UNM gets shameful distinction of schools with anti-Israel protests

Fringe Hamas-supporting radicals on college campuses are continuing their crusade against Jews, with their anti-Israel campaign of hate sweeping across the country at institutions of higher learning.

On campuses, such as at New York University, anti-Israel protesters formed a human chain, which led to the intervention of the NYPD. During the protest, chants like “from the river to the sea, Palestine will be free” were heard, a bigoted chant wishing for Israel to be wiped off the face of the earth. 

A terror leader who is taking charge of these college campus protests even admitted support for Hamas, saying, “There is nothing wrong with being a fighter in Hamas.”

According to the pro-Hamas newsletter, “Prada,” New Mexico’s own University of New Mexico made the list, along with other institutions of places where so-called “Freedom Flotilla” protests are happening, being organized by radicals such as “Code Pink.”  

Other institutions, including Columbia University/Barnard College, the University of Rochester, Harvard University, Swarthmore College, Yale University, Rutgers University, Vanderbilt University, and Virginia Tech, among many others, totaling at least 40, “as of 6.32pm, Monday, April 22,” per the pro-Hamas blog.

Among protests are encampments being created by the anti-Israel cadre on campuses such as the University of Minnesota, the University of California, Berkeley, Columbia University, and the University of New Mexico.

“By Tuesday afternoon, a few dozen students, alumni and community members were gathered at UNM’s Duck Pond under two tents with tables, signs and camp chairs,” reported KUNM.

According to organizers of the UNM protest, protesters are demanding the “ the university to look into and address any investments it has that benefit Israel or Israeli companies.” 

“A UNM spokesperson said UNM PD will continue to monitor the situation and manage it in the same way,” the outlet reported. 


42 thoughts on “UNM gets shameful distinction of schools with anti-Israel protests”

  1. UNM is my alma mater but until they end this insanity, I won’t set foot there, donate anything, and will denounce it every opportunity I get.

    1. I have a degree from UNM and worked there for 25 years. Unless I go there to tear it down I will never set foot on that disgraceful school again. It is as corrupt and delusional as any of the marxist schools in the USA. It should be de-funded.

  2. The students at UNM are taught by a bunch of communists and protest every left wing cause, this should not surprise anyone.

  3. If they continue to disrupt the educational opportunities of other students and defy direct orders to cease and desist, they need to loose their scholarships and be expelled from the campus permanently, after being arrested and jailed to face charges!!!

    1. Yes! I so agree, but be aware that these radical traitors bus people in to protest and give them passes (forged) to come on campuses….
      I would not be surprised if that nazi Sorros has his dirty hands in this.
      And MLG will turn a blind eye.

      1. What you say is very true. Enemies of the USA wind up co-opting these sorts of things. They have done so for over a century now. It is unfortunate that we cannot take one step further back and examine to see if perhaps US foreign policies have created the fertile soil in which these sorts of co-opted agendas take over like weeds in the midst of legitimate self-protective movements.

    1. That would be “is no genocide”. Would “Austin Lloyd” be Lloyd Austin? Now there is a credible source.
      If what Israelis have done to Palestinians over all these decades is not genocide, then genocide has become a word without objective meaning.

      1. The palestinians are the most disgusting, ignorant and violent POSs to inhabit the Earth. No one wants them and the “Two State Solution” should be repealed. For 75 years they have used terror to attack Israel. Genocide is too good for them.

        1. Baruch Goldstein

          And there you have it. Anyone who thought racism was dead in the USA need only read the above. I have heard brutally stupid things in the past, and this ranks among the winners.

          1. Since you support terrorism, it applies to you also. Try taking your Hamas terrorist supporters to a “small town”. We will see what happens.

        1. Baruch Goldstein

          Again, a wonderful learning opportunity for those with eyes to discern. Here we have a textbook example of the straw-man argument, one of the most basic and juvenile forms of logical fallacy. Search what I have written for any indication that I have written that I support either Hamas or terrorism. In fact, I oppose terrorism, whether that terrorism originate with Hamas, the IDF, or the USA.

          1. I was referring to “By the way Benjamin: you’re dead. What the heck is up with that?

  4. The usual Commie Orgs: Answer coalition, Code Pink, Communist party USA etc etc… recruiting new young ignoramuses and fools, brain-washed by these anti-American goons. And most of these simpletons have no idea what they are protesting. Do they know ‘Hamas and Palestine’ are ISLAMIC TERRORISTS? Do they know what would happen to ‘queers, lgbtq etc’ in ‘Palestine’ or any Islamic country? Then we have the ‘jews’ supporting these stone-age cultists – suicidal.

    1. It really is a shame that these arguments get tangled up in one another. It does not have to be so. I attribute it to the fact that most Americans are simply not interested in or prepared to study elementary history.
      It would be interesting to hear how Palestine, a geographic area, is a terrorist. I’m not sure how that works.
      Can someone give us the short version of how, why and by whom Hamas was founded in the first place?
      That authentic Jews (eliminating the scare quotes) can be possessed of integrity and speak out against atrocities carried out by secular Jews who may or may not believe in Judaism seems to me to be the opposite of suicidal. Do we consider the Germans who opposed the National Socialists to be suicidal or heroic?


    1. Hi Pat. You are likely to get some nasty pushback from some of the people who contribute to this blog. You can know that these are people who are either ignorant of, or worse, deny the historical record.
      The story of the conflict in Palestine is a story normally half-told. Few are those who interest themselves in looking more deeply into it than what they see on Fox News or hear from their equally unlearned evangelical preacher. It quickly becomes like arguing with your nine-year-old about international monetary policy.
      Neo-conservatives have been quite successful at a number of things. Among those is tricking the low-information crowd into thinking they are conservatives. They are anything but. This is a neo-conservative blog with a refreshing smattering of authentic conservatives.
      Their poverty of intellectual capability is readily evidenced by their immediate application of the label “anti-semite” to anyone who deplores the zionist agenda.

