ABQ: Gun-toting BLM protester’s charges dropped—will armed pro-police protester get similar justice?

On Sunday, it was reported that a gun-carrying Black Lives Matter protester, Francisco (Frankie) Grady (pictured right), who was arrested at a June Black Lives Matter protest for toting the firearm, had his charges dropped, according to his attorney. 

Grady allegedly broke the City of Albuquerque’s rule that makes it illegal to carry firearms at city parks, with his lawyer, Ryan Villa adding, “I think the city is taking a position that they can apply this law to any public ground, and city property, where a school event may have once taken place or has once taken place, but obviously the district attorney’s office and I don’t agree.” 

Villa continued, “They’re trying to apply state law in a situation where it just doesn’t apply at all.”

Grady blasted the Police, claiming they were targeting him for being a Black man, asking, “why were two African Americans, expressing our same Second Amendment rights, why were we arrested but that other group were not?”

Left-wing media outlets such as the University of New Mexico’s “Daily Lobo” have bemoaned the appearance that “Reopen NM” and pro-police protests have allegedly not been cited for defying the weapons ban, but Black Lives Matter protests have not, inferring that it could have something to do with racism.

But in actuality, Taylor Deblassie (pictured left), was handcuffed and cited at a June 19th event for a similar charge: violating the Mayor’s Administrative Instruction 5-20 because he was open-carrying his holstered pistol.

Deblassie faces a third-degree felony, according to a source close to the situation.

Deblassie claims the Albuquerque Police Department is misrepresenting the facts that he was given a warning given by officers. “This is fake news. There was no warning given to me,” wrote Deblassie on a Fundly page he set up to help him cover legal fees. 

“I am a law-abiding citizen who has never been cited nor arrested in my life so you can imagine the stress and anxiety I’m experiencing,” Deblassie continued.

The two similar cases, one being a Black Lives Matter protester, and one being a pro-police protester, begs the question of whether there will be equal justice applied in these cases. 

WATCH: Devastated NM small business owners speak out about Governor’s lockdown

On Saturday, 80 days before the November 3 election, the Republican Party of New Mexico released a video featuring anonymous devastated small business owners and other New Mexicans affected by Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham’s strict lockdown of the state, and the stories revealed the true pain and hurt caused by the Governor.

The video opens with one man’s voice saying, “My business has been hurt. We are about to lose our homes and our family… this is a joke.” 

Another comments, “The leadership of New Mexico has nearly closed my business.” 

One woman’s voice says, “The Governor has kept big businesses open, and yet she has denied people like my own mother critical life-saving health care.” “It’s unfair and it’s morally and ethically wrong.” 

“Big box stores have never been forced to shut down. Only small businesses have suffered the consequences,” a small business owner remarked.

“Michelle Lujan Grisham continues to attack us personally, and we will stop at nothing to try to make us go out of business completely,” said another small business owner. 

“Everything is essential. A community doesn’t operate because you hand-pick certain businesses to remain open.” 

One woman, presumably one working in the health care industry said, “We’ve had doctors leave, specialists leave, medical staff be furloughed or laid off or permanently lose their jobs.” 

“Small business is the engine of the economy. They call it ‘the small,’ but actually this is the main business,” another voice remarks, adding, “If this thing stays longer than this, I think the whole economy will collapse.” 

The video, which features voices from all across New Mexico shows an eye-opening look into the pain caused by the Governor’s health orders, and why the November election is so crucial. As the video says, “New Mexico, don’t be afraid to let your voice be heard. The Silent Majority needs to start making some noise,” and “Save New Mexico, Vote Republican.” 

To register to vote or to check voter registration status, visit

NM Dems ballot harvesting votes from our senior citizens

As exclusively reported on last week by the Piñon Post, New Mexico Democrats are fully prepared to use the underhanded practice of “ballot harvesting,” which entails activists harvesting ballots by going to specific peoples’ residences and homes and picking up their absentee ballots. 

