The most read Piñon Post stories of 2022

2022 has been yet another crazy year in New Mexico, with lots of news we have been blessed to cover. Through it all, the Piñon Post has worked overtime to provide New Mexicans with top-notch independent news and conservative opinion for an informed New Mexico. 

This year, we have built an even larger audience, broken important stories, and done even more to represent New Mexicans in our media coverage. Here are the most-read stories of 2022 from the Piñon Post: 

Ex-Spaceport America CFO files suit, claims $200M in fraud by Gov. Lujan Grisham

APD makes likely biggest drug bust in NM history

As NM burns, MLG flies to D.C. for lavish wedding officiated by Kamala Harris

Data analysis appears to show abnormalities in NM election results

Chris Edwards, felon and self-dubbed ‘progressive,’ attacks Otero conservatives

Otero County Commission unanimously approves 2020 election audit

NM House Speaker Egolf does the unthinkable before Election Day

In shocking move, NM House GOP elects all new leadership

New Mexico county makes pro-life history

PED adopts MLG’s racist CRT standards, demands schools follow or be ‘held accountable’

Petition to strip Alamogordo’s pro-life sanctuary resolution fails miserably

GOP successfully kills MLG’s pro-election fraud bill by running out the clock

All the biggest victories during the 2022 Legislative Session


5 thoughts on “The most read Piñon Post stories of 2022”

  1. Maria Rosita Block

    I disagree with the two previous comments made. Your site offers truth, which is uncommon in media. Keep up the great work. Best wishes for a successful 2023. Prayers for you as you carry out important work in the upcoming Legislature, as you represent District 51.

  2. Not a true or honest journalist as he removed comments critical of his behaviors. Typical and will be a failure as a representative.

  3. I’ve had the same experience. True journalism invites expert and opposing opinions. Ironically, a comment I’ve submitted includes text from the terms of use for this site has been removed on more than one occasion. The key elements with I believe enforces that this is a blog and not a news site is the following, from the pinon post’s term of use: WE, OUR AFFILIATES, LICENSORS, AND SUPPLIERS ALSO MAKE NO REPRESENTATIONS OR WARRANTIES AS TO WHETHER THE INFORMATION ACCESSIBLE VIA THIS SITE OR ANY WEB SITE WITH WHICH IT IS LINKED, IS ACCURATE, COMPLETE, TRUTHFUL OR CURRENT.

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