Otero County Commission unanimously approves 2020 election audit

ALAMOGORDO, N.M. — On Thursday, the Otero County Commission voted to have an audit of ballots, tabulations, and other election measures in Otero County from the 2020 general election where President Donald J. Trump and former Vice President Joe Biden faced off.

Professor David Clements, who previously taught law at New Mexico State University, was joined by his wife, Erin Clements in testifying on the request for a county-wide audit of the 2020 election.

The County Commission voted 3-0 to have the audit with Commissioners Gerald Matherly, Vickie Marquardt, and Couy Griffin supporting the measure. 

David Clements said, “We need the courageous three,” while testifying, referring to the three commissioners. He and Erin provided evidence rebutting the County Attorney and County Clerk’s concerns. 

David Clements had an exchange with County Clerk Robin Holmes where Holmes claimed Dominion machines were not connected to the internet, in which Clements claimed they were, citing evidence. 

“I know there’s fraud in the voter rolls, I can already see it,” said Erin Clements regarding New Mexico’s elections. 

The County will provide $49,750 for the audit being contracted with EchoMail, an email management software company that is headed by Shiva Ayyadurai — a Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) graduate. 

Only two precincts will need to be dealt with extra security precautions to avoid any violations of the Civil Rights Act. 

Not a single Democrat or leftist was in the audience to testify against conducting an election audit in Otero County. 

Read more details from the meeting here.


18 thoughts on “Otero County Commission unanimously approves 2020 election audit”

  1. “We’ll see.” As Trump would have said. Hopefully this opens NM election fraud wide open. If it did occur in Otero County it sure did in Bernalillio County as well. In a few different places I remember a 84,000 figure being mentioned as NOT Solid Gold votes. A FAIR election! I do not think so.

    1. Would your logic of “If it did occur in Otero County it sure did in Bernalillio County as well” also apply in the reverse: If it didn’t occur in Otero County it sure didn’t in Bernalillio County as well?

      1. In Catron County, I personally witnessed a ‘glitch’ on election day while I was standing in line. It happened again after I left.
        The (ballot) ‘Permit” count jumped by 100. TWICE!
        Yet no ballots were printed (at our location) for those ‘permits’. County Clerk (K. Riddle) was called & advised. He replied he had received a similar report from another poll, and that “techs were working on it”. WHILE WE WERE VOTING!!
        Any wonder there was a ‘cyber-attack’ on State systems in the last weeks??
        No worries .. the State has your back and will work hard to make sure your line of BS makes headlines ….. while the TRUTH is ‘attacked’.

  2. WOW!!!!, is right, I know there is election fraud big time here in New Mexico. This is one of the most corrupt States in the Union. Take Epsteins Zorro Ranch and all the top NM. Politicians involved and 0 investigation by the Attorney General, hi, I wonder why.

    1. Bingo!!!!!! Thank you…..for speaking truth!!!! In Dona Ana County ……we also suspect, that there has been tons of voter fraud and corruption and for years!!!! Our Republican politicians keep telling us about suets, and usually nothing ever happens. People need to be held accountable for these crimes or else we are done as a Nation. We must keep insisting for a State forensic audit ASAP!!!! No more time to lose, we are at the end! Thank you great patriots for never giving up!!!! This is awesome news!!!

  3. All of the Commissioners of the Stare of New Mexico must audit the whole state. This has been going on for a long time. New Mexicans stand up for our state. I never voted for the education board here in Alb. Oh but someone voted for me. The reason I have no kids. Shenanigan’s is what it is. Open your eyes New Mexicans. We are already on the bottom.

  4. We need audits in all Counties. This has gone on far to long. The corruption in our state has been going on for far to long, and someone along the line passed a bill that our governor can’t be recalled. That is pure corruption. We know though studies by statisticians that our entire state had corruption during the election in one form or another. And now our precious governor thinks giving teachers a raise will get her re-elected. HAAHAHHHAHA

  5. you need hard facts mister clemenst aka the bozo and the botai.
    1 mistake and youre out of bisness
    the arizona audit is the ground work for all future audits stick whit that they have done the work for you
    you need proof files that stand in cort of law
    or does youre work have to be revieuwd by mister Jovan Hutton Pulitzer
    demand the paper ballets

    1. Deberian de hacerla en todos los Estados, fue un robo o fraude colosal,lo que hicieron esto. Hay llevarlos a los tribunales y condenarlos por lo que hicieron. Quien es el mas popular? Los 81, millones de ciudadanos votaron por Donald J. Trump. Lo siento Joe Biden pero Trump gano.

  6. Good so see this poor government dependency had $50,000 to give away to an email company to conduct this. The suckertown express has pulled into the station. Maybe we should hire Burger King to pave the roads.

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