There’s no telling what happens to these ballots once they are taken from the voter, which is what brings grave concern, and signs of voter fraud, as widely reported on. Multiple cases from California and North Carolina to Florida show multiple candidates ordering ballots for voters without their consent, then filling them out themselves or have the voters fill out the ballots while they are present at their homes, then dropping them off at polling locations.

Statistics show fraud occurring, such as in North Carolina’s 9th District race in 2018, where a Republican candidate allegedly paid a political activist hundreds of dollars to collect ballots and/or witness the filling out of ballots, which could be tracked by that person being a “witness” to the completion of the ballots. 

New Mexico doesn’t require a “witness” when filling out an absentee ballot, which makes it just that much easier for fraud to sneak in. According to the Daily Signal, “Previously, New Mexico required the signature of a witness as well as the voter on an absentee ballot. However, in 1993, the state Legislature passed a law removing that requirement.”

States are working to curb the fraud by passing bills banning the practice of ballot harvestings, such as in Montana and Arizona, with the Arizona law being challenged and upheld in federal appeals court. However, New Mexico Democrats revealed that the practice of ballot harvesting is happening this election, and targeting some of our most vulnerable communities, including senior citizens. 

One of the Democrat Party’s caucus chairs, Pamelya Herndon, revealed on a fundraising call for U.S. Senate candidate Rep. Ben Ray Luján and congressional candidate Rep. Xochitl Torres Small, that the Democrat Party is actively organizing members to visit elderly family members and drop off their ballots at polling locations. She said that the law allows people to deliver “at least one absentee ballot to a polling location” from a person who is not themselves.

She said, “Go by and talk to your senior citizens. See if those ballots have been put in the mail, and if not, pick it up and take it to a polling location… you can take at least one absentee ballot for a member of your family to a polling location. We want every ballot counted, Congressman [Ben Ray Luján] because we want to see that you and Xochitl Torres Small and everybody on that ballot for the Democratic Party gets elected.

According to state law the practice of picking up and delivering absentee ballots is as follows:

A voter, caregiver to that voter or member of that voter’s immediate family may deliver that voter’s absentee ballot to the county clerk in person or by mail, provided that the voter has subscribed the outer envelope of the absentee ballot.

Democrats are clearly intent on utilizing absentee ballots to push them over the finish line, with ballot harvesting in full-swing to help them do just that. With races such as New Mexico’s Second Congressional District in play once again this year, the stakes could not be higher, as the District was flipped Democrat only due to mysterious absentee ballots being counted last-minute.

An independent audit found countless instances of abnormalities in the votes, with counties such as Doña Ana showing multiple irregularities. “Fully 25 percent of the people who purportedly requested absentee ballots from the Doña Ana County clerk didn’t mail them back,” according to the report, going on to say the situation was “suggestive of the possibility that someone was submitting absentee ballot applications for Democrats and those deemed likely to vote for Democrats.” 

“In Eddy County, Torres-Small only received 30.9% of the EV/ED vote (she lost by over two to one margin), but she won the absentee voting with 54.7% of the vote. The same anomaly occurred in both Otero and Sierra Counties — both unique and significant especially in Otero County because Herrell lost her home county in the absentee vote despite a sizeable victory on Election Day and early voting,” the report concluded. 

The stakes could not be higher this Election Day, as President Trump is on the top of the ticket, and Republicans look to take back both chambers of the state Legislature, as well as congressional seats, including the Second District. As Herndon explained, ballot harvesting is happening, and voters must keep a watchful eye on their ballots, meaning they should do all they can do drop off their absentee ballots themselves at a polling location or just vote in-person on Election Day to curb the fraud.

NM GOP destroys far-left conspiracy theories about ‘NM Voters Unite’ peaceful protest

On Wednesday, emboldened by far-left Democrats and fringe alt-left conspiracy sites such as “ProgressNow NM,” the online publication “Business Insider” did a write-up on an event taking place in Clovis on August 22, which is advertised as a peaceful protest called “New Mexico Voters Unite.” 

