Patient transported by ambulance from ABQ abortion mill

On Tuesday, an ambulance was spotted transporting a patient from the late-term abortion mill Southwestern Women’s Options (SWO) in Albuquerque.

The pro-life legal group Abortion On Trial shared the photos taken by pro-life sidewalk counselor Christina Garza with the caption, “Yet another person was sent away from Southwestern Women’s Options in an ambulance today.”

The group commented, “When will the state of New Mexico start caring about the fact that this facility is a danger to women?”

The abortion facility proudly advertises abortion up to and after 32 weeks gestation — full-term abortions. 

Abortion up-to-birth is currently legal in New Mexico, with no protections for women, babies, or medical professionals. 

SWO is operated by abortionist Curtis Boyd, who is responsible for tens of thousands of children’s death via abortion. He and his associates are also large donors to pro-abortion Democrat politicians such as Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham, who signed the 2021 abortion up-to-birth bill into law.


21 thoughts on “Patient transported by ambulance from ABQ abortion mill”

  1. Next thing she will sign will be a law similar to what Maryland has proposed… newborns can be killed up to 28 days after birth without consequences!
    This is what NWO is people!

    1. I think You are way out on a limb….and such as what Maryland has proposed is probably more humane than having a being that may not ever be able to function without round the clock medical care for, LIFE…so, it is your position to care for that individual for a Lifetime which would more than likely be a semi-vegetable???? You are a Cruel Individual to wish such….IMHO

    1. I completely agree. It is from the point of view of an antiabortion person, we need non biased reporting. I am capable of drawing my own conclusions.

  2. How would anyone know what she was being transported for. That would be a violation of HIPA. Also, all these “pro life” fanatics would be joyous if she were being transported to jail. And nobody is killing babies after birth! Stop telling lies to justify your need to tell other people how to live. Mind your own business.

  3. I agree with abortion, no one should give birth to a an unwanted baby or have to give e birth if they were victims of rape or molestation. However I don’t agree with killing a child up to 28 days of being born. Abortion is when you don’t go full term and you terminate the pregnancy before the development of the baby. Atleast that’s what it should be. Every woman knows when they are pregnant so if you don’t want a baby for whatever reason then don’t allow yourself to stay pregnant long enough for it to develop Into a baby. There is no reason why an unwanted pregnancy should reach full term or give birth then kill the baby. At that point I say it’s murder. The woman has to take some kind of responsibility for her body so if you dont want a baby then deal with it immediately.

  4. But I definitely don’t agree with a woman not being able to choose and I am against laws that tell us we can’t have an abortion, but i am also against killing a baby after its born. Give it up for adoption if you go full term but like I said above, there is no reason or excuse for a woman to allow a pregnancy to go full term if she don’t want a baby do deal with it immediately. Be more careful when having see so that unwanted pregnancy don’t happen. And yes I know sometimes it does happen so be responsible with it regardless of how it happens but the choice should always be ours and never ever should be yaken away from us. It is our body and no one else at all suffers when it comes to that accept for the woman.

  5. I’m against any woman having an abortion. Of course the exception would be if a woman is raped, or incest. There are so many types of birth control out there. There is no excuse for unwanted pregnancies.

  6. Stephanie McKenzie

    My heart weeps for the lack of knowledge of most people that have commented here. First of all science now has proven that life begins at the moment of conception so no matter the timing of the abortion you are killing a baby.
    I don’t know any pro-life person that would want to see a woman who got an abortion hauled off the jail. No one would be pleased to see that. DLK you are so twisted in your thinking that you project your anger onto others.
    Yes, the picture was taken by a pro-life street counselor and we do not know who or why someone was taken by ambulance, but the fact is someone was taken by ambulance from that facility and that was was was being reported.
    If you think trying to stop killing babies is telling people how to live their life you are wrong. Pro-choice is not a way of life, it is allowing women to choose death for their child. when does it stop. We had a limit of ‘until heart beat’, then the second trimester, now it is up to birth. It will not stop until they allow parents to kill their child for any reason at any time. Don’t think for one minute it will stop at birth. I have held newborns in my arms many times and I can’t imagine anyone wanting to kill this baby. If they can justify to themselves killing a newborn they will eventually justify killing anyone. right now Canada has passed a law they can kill people with mental or emotional problems.

  7. Late term abortions need a new name since they are not in the traditional way really abortions. They are performed to save the life of the mother. No expectant mother waits until the final 9 weeks to have an abortion. They have a life threatening condition that means an abortion must be performed. Maybe the baby’s organs are not formed spelling their death upon birth. It takes a callous disregard for life to allow a baby to suffer for their short amount of life. Part of that right to life that pro-lifers seem to miss. And while we are on the subject, pro lifers need to be changed to pro northern since many don’t care about the baby’s welfare from birth to adulthood.

  8. Bad reporting. Reporter very happy to spout off her unverifiable opinions. Good reporting is verifiable fact/truth. Just Commentary that has no place in current news. No woman that chooses abortion finds joy in it. Many factors determine making this decision. Only she knows what those are and should be respected. Respect for life includes the mother that carries the baby.

    1. Exactly! Thanks for sharing your thoughts. I trust women. I expect women to be free to choose. A woman having late term is probably in dire straits. If a woman has free open access to the morning after meds there wouldn’t be a problem. Men drink and don’t use condoms but yeah blame the woman. For heaven’s sake it’s unbelievable how proud some people are of their malice.

  9. I do have one Complaint, seems this is a “Pro-Lifer” calling the center, a Abortion Mill, wrote this bit of slanted, Tripe….IMHO

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