ABQ school hosts ‘drag queen stripper’ performance at prom

A video circulating across the internet shows a drag queen stripper performing a sexually lude dance at Atrisco Heritage Academy’s prom last Saturday at the Kiva Auditorium Convention Center.

Concerned parents expressed shock and dismay upon discovering that a provocatively dressed dancer was part of the evening’s entertainment, sparking a widespread backlash as footage of the event circulated online.

Speaking to KRQE News 13, one mother described the performance as highly inappropriate, noting the dancer’s revealing attire and suggestive dance moves. “You can see the video of the inappropriate dance moves and how this exotic dancer performed in front of hundreds of kids,” she said, adding that the incident was shocking and distasteful.

Parents criticized the school’s decision to include such an act in a school-related function, questioning the judgment of those who approved the performance. Many felt that more oversight was necessary, as school staff and chaperones present at the event did not intervene. The lack of prior warning to parents about the nature of the entertainment also came under fire. “Why were the parents not warned that this was going to be happening at a school function? It’s still a school function, parents should still be made aware of the situation whether it’s a dance at school, sports, parents should be made aware of what is happening,” said Morgan, another concerned parent.

Conservative activist Elisa Martinez wrote on X, “Lovely. Instead of allowing students to enjoy prom,… Atrisco Heritage Academy had a drag queen stripper perform. AT PROM. WHY? Imagine if this was an adult female stripper performing for kids at prom.” She then urged concerned citizens to contact the school’s principal, Irene Cisneros.  

The controversy has left many parents feeling let down by the school, with Morgan articulating a broader sentiment of disappointment: “I’ve had multiple kids at this school, and I’ve never had to deal with this issue until this year. And this year it just seems like they’re failing, they’re failing the students, they’re failing the parents, to me it’s a fail all around.”

In response to the uproar, Albuquerque Public Schools issued a statement on Wednesday, informing parents that an investigation into the incident is underway to determine how it was allowed to happen and the impact on students. The statement clarified that this issue is considered a personnel matter, and no further details were available at the time.

Amid calls for accountability and transparency, one parent has even requested a refund for her child’s prom ticket, highlighting the depth of frustration and dissatisfaction within the parent community over this incident.


31 thoughts on “ABQ school hosts ‘drag queen stripper’ performance at prom”

  1. Nice – bring in a gender confused (needs to check his plumbing) sex worker to perform at a school function. The school needs sanctioned.

    Let me guess: this was paid for with property taxes.

  2. My Post on Social Media: This should never be allowed in schools!

    Albuquerque, let’s have a chat…

    I am glad this has hit the media for the entire nation to see just how extreme educators have become. Many want to think that teachers and schools are safe places in which youth can learn and prepare for adult responsibilities. What responsibilities you may question? Work, money management, Constitutional Rights, following laws, rules and boundaries.

    Now let’s get to the point! This “performer” was:
    1. Invited by an adult.
    2. Is an adult who made a conscious decision to perform disgusting, lewd and sexual moves in front of minor children. Normally, this is child abuse and many have been convicted of the same acts in public spaces.
    3. This person is a member of a group who advocates for this “lifestyle” choice in public schools.

    Folks, this is what our tax dollars are paying for. Teachers who are demented minded, inviting this gross behavior in the purview of MINORS. These clubs and classes are funded by tax dollars and private donations. Parents, this is just a glimpse of the future for your children. This can’t be allowed, otherwise the decline of our local community and society as a whole is going to suffer more than you can imagine.

    This performer has a depraved mind. To think it is fine to behave like this in front of Minor Children is just ok, is pure evil. Do not turn your head away on this one. This does not belong in schools, ever!

    District Attorney Sam Bregman, why isn’t this being investigated for lewd and lascivious acts in front of children? I am sure parents have not signed a waiver to allow this trash before their minor children. Can you just imagine how many counts that would be!! OMG

    #APS #ChurchofAlbuquerque #ChristiansSpeakOut! #JustSayNo! #BernCoDistrictAttorney

    Rev. Rico

    1. “ABQ school hosts drag queen stripper performance at prom”. This is why were ranked dead last in education in the United States folks. This is one of the reasons why. It’s not just the fact that schools in New Mexico are now shoving transgenderism down our throats and the fact that woke policies that are being forced upon us in the state. It’s because of things like this too. This is why there needs to be a mass reduction in public school enrollment in New Mexico, but across the United States and globally too. In fact, it’s things like this that is causing parents and families to flee from NM in droves now.

    1. This is exactly why we left NM. The insane, depraved actions in our schools. I hope New Mexicans fight this, unfortunately, up to this point no one seemed to care and we were in the minority, so we left.

  3. Anyone promoting this disgusting practice has serious mental disease. Long past time to pull kids out of public schools.

  4. And yet… no one is in jail. No one is facing any punishment… Ahhh…but I regress, Americans are programed to expect instant results. It just so happens that the Political Party that controls New Mexico since 1912, Democrat’s in case you missed that, don’t want you to have instant gratification.