However, the left-wing publication takes issue with attendees (not speakers) they find offensive, including the New Mexico Civil Guard and the group Cowboys for Trump. The event’s speakers’ list includes the Republican Party of New Mexico Vice Chairman Rick Lopez, state Senator Pat Woods, multiple legislative candidates, among others. 

The article attempts to try and radicalize NM State GOP officers, elected officials, and candidates by trying to tie them with supposed extremists when really, the rally is meant to “stop voter suppression, “protect constitutional rights,” “stop voter fraud,” and “open New Mexico.” These benign principles the event is championing are marks of unity between most Republicans and some Democrats and Independents, however, it appears Business Insider is trying to shift the truth about the rally to suppress turnout.

The article cites a shooting at an event by a man who is not a member of the New Mexico Civil Guard to brand the group as fringe, by quoting the far-left mayor of Albuquerque who apparently wants the militia branded as a “federal hate group.” 

The group also tries to brand the extremist fringe group which has closely aligned itself with Antifa, “ProgressNow NM,” as a “center-left advocacy organization,” when in actuality it is a dark-money group funded by George Soros. The group advocates for abortion up-to-birth, support of Black Lives Matter riots, and Antifa terrorists and was founded by the socialist Albuquerque City Councilor Pat Davis, who the group itself now calls “racist.” 

The Democrat Party of New Mexico commented that the “New Mexico GOP continues to give far-right groups a platform.”

The Republican Party, which the article and ProgressNow NM tried to trick into going on the defense, brushed off the insane “conspiracy theories” the leftist news organization and their allies in the Democrat Party had concocted. Their statement reads: 

The ridiculous conspiracy theories conjured up by far-left extremist groups and the Democrat Party of New Mexico to distract from their own violent and bloody riots is yet another unsurprising move from their radical playbook. We will not play their game and not warrant such idiotic behavior by these fringe groups with a defense of their far-out claims.

The downright lies they have used to trick the media into covering their socialist propaganda shows how scared they are that President Trump and Republicans will wipe them out in November. We at the Republican Party of New Mexico are laser-focused on electing Republicans up and down the ballot, and we will not waste our energy assaulting New Mexicans’ free speech, as the Democrats are doing by trying to shut down this rally which is not affiliated with the Republican Party of New Mexico. If citizens want to peacefully attend a grassroots event—unlike lawless Antifa protesters looting and shooting—it is their prerogative, and we will not stand in their way.

The Republican Party of New Mexico is clearly not taking the bait from the partisan extremists, and instead is standing up for a principle everybody should share, but one that is a foundational principle in the Republican Party: free speech. As the statement makes clear, the Party will not engage in the Left’s childish prattle, instead, working hard to elect Republicans. 

Charles Davis, the supposedly objective journalist behind the hit piece retweeted the far-left Soros-funded conspiracy group ProgressNow NM on Twitter claiming the NM GOP is racist, despite them not being involved in the event. The retweet reveals a lot about the source of the Business Insider piece, especially since in his Twitter bio, he does not say re-tweets do not equal endorsements.

Indigenous people furious with Harris’ failed record: ‘She was not good for Indian Country’

On Tuesday, it was reported by that many Indigenous people are furious over presumptive Democrat vice presidential nominee Sen. Kamala Harris’ abysmal record when it comes to Native American issues.

According to, “When Kamala Harris served as attorney general of California, she opposed at least 15 tribal land-into-trust applications. Her actions undermined the ability of Indian nations to reclaim lands they lost to theft, fraud and other negative policies.”

“She was not good for Indian Country here when she was attorney general,” said Rick Cuevas, a California resident who has used his platforms to bring attention to Harris’ failures to meet the needs of Tribal people. 

