APS ousts principal after drag queen stripper fiasco

Fury erupted from concerned citizens and parents after a video was posted showing a drag queen stripper “entertaining” minors at Atrisco Heritage Academy’s prom in Albuquerque. The shockwaves immediately began, with many contacting the school’s principal, Irene Cisneros, with rage.

In response to the uproar following the video, Albuquerque Public Schools issued a statement on Wednesday, informing parents that an investigation into the incident is underway to determine how it was allowed to happen and the impact on students. The statement clarified that this issue is considered a personnel matter, and no further details were available at the time.

Now, according to a social media-shared email, Cisneros is no longer the principal. Albuquerque’s Chief of Schools, Channell Segura, wrote, “I want to inform you that Anthony Lovato has been appointed as the acting principal of Atrisco Heritage Academy.”

The email further read, “Please join us in welcoming Mr. Lovato to the Atrisco Heritage Academy Community.”

One X commenter wrote, “That was surprisingly fast. Good!”

“Nice! I’m shocked it happened, much less so quickly,” added another.

Other videos shared on social media reveal that the male stripper in drag not only danced but told the kids, “We’re grown,” while touching the kids, shaking his fake breasts, then pulling out the breast pads to wipe his face. 

More videos reportedly are circulating, as the Piñon Post has learned. It is still unclear who the people responsible for the drag show performance are, however, with the school’s principal no longer in that role, the school’s chief could be implicated. 


19 thoughts on “APS ousts principal after drag queen stripper fiasco”

  1. Has she been fired and her retirement forfeited? There also should be some others involved and possible criminal charges. At least, and I am surprised, that APS acted so quickly to this.

    1. I think and stand by the principal and others who did this should be on the sexual offenders for life. this was 10000 percent evil.

  2. Charges need to be filed against the performer and the adults in the room for sponsoring and standing by allowing sexual and lewd acts in the presence of minors. Removing the principle is a good start. Now, finish the job so this does not occur again in the future.

      1. Steve and Todd, can you imagine how many charges that would be?

        How many minors were in the room (X) how many adults in the room = A Grip of counts/charges.

        This will be the only way these sick and demented “educators” will learn to leave the kids alone. Teach them, do not indoctrinate them!!!

  3. The firing needs to go to the top level of the Department of Education. That would be the one who for some reason has not instituted proper instructions to the lower level heads as to what is acceptable and what is not acceptable.

  4. I’m not so sure that it is a firing or a demotion. Haven’t heard on the news. Given APS’s propensity to never take anyone’s retirement away, this would surprise me, indeed.

  5. critical to think

    Last year the Legislature and Governor passed many laws, without NMvoters. They had to do with NO Parental Consent for info, services and meds etc. in public schools involving minors with transgender and abortion . This is part of that process and seems like grooming.
    Many registered voters did not sign or know about the referendum against those laws brought by a grassroots group of people with little support and money. It is past time to open your eyes and see what is happening and get involved. Concerned parents need to be involved in their public schools because a lot is happening there.

  6. Apparently four other employees besides the principal are on leave from Artrisco – a “clean sweep”?
    Are adult chaperones present at proms nowadays? If so, they apparently did nothing but enjoy the show?

    1. Every adult in that room should be charged as there were minors in the room.

      Join me in calling the District Attorney’s office calling for charges to be filed. This must stop!

      1. Pedophilia grooming “APPROVED”

        The stripper and all adults at the prom and school officials need to be charged. How is this not exposing to, and grooming minors for further sexual exploitation? No doubt, the school needs to not be funded by the State Land Office anymore, pretty close to approving more Pedophilia, right?

      2. Those affected, or their parents could complain under the civil protection act title nine. But as with all sexual assaults there is a very short window to file suit and it will be really hard for the victims to realize even that they were violated because of the shock and disbelief that happens afterwards as a form of self protection after a trauma.

  7. Call for Justice!

    Great start holding the principal responsible! Now, time to dig deeper and hold all those behind this plot accountable. Teachers are not exempt! These ideas had to come through a committee, make no mistake. They need to ALL be fired and not be allowed to serve in other schools. There needs to be severe consequences for their actions, or this will continue. Parents fight for justice on your schools!

  8. Who invited he/she and who approved it? I guess we can assume the principal did, but what’s ‘the rest of the story’? I know half the public is unaware this crap is happening nationwide, as evidenced by some of the discussions on social media. Even my neighbors on Nextdoor don’t know what the issue is, never heard of ‘drag queen shows’ in classrooms, libraries, bars – with minors in attendance. They don’t know the issue of ‘gender affirming care’ for kids….

  9. I agree with the responses on this platform site. It made headlines in this morning paper and it was on the evening news. I’m grateful for the quick response on firing of the principal, but I assure you she was not the only one involved. More heads need to roll. Any adult present at the prom should be held responsible as well.
    1. What you permit you promote.
    2. What you allow you encourage.
    3. What you condone you own.
    4. What you tolerate you deserve.

  10. APS is usually so afraid of lawsuits… the parents need to sue for emotional damages, the school and the individuals involved.
    Didn’t queen mlg remove protections for police? Shouldn’t that set the precedent to remove her protections?

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