NM House Dem calls for Trump supporters to be ‘forever branded with a scarlet S for seditionist’

On Friday, in a tweet, far-left state Rep. Liz Thomson (D-Albuquerque), said that anyone who supports President Donald Trump after the January 6 protest at the Capitol be forever branded with a “scarlet S” for “seditionist.” The comment echoes another arguably unhinged op-ed in the Washington Post calling for similar actions to be taken against Senate Republicans who voted against the certification of votes from states with voter irregularities. 

She added that no individual who supports President Trump should ever be given a position of “power or responsibility,” among other attacks.

“Here’s a thought. Anyone who continues to back the orange traitor after the terrorist attack, is forever branded with a scarlet S for seditionist. They should never be given any position of power or responsibility, nor should they ever be given a platform to spread their lies,” she wrote.

The comment comes after Thomson has been a constant critic (on Twitter) of Republicans, specifically pro-Trump patriots. She has on multiple occasions demeaned New Mexicans with differing opinions, many times resorting to ad-hominem attacks and personal jabs.

In December 2020, the Piñon Post reported that Thomson mocked New Mexicans who were concerned about taking the COVID-19 vaccine, writing, “Yikes. Some education is obviously in order. Unfortunately, all of the disinformation is rampant and strong.” 


21 thoughts on “NM House Dem calls for Trump supporters to be ‘forever branded with a scarlet S for seditionist’”

  1. Here is a thought you disgusting thing that calls itself liz….
    You are the one who has perjured your oath to the Constitution and violated the God given rights of the people. You are the one who has committed real sedition; by overthrowing our Constitutional Republic and replacing it with a communist oligarchy which continues to destroy the people’s lives and our country. You allow the woman acting as governor to over reach her jurisdiction and authority by acting as legislator who thinks they can make laws. That is a crime.

    The capitol belongs to the people, and if these criminals reps have done nothing wrong, they would not act as cockroaches and scurry away from the people who are demanding a republican form of government and an honest, not corrupt, stolen election. You and everyone else knows Trump did not lose NM or the other states in question .

    1. Amen Sovereign Ag!!! Well said. If she wants to brand me…..well I’m right here waiting!!! Come get me!! We’ll see how that turns out. These people are right out of the pages of history….Stalin, Hitler, Mao, Castro, Chavez, Maduro etc. We read about these people in history books and are amazed at their unbridled evil. Well, we are witnessing it first hand!

      1. You are so right on. They are impeaching Trump for sedition when these elected people are traitors to their constituents. Perhaps she didn’t win honestly.

      2. My S will stand for SUPPORTER of TRUMP! And I will wear it proudly. The leftist criminals are accusing us of doing EXACTLY WHAT THEY ARE DOING!!

  2. “When governments fear the people, there is liberty. When the people fear the government, there is tyranny. The strongest reason for the people to retain the right to keep and bear arms is, as a last resort, to protect themselves against tyranny in government.”

    “Does the government fear us? Or do we fear the government? When the people fear the government, tyranny has found victory. The federal government is our servant, not our master!”

    1. You are exactly right! I’ve said this for a long time. If you want to know what the Left is doing, just listen to what they’re accusing good, upstanding, honest, moral people of doing. That’s how they hide it. They believe (and I guess they are right because of how New Mexico keeps electing these evil people) that we are stupid enough to stop looking at them and what they’re doing if they just accuse us of exactly what they themselves are doing!

  3. Orange Traitor? this disgusting beast must be referring to herself, judging by the color of her orange teeth. Here’s a suggestion PONSONA, never take a picture of yourself after devouring 3 bags of cheetos! Tell me, have you ever held a job in the private job sector chester cheeto? Another loser with an inflated sense of entitlement that comes with the government job.

  4. Who do you think you are? Whatever happened to freedom of speech and all the other freedoms that are forefathers fought for! You must have fallen out of a tree and hit your head because you are a disgrace to the state of New Mexico. If you plan on branding me you better bring a long rope to catch me and tie me down! Are you going to do the branding yourself or will you have a Pelosi goon try to do the branding?

  5. Representative Liz Thompson: I am not shocked at your blatant hate speech but I thought that hate speech is illegal?? You should resign immediately before you get sued for these evil, destructive and threatening words against honest American patriots. You are the one who should be branded, after a fair trial of course if that is still possible in our state. Maybe you should be branded with “T.L.C.” (Traitor, Liar, Communist). Isn’t that what you are?

    1. Amen Luci! Except that (and you mentioned it) New Mexico is so overrun with these Swamp creatures that they can do anything whatsoever with no accountability unless the lawsuit left the state. They can break any law they want to and because the “gov” and her minions control the Gov Office, the House, the Senate and the Supreme Court…..who are you going to tell? They could be murdering people in the streets….who would we tell????? The State Police are her Gestapo. The House and Senate are so overrun with the Left that they have given her total dictatorial control of the state and wont’ do anything to undo that. Any court above the local magistrate will rule in the Gov (and her minions) favor 100% of the time. So who do you tell. The Right can’t even benefit from laws already on the books. We cannot challenge Unconstitutional “mandate” from Her Highness. We can’t even claim laws on the books while the Left have no laws. Anything is “legal” for them.

  6. Liz needs to stop eating, come outside and quit putting people down. Anyway I am already branded with an “A” for American.

  7. Looks to me like the only thing that needs to be branded here is that heifer in pink….She’s the guilty one!

  8. We should brand her with FUMD–Fat Ugly Mentally Deficient. And with zero judgment and discernment. For one thing, Antifans caused the mayhem, but I’m sure Ms. FUMD still trusts wholly unreliable proven liars as her “sources.” I’ll bet the same “friends” of hers have taken advantage of her countless times, but the codependent mental midget halfwit who only skims the surface of thought doesn’t get it.

    Furthermore, the Constitution charges us with removing evil elected dunces, especially if they’re not legitimately elected. The Capitol belongs to us, as does the Roundhouse (which is why when I worked as a session editor there I saw that it was not locked to the public), we the CITIZENS, and FUMD is lucky that patriots, which she is not, did not burn the DC building down–with all the true traitors and seditionists in it. FUMD’s karma will come careening toward her. Full Force. Can’t wait for the near-future Pinon Post article detailing the event.

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  10. The left is always talking about hate speech, where are they now? If this was any of us at work we would be fired….. fire her! You serve us lady, not the other way around.. Another left lunatic!

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