Far-left legislator compares police to the KKK, calls gun owners ‘thugs’

Over the past few days, far-left state Rep. Liz Thomson (D-Bernalillo) has been quite active on Twitter, showing her outrage toward Republicans and police officers, including sharing some very inappropriate content, some of which is incredibly demeaning to fellow citizens.

This week, Democrat legislators voted behind closed doors to ban New Mexicans from exercising their Second Amendment rights in the Roundhouse in Santa Fe, with only very few restrictions. The dark-room deal effectively banned all citizens and legislators from carrying firearms in the building without the express consent of the Speaker of the House, Brian Egolf (D-Santa Fe). 

In celebrating this anti-gun measure, Thomson shared Albuquerque radio producer Katie Stone’s tweet, which called gun owners “thugs.” Stone wrote, “I really appreciate the gun ban at the @NMLegislature. It’s been scary to be in crowded hearing chambers with armed thugs around. I’ve feared for my personal safety in the tense environment of the legislature when these men playing GI Joe show up. Thanks @senatorwirth.”

Thomson shared another post, this time from a Mike Bloomberg-funded “Moms Demand Action” gun-grabbing activist who claimed, “Often our @MomsDemand volunteers were intimidated by gun toting extremists at the NM Roundhouse. I would not take my daughter,” in an apparent attempt at stoking fear upon others. The endorsement of Thomson by sharing the post shows that she, too, believes legal gun owners are “gun-toting extremists.”

On another day, Thomson also shared hate speech against the police, comparing them to the Ku Klux Klan. The tweet Thomson shared came in response to news that New York police officers would be calling out following orders for their forcible inoculation, or else they would lose their jobs. This appears to be the regard Thomson has for law enforcers who work each day to protect communities — she compares them to the KKK.

She also called Republicans“racists” for opposing Critical Race Theory.

Thomson has long been known for her nasty and personal attacks against fellow New Mexicans, demeaning them as “uneducated” for asking questions about the virus jab and claiming in one rant, “Anyone who continues to back the orange traitor (apparently referring to President Donald Trump) after the terrorist attack, is forever branded with a scarlet S for seditionist.” 

She also called concerned parents asking questions about the jab for their kids “low iq voters.” Then, Thomson snitched on fellow citizens to the attorney general regarding pandemic mandates.


4 thoughts on “Far-left legislator compares police to the KKK, calls gun owners ‘thugs’”

  1. Petition your Sheriff via Affidavit and have her removed from her position Lawfully. She does not represent the People nor our Constitutional Republic. She is a threat to our Liberty and Due Process of Law, therefore, has perjured her oath in her actions.

  2. Sadly this Twatwaffle is my Rep. I have spoken with her on several issues and I have found that it is better to just not call her. She is not the sharpest person to speak to. She is just lashing out since the Dems just got drowned by the RED WAVE. This year was nothing, 2022 elections will be the end of them.

    Complete idiot that mere idiot, dumb azz, or imbecile can not adequately describe.; however, to earn the title of twatwaffle, one must also attempt to assert authority/expertise where none is had, or use power/authority when they are offended by things that most people find humorous, and then use that authority to get the “offenders,” in trouble and the “offending material” removed.

  3. Idiots just keep on voting for people like this. They deserve what they get. The rest of us don’t. What a disgusting loser. I hope she finds herself in a situation wishing that the police or someone with a gun was present to save her sorry neck. She and the rest of her ilk aren’t worth the effort.

  4. I don’t know her, and see no reason to want to, but I can tell you a few things about her that are relevant to the things she says.
    1. She has never been a civil rights worker, nor known anyone who really was. And most likely has never seen, experienced anyone who has, the Jim Crow era.
    2. She has never confronted any real “thugs”, and been in a situation where she seriously had to defend herself or family from serious thug threats. And has never really seen a KKK or “White Citizen” type of real racist.
    3. She is not that well educated, and has no substantial higher degrees that would qualify her to scientifically evaluate the vaccines or other medical solutions to Covid.
    4. She speaks with vitriol, not knowledge.

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