New Mexico county makes pro-life history

On Thursday, Lea County made pro-life history by becoming the first sanctuary county for the unborn in the United States, according to Mark Lee Dickson, director of Right to Life of East Texas and founder of the Sanctuary City for the Unborn movement.

The County Commission unanimously (5-0) passed the ordinance banning mail-order abortions in the County.

In New Mexico, abortion up to birth was legalized on the state level in 2021 after the Democrat-dominated legislature stripped all protections for the unborn, mothers, and medical professionals. In the 2023 Legislative Session, Democrats hope to codify abortion up-to-birth and infanticide into state statute.

“This is an issue that’s got the country divided, but there’s a right thing to do,” Commissioner Gary Eidson said prior to the Lea County vote, as reported by Life News.

Although the ordinance only takes effect in the county, exclusive of cities and localities within the county, Eunice, Jal, Lovington, and Tatum, could follow suit with the ordinances in their jurisdictions.

Lovington Mayor Robbie Roberts said, “It takes a lot of strength to stand up and vote your heart on an issue,” adding, “I applaud you for pursuing … this.”

Right to Life of Lea County leader Lori Bova said, “Because of your swift action and the action of the City of Hobbs, the second largest abortion provider in our country has done an about-face and decided to withdraw from our community. Their property deal fell through.” 

Other counties, such as Roosevelt County, as well as many other cities in New Mexico, are considering similar measures to protect babies from being killed in New Mexico, especially as Texas pro-abortion groups are shipping women across the border to kill their children in the Land of Enchantment where there are no protections whatsoever for women, babies, or medical professionals.

Many pro-life resolutions have recently passed, including in the City of Alamogordo and Otero County. 

Photo courtesy of Mark Lee Dickson via Facebook.


12 thoughts on “New Mexico county makes pro-life history”

  1. Congratulations to Lea County and their Representatives for making their county a sanctuary for the unborn. Miracles happen every day. Now let’s work on on the remaining counties and adopt the same policy, respect and protection for the unborn. For those pro choice my body my choice. You do have a choice for your body. Use birth control as a option, tubal ligation for permanent option, but don’t use late term abortion for your selfish body choices. Should you choose late term abortion I suggest you be present for one before you decide.

    1. You are absolutely correct. Many young women of the 80’s and 90’s are still having remorse for their actions. I would love the person considering abortion have to see a sonogram of their baby and wait 24 hours before any procedure is done. In that time the abortion clinic must give out the information as to what alternatives are available to the mother. Birth and adoption are options, however death is forever.

    2. I just want to ask where all you people are at when these girls need help after being raped. Or the mothers that giving birth would kill them. Have any of you gone up to a young girl in trouble and taken their hand and told them” Come with me and I will take care of you and then if you choose to give up your baby adopt that child.” I do not belive in abortion as a means of retroactive birth control but there are case that if she chooses it is her choice not yours or kine.

      1. It’s not really a choice if all the information isn’t given. Abortion providers only do a service. There is no counseling nothing but gimme your money.

  2. At a time that I was ready to give up hope on New Mexico, a beautiful light is glowing from Lea County. I was considering moving from the state, but I will not now, but will stay and do all I can to restore respect for life, beginning with the innocent unborn child. Thank you Lora Bova and all the others who helped make this happened.

    1. As long as we have breath we will stand for life Dauneen! We need you and every pro-lifer in the state to unify and rally to protect the unborn amidst the oppressive culture of death in Santa Fe.

  3. i am so glad they did this, now if Clovis would follow suit i’d be happy, some of our commissioner are chicken—-, saying they need to make sure it’s all legal, bull crap they are to scared to hurt feelings boo hoo

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