APD makes likely biggest drug bust in NM history

On Friday, the Albuquerque Police Department (APD) announced it had made a massive drug bust Thursday that included $10 million worth of drugs, cash, and other assets.

According to the Department, “APD conducted a joint investigation with partnering agencies into a Drug Trafficking Organization throughout Albuquerque.”

The Albuquerque Journal reported that the bust “may be the biggest seizure of drugs and money in New Mexico history.”

The outlet reported, “Federal search warrant returns unsealed Friday revealed the discovery of up to $4 million in bulk cash and what authorities said could be a record amount of fentanyl pills at one of 15 Albuquerque locations searched Thursday as part of an ongoing FBI investigation into a new evolving alliance among street and prison gangs in the state.”

The report added that one senior member of the Sureños gang, Jesse “Lobo” Young, was arrested. According to the Journal, Young “had at least 21 prior arrests in New Mexico, and felony convictions of possession of a controlled substance and transferring a stolen vehicle.” It’s unclear with that many arrests how he was breathing air outside of serving a life sentence in a federal prison 

More from the report:

The high-profile bust marks the latest twist in a massive seven-year criminal investigation by the FBI into the ultraviolent Syndicato de Nuevo Mexico. The 42-year-old prison gang that operates inside and outside prison walls has been crippled in recent years by more than 160 arrests of its members and associates and five federal rackeetering trials that landed its top leader and 11 other gang members in federal prison for life. Eleven homicides have been solved in the investigation to date.

Now the FBI believes the members of the Sureños, a California-based gang linked to the Mexican Mafia prison gang, also known as the La Eme or Black Hand, have stepped in to help the SNM continue its mission of violence, revenge and illicit drug distribution in New Mexico.

The Sureños have significantly more personnel on the street and in custody, and informants have reported the Sureños have taken over the illicit drug market in Albuquerque, unloading hundreds of pounds of methamphetamine a week and tens of thousands of fentanyl pills, according to the affidavit.

Crime in Albuquerque and around the state has exacerbated as the southern border has been flooded with illegal aliens and criminal enterprises ravaging New Mexico as lenient policies from Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham and Joe Biden have made illegal crossings and illicit activities more prevalent.


29 thoughts on “APD makes likely biggest drug bust in NM history”

  1. Thank the Democrats for this and other crime. To the Democrats, the rights of p***erts and criminals take precedence over all others.

    1. I’m So tired of people blaming the difference parties when something comes up! This just happens to be that money is the root of all evil. Thus tempting anyone that puts money in their hands no matter who you are, republican or democrat!

        1. Can you ive the full quote from the Bilble that I think several are referencing surround money? Just curios. Did Trump ever say he loved money? Just curios.

      1. Democrats are doing what the communists did during the Russian revolution of 1917. They’re freeing criminals or not prosecuting them to cause havoc and sow fear in the population Today’s Democrats are communists; they are not the Democrats of old. “Progressive” is another word for “communist.” But the New Mexico electorate keeps voting for them because they are ill-informed and believe the Democrats’ lies.

        1. With such a profound take on the democrats what is your take on republicans. The road from populist movement to fascism is undeniable.

          1. Fascism is the reaction to aggressive communism. It is the immune system of the body politic gone wild. If the Democrats (i.e. communists) had not been pushing child grooming, complete state control of everything, the destruction of traditional culture and mores, there would be no hard right trying to restore balance. It is the Left that is always the most aggressive politically, so much so they provoke a backlash against their ideas, which are destructive of everything, dare I say, normal. For instance, Democrats are now saying it is extremism to criticize the gender cult now sweeping through public schools, the idea that children can change their genders. What’s extreme? Saying children can change their genders, or criticizing that idea? The left twists language so much that those opposed to their destructive ideology become more and more reactionary.

