GOP successfully kills MLG’s pro-election fraud bill by running out the clock

On Thursday, far-left Democrats rammed through S.B. 144, a far-left bill amended in the dead of night earlier this week to put 165 pages of radical pro-voter fraud language to the formerly two-page bill. The bill included ballot harvesting, unsecured ballot drop boxes for ballot stuffing, automatic voter registration, among other measures to make New Mexico elections less secure.

The chamber abruptly cut off debate after three hours, with multiple Democrats voting against the bill, resulting in a tighter 39-30 vote in the chamber.

State Sen. Bill Sharer (R-San Juan) filibustered for hours, talking about everything from trees to volcanic movement, taxation, water, and camaraderie in the Senate. 

“Just let them play. They will figure out how to win the game. Yep, there [have] to be rules, but we just can’t let them do stuff,” Sharer said. 

“I really love you,” state Sen. Michael Padilla (D-Bernalillo) said in the final minutes of the filibuster, hugging the San Juan County senator.

“Mr. President, if the only tool I have is a hammer, everything I have looks like a nail,” Sen. Sharer said regarding using his tools of the filibuster to stop the Democrats’ radical election fraud bill.

Sharer successfully stopped the ramming through of S.B. 144 — another major defeat for far-left scandal-ridden alleged serial groper Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham, whose legislative agenda has repeatedly failed. Everything from S.B. 14, a gas tax on the poor, to H.B. 9, a radical anti-gun bill, and hydrogen power, has failed. 

Naturally, following the Democrats’ gigantic partisan defeat, leftists lost their minds on social media, with leftists claiming they would“report” GOP tweets about alleged“election misinformation.”


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  1. Thank you. My question is why did they have to vote on this. This type of bill should go to We The People! Oh yes they have the voting rigged also. So sad. Thank you all who voted against this bill. God Prevails.

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