NM House Speaker Egolf does the unthinkable before Election Day

Far-left New Mexico House Speaker Brian Egolf (D-Santa Fe), who is retiring after his current term ends, is weaponizing his political committee, “The Speaker Fund,” to viciously attack Republican state legislative candidates, specifically Greg Cunningham running against far-left state Rep. Joy Garratt (D-Bernalillo) in the Albuquerque-based District 29. 

Egolf is funding a commercial that portrays police officers as the Gestapo stopping women from getting abortions in New Mexico. The commercial features a woman driving a young woman named “Grace” to an abortion appointment. The officers in the commercial interrogate Grace about if she is pregnant. Then it shows the officers forcibly rejecting the two women from the car, with the words “REJECT GREG CUNNINGHAM” in bold, ominous letters. 

The extreme portrayal, in the attempt to stigmatize pro-life legislation, angered police officers who put their lives on the line each day to protect communities. 

The Albuquerque Police Officers Association took great offense to the commercial, writing, “Disgusting, ridiculous and insulting. Shame on you Brian Egolf – Speaker of the New Mexico House of Representatives this portrayal of officers is beyond awful. Your fear-mongering knows no limits.”

The advertisement is running on television. The race has been rated a “toss-up” by political commentators and is one of the races slated for Republicans to take back on Tuesday in the General Election. 

The incumbent, Garratt, who supports abortion up-to-birth and infanticide policies that require no protections whatsoever for medical professionals, doctors, and children, is running on a rabidly anti-life ticket. 

Cunningham has focused on his ending of late-term abortion in the state, but the soon-to-be former House Speaker is keen on using his last bit of influence to attack any and every Republican running in districts where Democrats are vulnerable.

Cunningham wrote after the commercial dropped, “In the final hours of her reelection campaign, Joy Garratt… should denounce this disgusting attack on police officers which is being run on her behalf. The sad reality is that her party has become so anti-law enforcement that she prefers to score political points at the expense of the hardworking police officers of Albuquerque.” 

In fact, the only women who have been arrested in New Mexico are those who abortionists had arrested after they botched the woman’s abortion. In 2020, a woman was arrested at an abortion facility in Santa Teresa, New Mexico, after she suffered a twice-botched abortion.

Instead of focusing on the issues New Mexicans truly care about, such as crime, inflation, and getting the economy back on track, Egolf and the Democrats are trying to use abortion as a wedge issue to push their weakest Democrats to victory. 

According to his latest New Mexico Campaign Finance System report, Egolf’s PAC, which is heavily funded by state House Minority Leader Javier Martínez, spent at least $113,400 on TV ad time and booking through November 1, 2022. Martinez dunked $89,100 into the committee during the last reporting period alone.

The Speaker Fund spent at least $54,023.96 to help Garratt during the last financial period. She also got $4,399.89 in aid from Planned Parenthood.

Election day is Tuesday, November 8. Polls are open from 7:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m.


19 thoughts on “NM House Speaker Egolf does the unthinkable before Election Day”

  1. Concerned Citizen

    Your more worried about criminals and abortion rights Han you are about inflation and this state being 50th in education and economy. Worry about the people not the criminals

    1. So right the issue what are you going too do for new Mexico how are you going too bring us together red blue green whatever we one and one people we have too united share ideas both parties have lost it as a result 😉 we new Mexico are suffering under two parties rule all this fighting and nothing getting done

      1. Little has been done because the Democratic Party has been in control of the state legislature 80+ years!! They DON’T work with the other side! It’s their way or the highway! They’re mean, nasty & dangerous!

  2. May God Bless The Red Wave! And down with these idiot blue trollers that live in their parent’s basement and don’t have the morals or the courage of a gnat!

  3. I tell you demons out there you will, yes you will be judged on judgement day. God help our pathetic state and nation. This is a fight against evil. Until you get the hatred for life and for morals out of your system we all have to suffer, and that is a damn shame. God help New Mexico and America.

