MLG chides DHS in leaked audio as ‘feckless’ accusations fly amid inaction

A new audio recording posted on X by the account “Chaos Coordinator” shows New Mexico Democrat Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham talking with U.S. Department of Homeland Security Sec. Alejandro Mayorkas’ chief of staff, Jonathan Davidson, regarding the border.

“I’m going to put extra border patrol and uh for the love of God, put them at the border in Sunland Park, where I don’t have a single border patrol agent, not one, and people pour over. And so, I’m cranky with the Secretary,” the recording begins. 

“He knew that was coming, [and] did not say a word to me. Politico wants to write an article. Every single major press group in the state is asking repeatedly, basically accusing me of being feckless. Huffington Post, I mean, they’re all going to run with it.”

“They’re saying that they’re worried about fentanyl, so they’re taking all of our cannabis. And they tried to, and they’re detaining people. Never have done that. We just use discretion. Looked the other way,” referring to DHS enforcing federal laws that ban the transport of contraband (marijuana), which federally is a Schedule 1 substance.

“But the press also knows that Border Patrol is taking a hard stance, and the only way … is either we have to adjust it, or I have to send you a letter saying you’re persecuting the state, you are not using your discretion, you’re not working with me on immigration. And I don’t want to send out a letter, but I’m, I’m boxed in.”

“And here’s what also the Secretary (Mayorkas) said to me, just so you know: ‘Well, who cares? They make a lot of money.’ Well, first of all, it’s patience,” the governor said in an annoyed tone.

“So, I was really offended by it. Shame on them. And then, secondly, we’re the only state that lets baby producers in. If they lose a load, their business goes belly-up.” It is unclear what the governor is referring to as “baby producers,” but losing a load of diapers or formula surely wouldn’t bankrupt the company.

“Yeah, I thought that was really inappropriate. I mean, whatever you want to do with that, but it was really inappropriate. Yeah, if you can, I mean, I’ve held off the press, and so that’s, uh, uh, I’ll send it to you. You know, I got a nasty ‘The governor’s feckless and is gonna let Biden walk all over.’ I can’t have that,” she concluded in the leaked call with Davidson. 

So far, Lujan Grisham is the only border-state governor to have done literally nothing to aid Border Patrol with the border crisis. Even far-left Democrat Govs. Gavin Newsom of California and Katie Hobbs of Arizona are doing something to address the crisis. Hobbs sent the National Guard to aid border communities, while Newsom’s California National Guard’s Counterdrug Task Force, used to help alleviate the crossing of deadly drugs, helped seize over 1.1 million fentanyl pills last week. Lujan Grisham pulled all National Guard personnel from the border as one of her first acts as governor and has refused any help to the federal government to deal with mass illegal immigration.


14 thoughts on “MLG chides DHS in leaked audio as ‘feckless’ accusations fly amid inaction”

  1. How much has MLG’s wealth grown since becoming Governor? That will tell you everything you want to know about why MLG does NOTHING good and everything evil.

  2. Clare A May, retired

    So…the only word that had any impact on her persona is “Freckless”? Freckless pi**ed her off?


    The word salad bonaza propagator and Queen of the tolite seat in Santa Fe… didnt bother her?


    JB, I think you gotta try harder.

  3. I thought NM was a sanctuary state. I welcome all the illegals in and hope they bankrupt every fricken city or town in New Mexico. You get what you vote for, maybe this marxist crap will wake up NMs which are really conservative but do not know it. Maybe it has to do with NM have the worst schools in the nation even worse than corrupt Porto Rico. Our governor is a POS, there is not worse governor in the nation and her leadership skills are worse than most lower level cartel members.

  4. Wow now we know it’s not people with pot in their car it’s pot shops transporting weed around the state that was getting confiscated. Probably some of her major donors. That’s why she’s up in arms.

  5. I am almost persuaded to get an X account so I can post ‘feckless feckless feckless feckless feckless feckless feckless…’ I mean, now that we know what really triggers the tiny tyrant we need to run with it.

    1. Clare A May, retired


      Hey just an afterthought…but have you noticed the stretch marks on the mouthy on old santa fe queen toilte seater freckless appear to be getting bigger and more deeper this year?

      Maybe…perhaps Im just noticing this…

      What in the world would cause such a drastic stretching like that?

      Is that somehow related to political party affiliationship?


  6. MLG just doesn’t mention “patience” but there is a second word mentioned that is being clobbered by someone talking over her voice, however, you can just make out “m-a-s-o-?-y”. So is it “Patience Masonry” as some kind of code word for this mystery group. A group which she belongs and thus is offended that she indirectly is being accused of being only interested in money by Majorkas Chief of Staff. No way does she say “Patience Medicine” as reported in the Santa Fe New Mexican. At least the Pinon post isn’t fabricating meaning where there is none.

  7. Still creeped out by the statement “baby producers”. Someone should ask her what that means! To me, maybe she losing loads of adrenochrome on the aborted baby industry and because they are running low on unaccompanied Mexican children if they actually shut down the border? Creeee Pyyyy!

  8. ‘Baby producers’…small time MJ growers? Moms seeking abortions? And who the hell reads/watches Huffington Post? And will somebody ask her what she means by: ‘Secretary (Mayorkas) said to me, just so you know: ‘Well, who cares? They make a lot of money.’ …are they loving the Cartels. By the way, she is worth 200 MILLION$…how much of that is from the 51 MILLIONS spent on Dominion systems?

  9. Feckless. Not Freckless. Feckless= lack of ability, initiative etc. MLG is not feckless. She has a lot of initiative. But her initiative is spent on the wrong things. The border should be secured.

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