    I identified this problem…decades ago. Now you might see what I saw. My example was: Janitor in school rapes his 11 year old niece, a week goes by, Mom finally approaches me at the police station, reports the sexual abuse. The principal knew the day it happened, so did 2 teachers, they did not report to the police and never did until I called them in, mirandized them, including the school superintendent, and I gathered statements and RECORDED THEIR MIRANDA WARNING. Why wait a week to report to police? Because the principle was still investigating as per school policy. I charge the teachers and principal for fail to report sexual abuse of a child, The Democrat elected District Attorney dismisses the charges, who later gets appointed to a vacant 6th Judicial District Court Judgeship by the Democrat elected Governor.

    True story. It’s way too hard to make this sh*t up ya’ll.

    The liberal press just makes crap up and will lie to your face why this crap was permitted at a high school prom. You see, given enough time, the school will use obstruction tactics to confuse what happened aka “A Personnel Matter”, then make a statement up to fit that absolves them from wrongdoing… case…. closed.

    I’d say, demand better…but until the school system relinquishes their tactics of “INDOCTRINATION” and gets back to “INSTRUCTING” and let the big boys handle criminal cases and just report them to the police… this case isn’t going anywhere…move along.

    1. Immediate action is always pertinent in catching a predator. I’ve called out the DA, Sam Bregman. Let’s wait and see if he becomes the next judge or perhaps Governor.

    2. You totally nailed it… We live in an evil world and here in NM people just don’t stand up for their rights. They just keep voting in their oppressors. So shame on them. I pray for the little ones who are in public schools because their parents cannot afford private school.

  5. Thank you Reverend Rico… I agree with you 100%. Disgusting, disturbing, diabolical, and completely out of line. Who ever allowed this to happen without consent of the parents should be fired and fined.

    Why is it that the majority of the public disputes this kind of behavior but the 10% gets to have their way in all that is taking place in social media. Come on 90% of you we have to stand strong in our moral integrity or we will fall to the 10% whose only goal is to destroy the fabric of this Country. When is enough…….enough.

    1. Enough is now, in my opinion.
      I agree, the adults involved should all be held legally accountable for exposure of smut to minors. This is actually illegal activity and all citizens and law enforcement should take action. Immediate action.

  6. Our society is in free fall, well stated Rev. Rico. I’m old school, why aren’t the school officials being arrested? Why aren’t the Dad’s protecting their families from this vile nonsense? I am beyond disgusted with what we have become.

  7. Over half of my property taxes go to pay for APS. I pay for kids to be EDUCATED, not indoctrinated with the trendy “trans/rainbow” agenda. If everyone in the city suspended paying their property taxes, the city and this administration would have no choice but to listen. What can they do…foreclose on is all? This is also what happens when you continually support progressive Democrats. Progress ain’t progress if it’s driving us all into the ground. And they are brazen with this because…no one stands up! Silence = consent.

  8. Disgusting! Shame on all involved in making this happen! Is this what ABQ and Santa Fe voted for, traumatizing minors?!

  9. I called the Atrisco school and was hung up on when communicating my thoughts on this horrid decision to hire/invite an adult stripper. I will contact APS on this. I am a taxpayer and deserve to be heard.

  10. This is your democrat party who controls this state of evil. Evil thrives in the democrat party which are the actual baby killers not the viet nam veterans.

  11. Time to take a stand and not just talk about it. Time to bring law suits against this school. Parents, you have the power, find good Lawyers to come in defend your children.

  12. Stewart and Mary Ingham

    Doesn’t this make our efforts to referendum HB-7 obviously crucial. But our Supreme Court decides that Maggie (SoS) has the right to determine that providing Gender Affirming Healthcare is a matter of Public Health and Safety and not eligible for the Referendum process! These academic professionals are determined to help our children through these tough decisions because parents might disagree with the child’s free will decision. I just don’t understand the lackadaisical support from the leaders of the Republican Party .

  13. What do you expect with our Country being ran by a bunch of deviates who are so far left that they can’t turn back. Their party is being lead by an old pervert that likes little girls and enjoys sniffing women’s hair. Hopefully they will be voted out and we can get some people in that are willing to do talk with each other and restore this Great Country. This school should lose funding and this drag thing should be charged with child abuse. Just my opinion

  14. This has to be the sickest event APS has ever done. Parents need to stand up and speak out to these educational bullies’ or else this will continue.

  15. Shame on the teachers and faculty being present at AHA’s prom as chaperones and NOT putting a stop to this EVIL. You should be held accountable!

  16. The Leftist Democrats will call those of us who openly oppose this situation homophobes and racists. Not that it has anything to do with Race, it’s just their favorite insult. What happened here wasn’t criminal, just poor judgment and wrong for a school setting. Republicans and conservatives have a history of over-reacting to incidents like this by calling for criminal charges, etc. and then lose credibility as a result. Extremism is not the way to bring back conservative values in our society. Young people will rebel and do the opposite.

    1. APS permitted Pedophile behavior

      And no doubt, the funds derive by the State Land Office for schools; pull the plug on APS. They’re grooming them for pedophiles. This IS criminal behavior.

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