Democrat legislator branded a ‘bigot’ over racially charged tweet

Far-left Democrat state Rep. Liz Thomson (D-Bernalillo), who is known for her radical and hate-filled statements, made a flurry of recent tweets bashing conservatives who did not support Obama, claiming it was because of the former president’s skin color.

On Saturday, Thomson shared a tweet that read, “What did Obama do that made Republicans hate him so much?” The lawmaker opined, “He was black.”

That resulted in many on social media calling her out for her bigoted statement, with one person calling her a “racist” and a “bigot.”

State Rep. Stefani Lord (R-Sandia Park) wrote in reply, “So by her (@lizthomsonnm) logic, if she doesn’t like, support, endorse, and vote for the Republican Lt Gov candidate, Ant Thornton (@The_NextLG), then she’s racist?” referring to the GOP lt. gov. nominee, who is Black. 

Thornton chimed in, “I’m so looking forward to receiving your vote in November!”

In another Tweet questioning why any gay people would be conservative, Thomson wrote, “I never understood being a Log Cabin Republican,” referring to the group made up of gay and lesbian conservatives.

Also over the weekend, Thomson shared scores of anti-Trump, anti-GOP tweets while also sharing conspiracy theories blaming inflation on rich people — not the true cause, which is due to Joe Biden’s economic policies. 

Thomson is the chairwoman of the House Health and Human Services Committee, despite her rabidly hateful tweets, some even comparing police officers to the KKK. She also claimed conservatives should be branded with a scarlet “S” for “seditionist.”


7 thoughts on “Democrat legislator branded a ‘bigot’ over racially charged tweet”

  1. I voted against Obama not because of his color, but because of his anti American beliefs. Obama wanted to “ fundamentally transform America.” Now in his “third teem,” Obama is doing exactly that.

    1. Unfortunately I think you’re right!! Obama was reared by Muslims the first 3 yrs. of his life. He was a “plant” and stupid Americans bought it!!!

  2. I remember a time not to many years ago when the country was color blind, but that didn’t fit the narrative of Sharpton and Jackson and Obama.

  3. So I suppose I didn’t vote for Hillary because she’s white? You need to watch Bryson Gray’s (who is black) videos. Mr. Gray is about as conservative as you can get because he’s heard the big liberal lie and didn’t fall for it. Get a life Ms Thomson!! Skin pigmentation has nothing to do with how I vote. It’s radical leftists like you who want to turn this nation into a Communist state with no freedoms!!!

  4. This is classic “revenge of the hurt”…..Someone(s) rejected this cow and now ALL of us are guilty parties, and we need to be punished.
    The twisted Left shows its true agenda and becomes apparent once again.

  5. I am a black American, I didn’t vote for him because of his politics. What did he do that was so bad? Obama Care, subversively attacking the Tea Party, his immigration policies… I could go on and on. I was ridiculed for voting against him from both blacks and whites. The biggest issue I have with him, is how he and his media buddies began the great divide of this country. We were a melting pot, but now they have us divided they will melt and destroy us individually.

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