ABQ restaurant owner to be served cease and desist order, faces possible arrest

On Saturday, Backstreet Grill in Albuquerque will likely be served a cease and desist order from Gov. Lujan Grisham’s State Police after the restaurant has refused to stay closed following a previous order shutting it down.

The order was in response to reports from Yelp commenters claiming the restaurant’s staff were not wearing masks while serving food outside.

Now, according to those familiar with the situation, the restaurant’s owner faces possible arrest when the Police show up to serve the order.

One individual writes on Facebook, “Backstreet Grill received a court order today to shut down.

They are going to stand their ground and open up for business tomorrow anyway. There is a very good chance they may try to come arrest Chris (the restaurant owner) the owner tomorrow.

He needs as big of a presence as possible there and lots of people ready with their cameras.

They open at 11am. A fellow patriot needs our help!”

Backstreet grill is located at 1919 Old Town Rd. NW #6 in Albuquerque, NM 87104


3 thoughts on “ABQ restaurant owner to be served cease and desist order, faces possible arrest”

  1. I stumbled on this event at 1100. I met new people and had a great beverage. It’s now or never!!!! Stand up for your rights!!!!

  2. But they won’t go after real criminals or real crime. Their response time for this stuff is amazing. Don’t call the cops when there’s a robbery or murder; just mention people aren’t wearing masks and they’ll be happy to attack this low hanging fruit. I remember when game wardens, health inspectors, and parks and rec folks etc. were forced to become mask nazis. Isn’t that an added upper level of face to face exposure for these workers who didn’t sign up for this? I thought they were about social distancing and other precautions. They just exposed every worker who had to be in public. They all were sworn in as temporary sheriffs/police. Crazy amount of power. And yet, look at other open states.

    I’m surprised she hasn’t fined them $200,000 like she did to o’Reilly’s.

  3. Poor Mama Michelle people are starting to stand up for their rights like the criminals. Guess everyone will be a criminal and then who will vote for her. I do believe there was a time for masks and distancing but, that time is becoming less necessary.

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