“But Cuevas, who was victim of disenrollment by the Pechanga Band of Luiseño Indians, isn’t the only one in Indian Country who has raised concerns. When Harris was seeking the the Democratic nomination for president last year, she was asked about her tribal homelands record at a roundtable with tribal leaders and again at the historic Frank LaMere Native American Presidential Forum,” the article notes.

“I just can’t imagine her as president,” Cuevas, who also has attempted to raise issues of tribal disenrollment to her office, told Cuevas said his letters and calls on the hot-button issue have all gone unanswered.

“Besides opposing land-into-trust applications that were submitted to the BIA, Harris as attorney general attempted to reverse a previously approved acquisition. As part of a case involving the Big Lagoon Rancheria, she claimed the tribe could not restore its homelands because it was not ‘under federal jurisdiction’ in 1934” the report states.

Deb Haaland, a radical far-left member of New Mexico’s congressional delegation is backing Harris in her bid for the White House. Haaland originally was a proponent of the culturally appropriating Elizabeth Warren until the Massachusetts senator dropped out fo the presidential race, following Harris.

President Trump’s campaign has repeatedly elevated and done outreach to folks in the Navajo Nation and other Tribal communities, most recently with a radio address from Donald Trump, Jr. to members of the Navajo Nation. Trump said, “The Navajos and the Native Americans as a whole are the original conservationists.”

A billboard erected in Arizona showing Native American support for President Trump

Read more about Harris’ failed Native American record here.

Vandals deface statue of Catholic priest in Santa Fe

On Tuesday, it was noticed by locals in Santa Fe that the statue of Fray Angélico Chávez, which stands outside of the Museum of New Mexico History, was defaced, with the words “1680 Land Back” written on the wall behind the statue and the statue itself covered in red paint.

The vandalism mimics prior hate crimes against Hispanic and Catholic statues in Santa Fe, including the desecration of the obelisk in the Santa Fe Plaza, in which the hate groups The Red Nation and Three Sisters Collective, relished in the sight of. It is unclear if members of the groups are responsible for the vandalism, although their words and actions speak for themselves. 

The vandalism reportedly took place on Monday, the 340th anniversary of the Pueblo Revolt, in which Po’pay killed at least 400 Spaniards, including 21 of the 33 Catholic priests in New Mexico. He stomped on Christianity, claiming, “The God of the Christians is dead,” and saying, “He was made of rotten wood.” The graffiti was removed by a state crew Tuesday morning.

Past president at the Caballeros De Vargas, Thomas Baca Gutierrez wrote on Facebook about the latest incident, “It’s so sad to see people disrespecting our beautiful city. Not a single one of us is responsible for what happened in the past. We got through it and we are all here because of it. Like it or not most, if not all of us Nuevo Mejicanós have Spanish and Native blood. We should be proud of who we are and of those who fought, suffered, and died to ensure that we as a people survived along with our traditions and religion. There is no need to fight or be disrespectful to anyone, their culture, traditions or beliefs, we are all brothers and sisters who share the same damn blood, and often the same families.

This Land is not yours or mine, but all of ours and it was loaned to us by God, Our Creator and we are here to enjoy, love, and care for it and one another, then when we are done we return back into it. ‘Remember You are Dust and to Dust You Shall Return.’” 

In June, Santa Fe Mayor Alan Webber unilaterally ordered the removal of the Don Diego De Vargas statue from Cathedral Park in Santa Fe. The Red Nation hate group recently held an anti-Semitic rally in Albuquerque supporting Hezbollah-linked terrorist groups.

To sign the petition against the removal of these historic Spanish landmarks, click here.

Trump thanks BernCo Sheriff Manny Gonzales for partnership in Operation Legend

On Tuesday, President Donald Trump tweeted a message of thanks to Bernalillo County Sheriff Manny Gonzales after Gonzales agreed to partner with the President to make Bernalillo County safer. 

Trump wrote, “Thank you to Sheriff Gonzales of Bernalillo County, New Mexico, for joining my call with our Nation’s sheriffs. Appreciate your partnership to help make your county safe – great comments on Operation Legend!” 

