Lujan Grisham politicizes Advent to promote her pro-abortion policies

On Tuesday, far-left Democrat Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham used Advent to promote her pro-abortion policies.

During her “12 Days of Delivering for New Mexicans” social media campaign, Lujan Grisham wrote, “Standing up for women’s rights has never been more important.” She continued, “I am proud that under my leadership, New Mexico was one of the few states to advance access to reproductive health care and abortion in 2021.” 

The Democrat’s post included a graphic reading, “Stood up for women’s rights: Repealed the 1969 criminal abortion statute that punished women and their doctors.”

“I will never stop protecting the right of women and their families to make their own decision about when to have children,” she added in a subsequent tweet.

However, the 2021 “repeal” she refers to stripped all protections for women, babies, and medical professionals. The repeal took away these life-saving protections while opening up doctors, nurses, and others in health care to violations of their conscience rights. It also legalized abortion up to birth and infanticide.

Despite claiming to support women’s rights, Lujan Grisham’s policies are not only hurting women, but they are leading to the killing of many other children in the womb — half of them being female. 

In the upcoming 2023 Legislative Session that commences on January 17, 2023, Lujan Grisham is hoping to ram through $10 million in state funds to open a new Las Cruces abortion facility that would kill more Texas mothers’ children from across the border since Texas has enacted policies to protect life in the state. 

New Mexicans offered their takes on the Democrat’s gruesome Advent message: 


19 thoughts on “Lujan Grisham politicizes Advent to promote her pro-abortion policies”

    1. Cecilia A Olmstead

      She will stand before God one day and she’ll answer to Him for all her “crimes.” Murder is a crime and all the other devious things she does behind closed doors and behind the backs of all of us.

    2. She can lead by example and do her own self abortion and go away permnently.

      Is she Sephardic?

      or Satanic?

      The BISHOP OF SANTA FE IS GUILTY OF SIN OF OMMISSION and NOT Reprimanding her. He is on her side as the Pope is on NWO religion and everyone is a non sinner now?

      Pulpit preachers this Sunday will say WHAT WOULD JESUS DO?

      What Can they preach about this SUNDAY?
      LIFE means what today?

      She is evil


      Do not let her enter a church this year BISHOP of SANTA FE

  1. Well unfortunately New Mexicans got what they deserved when reelecting her. (providing the election wasn’t fraud) But somebody should still go to the roundhouse and fire her. This is absolutely outrageous!

    1. I seriously doubt that this was an honest election. Not when you have her and Maggie Screwloose Oliver overseeing the recounts and audits. Foxes guarding the henhouse. I’ll say again what I have been saying for the last, almost 3 years: if you are not calling her office daily, posting negative feedback on social media, rejecting all of the mandates and mask/vax propoaganda, speaking out on election integrity and getting involved in efforts to protest and speak at community meetings, you are part of the problem. The reason why we have this behavior from politicians is because we as citizens haven’t given them enough heat for it yet. There have been small groups and the occasional protest, but nothing large enough to make them need to change their underwear. Mass disobedience worked in 1776 and it still works. But New Mexicans as a whole are lazy and complacent.

  2. I totally agree with the Governor, it’s a Woman’s Right to do as she wishes. Too many times have men imposed their will, men are wanting to go back 100 years and have a woman barefoot and pregnant and be subservient. Governor Lujan-Grisham doesn’t fall in love k step to antiquated ignorant thought. There are many from the far right who should read more, become more informed and stop listening idiots.

    1. I will agree that there are limited circumstances that warrant an abortion. But supporting abortion strictly for birth control purposes up until the day of birth isn’t reproductive health. Personally, I think anyone who would support that has some very serious moral issues. Maybe you should watch an abortion and see what it looks like when a 9 month old child is chopped to pieces and sucked from a woman’s womb. It has nothing to do with me being a man… it has to do with me being a decent human being who values life.