          2. Fascism is the reaction by economic elites that convinces the least educated and with the least economically agency to back them to preserve their power and wealth. It happens during societal sifts when economic elites fear of change that effects their resources. The economic elites increase their power and resources while telling those on the bottom of society that its about values. If you are an uneducated and poor republican, you are being used. Gender expression is an extension of free speech even when if makes you feel uncomfortable. Communism, libertarianism or the use of the term utopia are academic and theoretical constructs that can never be manifest polically because of the huge spectrum of value systems people exhibit.

      2. Look who in in power! Who runs things! how much money do they get? You say it doesn’t come down to parties but it does! Who runs NM and Who runs them? Do you see the same problems at this scale in South Dakota? No! It has a lot to do with enforcing the law!

          1. Fascism also endorses violence in the name of politics and singles others out for persecution based on religious, racial and other characteristics. Toxic.

    2. You know this is your own opinion which as a Republican the open borders are why drugs are invading our country a frame of mind that’s blinded to the truth.Its our over worked under payed law enforcement is why the biggest bust happened,and no thanks to the democrats being in complete denial of the truth. Shame on Biden and the democrats for destroying the country for being in denial of facing the truth.

  2. MLG writes a letter stating she won’t take in any illegal immigrants that are crossing our borders yet she she’s w Biden to keep our borders open. God help us all when Gov Abbot starts sending buses of illegal immigrants to Albuquerque..

  3. I’m a democrat but I don’t believe in open borders. Why do democrats insist ion open borders especially in a border state with an influx of drugs and criminals poisoning our youth? There aren’t enough funds to deal with addiction and crime that has risen among our own citizens getting trapped in addiction due to poverty! None of this makes sense!

    1. Why are you still a Democrat?
      Please think it through and see what each party TRULY represents.

      It’s so frustrating having so many New Mexicans still voting Democrat- especially Hispanics who say they are Christian.. Wake up.

      It’s okay to change parties and get on the right side.

      1. How does a closed border support a free market economy?
        It doesn’t.
        Are black and grey market trade and goods calculated in broader societal economic behavior?
        Drugs, prostitution, human trafficking are part of a free market economy where monopolies eventually rule.
        Like small government? Something feels that vacuum and you mantra of the 2nd amendment is ludicrous. Elites are happy to have people kill each other so they don’t have to. They profit from discord.

  4. Mayor Keller, how is this working out for your sanctuary city. If you are complicit – it make me think you and MLG are getting kickbacks. You are standing with the criminals not the citizens and Police.

  5. Perhaps the “Queen” should have invested the ten million taxpayer dollars in to fighting crime instead of actually funding murder. She is the female version of Newsom and doing everything she can to make NM into a California type state. It’s the only thing she’s been successful at.

  6. Dems want YOU poor, stoned, homeless, or dead

    Anyone heard a rumor government bought Glorieta convention center – FEMA camp/”immigration” center for illegals?

  7. Why does everyone blame it on the open border all the drugs coming in to the US are coming through our check points and borders the majority are coming in because of criminal Border Patrol Agents that are getting paid much more by the cartel than what their government pays and it’s tax free. All US citizens should be vigilant of their surroundings and report it immediately when you see what your neighbors are doing because it is our neighbors that are bringing the drugs in and the Border Patrol are giving the right away if they get the right amount of $$$ and believe me the ones receiving the drugs are all legally here NOW and have been for years so don’t blame it on the open borders the people coming through there are just poor people coming to work and after they get settled the bad ones find a way to work with the border patrol and make money just like they do. But they are doing it right under your nose and they have the Border Patrol’s Green light as long as the $ is right.. It starts at the crossing from the county it’s coming from border First then from there it’s all green lights!!

    1. How did those “poor people” get the money to travel from 160 countries to the border of the USA? The globalist are sending criminals and terrorist to invade the US; it’s happening in western Europe as well. It’s part of the agenda to de-stabilize the country (and the West) and create more poverty and Dem voters in the US. Our New Mexican politicans are complicit. So many New Mexicans are unaware of how our elected officials vote.

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