‘Illegal terrorist settlers’: Antisemites rallying in ABQ against Israel

On Saturday, May 15, Antisemitic pro-Palestinian groups are holding rallies against Israel across the country, including in Albuquerque where a “Nakba (catastrophe): Emergency March and Rally” is being held. The rally comes after Hamas terrorists in Palestine shot thousands of rockets at Israel over the past few days. Most of them have been intercepted by Israel’s missile defense system dubbed the “Iron Dome.”

The group apparently organizing the Antisemitic event is the “ANSWERS Coalition,” which has defended Hamas, the Sunni-Islamic fundamentalist terrorist group in the past. 

The march and rally are supposed to take place at 3:00 p.m. on Saturday with a car caravan starting at Walgreens on Central and San Mateo to the main event, which is being held at Tiguex Park, according to the Facebook event organized by “Southwest Coalition for Palestine.”

In one advertisement for the event by one organizer who proudly has “#AbolishThePolice” in his Twitter biography, the individual is asking people to bring Palestinian flags and wear “keffiyeh” scarves, which according to the Jerusalem Post, a pro-Israel publication, “stirs the same emotions in today’s Jews that the swastika must have done to those in Hitler’s Europe.

In the Facebook event, the organizers dub Jewish people as “illegal terrorist settlers” and allege that the Israel Defense Forces have targeted “Palestinian homes.” The group aims to force Congress to pass Rep. Bett McCollum’s (D-NM) bill to cripple aid to Israel based on supposed abuses against the Palestinian regime. 

Previously, Antisemitic pro-Palestinian supporters have rallied in Albuquerque, notably in July 2020 with an event co-sponsored by the anti-Hispanic hate group “The Red Nation” and “Al-Awda,” whose founder compares Jews with Nazis and is a supporter of the Lebanese terrorist organization Hezbollah. 

At the 2020 rally, a handful of people in the caravan of cars held anti-Israel signs, with some shouting out of their cars things such as, “Look at the Nazis! F**k you!” 

The event happening on Saturday in Albuquerque is using phraseology such as “imperialism” and “Zionist extremism” to characterize Israel, which is a longtime close ally of the United States important to America’s Judeo-Christian foundations. 

The news of the event comes just days after a University of New Mexico student was allegedly attacked for speaking Hebrew and left with a black eye and apparent other abrasions on his face.

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