Previously, the Bernalillo County Sheriffs Office tweeted, “Today, Sheriff Manuel Gonzales III was the first among ~1,000 sheriffs to speak on a briefing call w/the POTUS about Operation Legend, how it is helping to keep our citizens safe, & the opportunity to ask the POTUS a question related to public safety.” 

Gonzales has brought national attention to the crime problems in Bernalillo County, and his partnership with the President and the Justice Department in implementing “Operation Legend” has sparked condemnation from far-left in New Mexico, including Democrat Sen. Martin Heinrich, who urged the Sheriff to resign despite him doing nothing wrong other than working with the Federal Government to ring aide to Bernalillo County.

Former VP contender MLG throws support for Biden/Harris ticket

On Tuesday, former Vice President Joe Biden announced his selection of California U.S. Senator Kamala Harris to be his running mate. 

New Mexico Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham sent out a message of support for the team, writing on Twitter, “It’s time to rebuild our country better than ever before. It’s time to take back the White House. It’s time to elect [Joe Biden] & [Kamala Harris]. Join us” 

Harris wrote on Twitter previously, “[Joe Biden] can unify the American people because he’s spent his life fighting for us. And as president, he’ll build an America that lives up to our ideals.

I’m honored to join him as our party’s nominee for Vice President, and do what it takes to make him our Commander-in-Chief.” 

The Trump campaign responded to the news by tweeting a video blasting the decision in a new video. 

Harris previously blasted Biden for his record on race, his alleged sexual assults on women, and his policies not being progressive enough for the California politician. Now, Harris will bring her suppor for Medicare for All, trillions more in taxes, abortion up-to-birth, and countless other proposals to the forefront in the race for the presidency.

MLG follows satanic cult leader on Twitter but does not follow Joe Biden

On Monday it was reported that leading Democrat vice-presidential contender to be Joe Biden’s running mate, California Sen. Kamala Harris, does not follow Biden on Twitter, which prompted the Piñon Post to see if Gov. Michell Lujan Grisham, also a contender for the Democrat vice-presidential nomination follows Biden. Here’s what we found:

After searching both Lujan Grisham’s campaign and public Twitter accounts, @Michelle4NM and @GovMLG, respectively, we concluded both by a thorough review of who she is following on Twitter, as well as a check from the website, that Lujan Grisham does not follow Biden nor does Biden follow either of Lujan Grisham’s accounts. 

However, upon our review of Lujan Grisham’s account, it was revealed that the Governor follows a satanic cult leader, Greg Stevens (@GregStevens), who lists himself as the Executive Producer of “Satanic TV” and director of “The Satanic Temple of Ministry.” Stevens uses the pen name “Priest Penemue.” According to the Dallas Observer, Stevens “serves on The Satanic Temple’s national council and oversees chapters in Texas, Oklahoma and Florida.” 

Lujan Grisham previously thanked Stevens on Twitter for a retweet (which has now been deleted).

Stevens often posts eyebrow-raising and concerning content on his page, including sexually deviant memes, retweets of Antifa, Black Lives Matter, as well as other satanic cult members.

In a recent tweet, Stevens wrote, “I don’t know who needs to hear this right now, but there is no such thing as ‘giving the religious right an excuse to go against Row v Wade’.

Where have you been for the last half century? They are doing it. They have been doing it. No excuses needed, no floodgates unopened.”

Stevens retweeted an article about his cult’s new “Satanic Religious Abortion Ritual,” which describes the grotesque ritual as follows: 

The Satanic abortion ritual provides spiritual comfort and affirms bodily autonomy, self-worth, and freedom from coercive forces with the affirmation of TST’s Seven Tenets. The ritual is not intended to convince a person to have an abortion. Instead, it sanctifies the abortion process by instilling confidence and protecting bodily rights when undergoing the safe and scientific procedure.