  4. Egolf has been cement boots on the feet of NM.
    Wh are drowned because of his poor leadership, keeping so much good legislation from ever being brought for a vote.
    Egolf, Don’t let the door hit you on the way out!!!

  5. How is this different from any other politician? Every PAC is now weaponized and full of lies. It’s disappointing how they are all attacking and lying and nobody really wants to help. Vote red, white, and blue. How can you love America if you hate half of the people in it?

  6. It is unfortunate that it has come to this; an over-dramatized version of what might happen. That said , as a retired medical doctor, I am of the opinion , when a women is even thinking about an abortion , it is an agonizing state of mind. I firmly believe that it is a right to the potential parent, if it is in the best interest of her life. Life isn’t easy and this is not a religious decision. It is a social , personal, and economic decision. As an elderly small Asian woman , I would also add that in 2 incidents, the local police treated me with dismissal with prejudice, in favor of the young Hispanic male. Life isn’t fair by any means

  7. Speaker Egolf you should be escorted out of this state and never be allowed back in. Your gerrymander is and was not allowed by law but somehow you got it passed. This is a typical Democrat if i can’t win cheat thats the only game you know. Get out of this state maybe you would be better off in California they love people like you

  8. What part of “abortion isn’t the main issue this state has” do people not understand?! Abortion won’t disappear with any legislation any more than alcohol disappeared with Prohibition. What has any Democrat done to serve THE ALREADY BORN? Our educational system is in the toilet, in spite of money being pumped into it. Crime is at an all-time high. Cost of living is going up and quality of life is going down while these damned politicians keep getting richer. So WHY do people keep voting Blue? It’s no better than a woman who gets beaten by her husband regularly…but won’t leave him because every once in a while, he says he is sorry and takes her shopping. WHEN WILL YOU LEARN?!

    Egolf doesn’t care at all about using money he shouldn’t. He pulled a Tracie Collins/Tripp Stelnicki and quit (announced retirement) before he could be held to task for this.

    As to Greg Cunningham, I am voting for him. He is in my district and I have had all I can take from Joy Garratt. She positions herself as a sweet retired schoolteacher. BULLSHIT! She is a progressive California socialist who voted to mask kids, push the “vaccine” on teachers, supported raising the gas tax and has supported Green New Deal initiatives that would decimate oil and gas. Greg isn’t a career politician and wants to do better for our state. As a father, grandfather, business owner and veteran, he has lived under Democrat policies and ran to offer service and change to our citizens. And that is exactly why people should run.

    Turn the state red and start cleaning house!!!

  9. I am a citizen of Grant County New Mexico and the sixth judicial court system has turned itself into a weapon against me by my abuser whom they are protecting because of long-term Family Ties and I am being convicted of criminal charges after I suffered terrible abuse. The government is a disgrace a complete joke

  10. Good for you!!!! It really is to bad people don’t realize that abortion/women’s rights comes down to one thing FREEDOM. Isn’t freedom our 1st basic right? If R & W is turned over in NM. What rights will be taken away next? Police arresting women who are getting abortions, Drs who perform them will be arrested! There are States currently trying to do this. Who do you think will be up holding this law & making arrest? The police! So to act so insulted is ridiculous.

  11. What some people arent understanding is its a freedom thing. we are born on this earth free and no one should ever have the power to control you and your choices.i watched this vid and if it gets overturned here in nm this is exactly how it will be in reality the people against the police so im glad he put this video up and its running on air because people need to realize this is how it really will be

  12. Libs are really as dumb as they look

    Who cares what evil Egoof has to say. He isn’t fooling anyone. Nothing he says or does matters.

  13. How did this evil, barbaric, baby murderer (who’s probably never experienced/witness the horrors that can happen to women & their INNOCENT BABIES) ever get in the position he’s in? Absolutely DESPICABLE & UNACCEPTABLE in every manner. His narcissism & obvious inadequacy as a human and a man are displayed by his own actions loud and clear here & he’s a DISGRACE!

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