    2. I am an educated woman who believes YOU are the one that needs to be more informed, more educated and less of an idiot! Abortion has NOTHING to do with Healthcare, its murdering an unborn baby… period! Women’s “rights” are not threatened by making abortion a crime. Whatever happened to personal responsibility, and actions have consequences?? Abortion is murder, so just admit you, like the tyrant (mlg), agree with killing babies. Stop hiding behind the false propaganda of protecting women’s rights… want babies killed!!

    3. How about women take some responsibility for themselves before they have sex and get birth control?? It is cheap, easy to get, and I would think much easier to deal with than the decision of whether or not to kill your baby (I would hope so, anyway). How about women respect themselves enough to not have sex with some man who just assumes that the birth control method they will use is an abortion and is OK with that?

    4. And why shouldn’t men have a voice in this issue?
      They are the fathers of these babies that mothers are too eager to slaughter because their lives will be inconvenienced. They are the men willing to stand up for what is right.
      Grisham can continue her quest to line her pockets with innocent blood under the guise of “health care” all she wants, but it is, and will always be the taking of a life, aka – murder.
      And hear me loud and clear, whether you believe in God or not, He will NOT be mocked and will judge this abomination and this state.

    5. I don’t know your religion but don’t expect to have that opinion and be a member of a religion that believes in God. There’s always trolls like you that come on trying to rial a fire on a pro-Republican site. It shows how people like you and and all the other leftist really don’t care about coming on here. You’re an example of Democrats that are always right and have to have the last say.

    6. That is a Soy man reply!
      Just as h ow a good little mamas boy got trained . The 1970s’ made men like you. Women wear the panatalones now.

      Shameful what some of you turned into. Antiquated?.
      Narcisistic abuse is common out here.

      Hope you are not one of those SUNDAY Catholics proving life can be ended in one vacuum suck at the WOMEN’s HEALTH ? clinic.
      Go live in a communist country for awhile sir.

      Yuri Bezmakov told us that it would take 3 generations to turn communist through the schools in Amerika.

      We are at war with your types.
      Evil and Good and you fit the dark side sir.


  3. My answer to you Mr. Apodaca is that I have read many books on abortion, history, and the Bible and I can declare that you sir are the ignorant one. Do you even know when life starts because I have read science journals and research has indicated the life starts at conception. I have read many history books and all nations and societies that have decided to make abortion legal or OK have ended up totally destroyed. And most of all a baby, and it is a baby at conception, is a life that God loves and murdering a baby is just plain wrong. So you are stating that you have no values if you cannot value life.

  4. If you’re not ready to have a baby you are not ready for sex. Abortion is not birth control. Abortion is murder plain and simple. If you’re not ready to have a baby you are not ready to have sex.

  5. Love reading the opinions on this subject. Most comments reject abortion especially late term abortion. MLG is trying to play God. I checked out the cost of a abortion and it can range from $1000- 20,000 depending on the circumstances and the length of the pregnancy. If the women is set on obtaining an abortion because “it’s my body” well you have already made your decision. I DON’T want to pay for your abortion because it’s my tax dollars and you are using it to murder your baby that you will regret the rest of your life and you will not be able to cope so we will have to pay for your mental health or drug use, or alcohol abuse or any collateral damage that’s results from you murdering your baby. So many families would love to adopt your baby. Give it life, give it to someone who can give it love but don’t murder your baby in the horrific manner that’s done to that precious baby .

  6. Mr. Apodaca you are as evil as MLG is. I actually pity all you pathetic individuals that think abortion is not murder. I would not want to be you when I meet my Creator. The reason so many people do not value life is because babies are being killed in the womb by the millions. You disgusting leftists are ruining the country. Why do you even comment on this post. Go away.

  7. MLG not my govenor

    MLG is a godless evil Demon. She spits in God’s face and in the face of all New Mexican and our values. Not my governor, praying she fails at everything she does. Only evil deomons love murdering babies.

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