Does Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham know that she is following such an individual, who relishes in the thought of a “Satanic abortion ritual”? This inquiry into the Governor’s followers raises more questions than answers. 

NM GOP leaders rip into NMOGA chief for weaponizing organization as Dem political machine

On Sunday, the Albuquerque Journal published an op-ed from New Mexico Party Chairman Steve Pearce, New Mexico House Republican Leader Rep. Jim Townsend, and New Mexico Senate Republican Leader Sen. Stuart Ingle nailing the New Mexico Oil and Gas Association (NMOGA) for putting out unrealistic expectations for the industry and for sticking their hand into political fights — where they do not belong, other than through their political action committee.

The Republican leaders chide NMOGA’s executive director Ryan Flynn, the former Secretary of Environment for the State of New Mexico under Gov. Susana Martinez, for “painting a very rosy picture about the projected recovery of the oil and gas industry in our state.” They claim Flynn has given a “false portrayal of the industry plays right into the hands of Democrats who want to keep spending as if nothing catastrophic has happened.” 

Also, Flynn is criticized for sticking NMOGA into the 2nd Congressional District fight by praising Democrat Rep. Xochitl Torres Small on the same day that former Democrat Congressman Harry Teague endorsed Torres Small’s challenger, Republican former state Rep. Yvette Herrell for the seat. 

Through an official statement from NMOGA, Flynn said of Torres Small that she “has stood up to those in her party who want to completely ban fracking.” But that is untrue, as Torres Small has “did the exact opposite, when just this past February, she joined with the radicals in Congress like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and voted for a fracking ban. Not only does Flynn’s statement embarrass NMOGA, its timing uncovers Flynn’s premeditated poor decision to use the association as a political weapon. Getting NMOGA involved in this race is not only unethical, but also potentially illegal and risks permanent damage to the association’s reputation,” write the GOP leaders. 

Pearce, Townsend, and Ingle quote former NMOGA Chairwoman Claire Chase, who previously ran for the 2nd Congressional District in their criticism, writing that Chase “sent a campaign fundraising email titled ‘Xochitl Sold Us Out,’ which admonished her for voting ‘to give future presidents the power to ban fracking unilaterally and bankrupt our state.’ Incidentally, Chase has since endorsed Herrell and donated to her campaign.” 

New Mexico Oil and Gas Associaton has also gotten ire from Republicans for their massive donations to the Democrat Party and Democrat Party officials, who consistently vote against the oil and gas industry, such as Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham’s radical “Energy Transition Act,” (ETA) which is dubbed as “New Mexico’s Green New Deal” and supported by Xochitl Torres Small. NMOGA also took a neutral stance on the rabidly anti-oil and gas ETA, which will completely wipe out the energy industry by the year 2050.

The NMOGA PAC has given tens of thousands of dollars to anti-oil and gas Democrats just this election cycle, such as a $25,000 donation to Democrat House Speaker Brian Egolf’s PAC, which will help elect far-left members of the Legislature through its efforts. 

NMOGA also gave Democrat then-Rep. Michelle Lujan Grisham $5,500 for her 2018 gubernatorial bid.

The letter concludes as follows:

So, what is Flynn’s motive? We aren’t exactly sure, but this pattern of lies has effectively destroyed any trust we had in him to be a fair advocate for NMOGA. While we cannot dictate to NMOGA who should be running its organization, we would suggest the association consider putting a person in its leadership who does not spread misinformation and puts personal political preferences ahead of the interests of the oil and gas industry and the workers it supports.

NMOGA can repair its reputation as a reliable arbiter of factual information, but the choice is up to its board.

The Association has not released a public statement on the letter, however, it is a clear wake-up call that elected leaders who have been championing the energy industry, as well as candidates like Yvette Herrell, deserve the support to continue promoting oil and gas in New Mexico, not far-left anti-oil politicians such as Brian Egolf and Xochitl Torres Small.

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