (CFR) is 1.3 percent.

Their deeply dishonest claim ignores the fact that, as Reason’s Jacob Sullum explained a few days ago, the CFR is not a “single, constant number,” but is impacted “by conditions, such as the patient mix and the quality and capacity of the local health care system, that vary from one place to another and that may change over time.” An exact figure at this moment is unknowable, because “the true number of coronavirus cases in the U.S. could be anywhere from six to 24 times higher than the confirmed number of cases.” Given that infections are much, much more widespread than testing currently indicates, Scrase and McCamley’s 1.3 percent is laughably high.

In their lame attempt at pop psychology, the cabinet officials also failed to inform readers that when it comes to COVID-19 fatalities, New Mexico is two very different states. KIVA has been tracking county-by-county data for months. Our analysis finds that “San McKinley” — a thought-experiment “state” comprised of San Juan County and McKinley County — accounts for nearly two-thirds of all deaths in the Land of Enchantment. It has a rate of 199 victims per 100,000 population. Amazingly, that figure is worse than New York. Worse than New Jersey. And worse than Connecticut.

The 31 counties outside San McKinley — making up over 90 percent of the state’s population, with 1.9 million people — have suffered, collectively, 11.5 deaths per 100,000 residents. In the contiguous U.S., that translates into the tenth-safest “state.” Peer states include Kansas, Oklahoma, North Dakota, and South Dakota.

Taking one final step in our analysis, the region outside San McKinley as well as Bernalillo County and Sandoval County, has a ridiculously low rate of 7.1 fatalities per 100,000 residents. That zone, comprising 51.3 percent of the citizenry, would be the fifth-safest “state” in the nation. Peer states include Oregon, Idaho, and Utah.

In no way does “science” justify the draconian, one-size-fits-all lockdown that Lujan Grisham and her underlings have imposed (and re-imposed) on an undeserving populace. And that is why their propaganda focuses, laser-like, on the alleged failings of the Trump administration and “grief” over “our new lives in a COVID positive world.”

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