Dem lawmaker who constantly spews hatred demands GOP ‘drop lies and hate’

On Sunday, far-left state Rep. Liz Thomson (D-Bernalillo) posted an op-ed penned by her party’s leadership, including retiring New Mexico House Speaker Brian Egolf and Democrat House Leader Javier Martinez. The op-ed bashed Republican gubernatorial candidates for focusing on the crime seeping through the border and the teaching of the racist Critical Race Theory in schools.

One portion of the opinion piece read, “In the Republican primary for the governor’s race, the candidates keep trying to outdo each other with lies about dangerous ‘illegals’ entering our country, or insisting learning our history and how it impacts us today is harmful to our kids.”

“Behind these lies about the supposed dangers of immigration or learning history, Republican candidates send coded messages to New Mexico voters – claiming falsely that new arrivals to New Mexico are a threat and that minority groups are to blame for all that ails society,” added the far-left lawmakers, apparently attempting to scare off GOP supporters by making false claims of racism. 

Thomson shared the post, writing on Twitter, “What my colleagues said! Drop lies and hate, focus on solutions for better future.”

However, Thomson has been a longtime hater of those she disagrees with, even spreading lies, anti-police propaganda, and mocking New Mexicans who had questions about the pandemic virus shot. 

Last November, Thomson fully backed banning guns from the state Capitol, calling law-abiding gun owners “gun-toting extremists” while sharing a cartoon comparing police officers to the Ku Klux Klan. ​​She also bashed anyone opposing Critical Race Theory ideas as “racist.”

In December, Thomson shared a post reading, “When you say ‘Let’s go, Brandon,’ you might as well advertise yourself as a nearly politically illiterate, unoriginal, cult-following fool who wandered willingly behind the flock of the loudest voices around you into hating a man that you don’t actually know anything about.”

The post continued that Trump was a “flagrant piece of s**t.”

Thomson wrote, “This is spot on.”

​​During the recent special legislative session dedicated to redistricting, Thomson responded to her fellow legislators who said the maps being proposed were partisan and gerrymandered, which they were. She said, “You get what you get, and you don’t throw a fit.” 

The far-left lawmaker on the most extreme fringe of the Democrat Party has long been known for her nasty and personal attacks against fellow New Mexicans, demeaning them as “uneducated” for asking questions about the virus jab and claiming in one rant, “Anyone who continues to back the orange traitor (apparently referring to President Donald Trump) after the terrorist attack, is forever branded with a scarlet S for seditionist.” 

She also called concerned parents asking questions about the jab for their kids “low iq voters.” Then, Thomson snitched on fellow citizens to the attorney general regarding pandemic mandates.

However, she now claims to want to “drop lies and hate” despite her long history of not only sharing hateful content but lying and besmirching those she disagrees with.


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