      1. You and Pat Whoever are marxist idiots who have no idea what you are talking about. Just because you spout the word history does not mean you know it or even understand it. Every country in the Middle East was created by British and French Colonialists after WWI. There was the failed British Mandate and the UN’s creation of Israel after WWII. There are no such people as “palestinians”. Jordon was created for them. More Jews than muslims were dislocated after both wars. But you two biased fools don’t want real History. You are just anti-semetic and pro-terrorist.

        1. Carlos Del Valle

          This is hilarious! This guy accuses others of not knowing history. Check it out. When you have no argument – call the other person a name, in this case “marxist” or “anti-semite”. I think this guy does not know that Palestinian Arabs are Semites. I think he does not even know what the word means.
          Hey, Paul…why did the British mandate fail, huh? Why did the Brits throw in the towel?
          And Paul, exactly where and when did the UN “create” Israel? A recommendation to partition an area does not equate to “creation”. When did the modern state of Israel come into existence? Who declared it so? How did that happen?
          Hey Paul…where is Jordon? Is that a country? Help me find that on a map.
          More Jews that Muslims were dislocated after both wars. Which wars are we talking about Paul? Displaced from where? Help us to understand the significance you find in this. What in the world are you even talking about?
          Heaven help us all. There are people who somehow think this sort of garbage represents history.

          1. Show your ignorance some more. The Russians failed to show up one time and the US pushed through the creation of Israel. Progressives lie all the time and you just proved it. And you, I guess, have never misspelled anything. What a joke.

          2. Carlos Del Valle

            The reply is actually to Paul. Let’s not belabor it. Let’s recognize that a recommendation is not “creation” (1947). Let’s also recognize that a recognition is not “creation” (1949). Paul, we are going to admit that you are correct as soon as you give us a link to the UN document that CREATED Israel. We will wait.

          3. Replying to Paul just below. I wonder how he has determined that Carlos is a “progressive”. I don’t read anything in Mr. Del Valle’s post that suggests that he is a “progressive”. Is there now defined criteria for that label? It seems to me that when someone resorts to name-calling they are revealing some intellectual poverty.

          4. UN; May 11,1949; Actually the “State of Israel” has existed since 600BC. Tell me. Where were the muslims then.

  6. If you send your kid to a woke school like UNM you get what you pay for. I have a nephew that is going to school in Socorro, the school is braining him to be a marxist. I say cut the head, fire the dean and all the marxist professors. They can get a job working for Biden.

  7. It’s funny how so many are quick to judge Israel and not the terrorists that have been trying to kill and destroy Israel. So let’s put this into perceptive: God gave the Jewish people much land that is now called the :Middle East” and since the beginning of time, the Jewish people have been persecuted and murdered for thousands of years. ie: WWII and Stalin murdered millions of Jewish people. After many wars, the Middle East was taken over by the Muslims… On May 14, 1948 the state of Israel was founded. Since then they have rockets constantly
    being shot into the cities, suicide bombs etc. Israel has a right to protect its citizens and doing a much better job than America I might add considering the invasion of thousand of people entering through our borders.
    Further, anyone who is protesting and saying “death to America” and supporting Hamas and the likes, needs to be arrested for terrorists acts against our country. And arrested, jailed and prosecuted to the extent of the law.

    1. I am willing to wager that I have known intimately more survivors of the Shoah than most people have, especially on this blog. The internment of Jews, Catholics, Gypsies and other “undesirables” into concentration camps by the National Socialist agenda was a terrible crime. It was no more or less of a crime than the herding of Palestinians into walled areas and then bombing those areas. Zionists have their own “undesirables”. Their constant refrain of invoking Jewish suffering in the Shoah as an excuse for doing the same thing is an insulting and degrading co-opting of that same suffering for political reasons.
      The Jews that were brought into Palestine from the last half of the nineteenth century and increasingly into the twentieth were overwhelmingly from eastern and central Europe. For some there was legitimately purchased property to inhabit. For the greater number, room needed to be made somehow. Contrary to some opinion today, Palestine was not uninhabited. Someone owned that property. Someone lived in those homes and villages. What happened to those owners? Who were they? Where are they now? We hear much about “The Holocaust” – are we willing to study the “Nakba”?
      An allusion to the current invasion of our own country is very apt. We now know how the inhabitants of Palestine must have felt. When the day comes that we are forced to relinquish our properties and be herded into walled compounds will we go quietly?
      It is best to avoid theological arguments when it comes to the question of Palestine and especially the “God as real-estate broker” argument. It is not the “slam-dunk” that many would prefer. Since any person today feels competent to interpret Holy Scripture according to their own predilections these sorts of arguments have no end.

      1. You nailed it Baruch! I find it puzzling why most people on this site don’t believe the state media( almost all of it owned by the aggressors in Palestine) when they lie about Biden or all other events, but believe them wholly when it comes to Palestine. If people weren’t too lazy to research they would find your words true. The United Nations mandated a TWO STATE solution to Palestine! One the Israelis have never honored.

        1. Baruch Goldstein

          I would venture the following answer and I think you largely explain it in your words here. It is because most people get their information about the history of Palestine from either state media or their “pastors”. What this means is that Fox News is just as much “state media” as is CNN with the same ownership you refer to.
          “State media” on the one hand (MSNBC) tries to indoctrinate people into the LGBTQ ideology while Fox (also state media) indoctrinates them into what is largely a myth regarding the history of Palestine.
          It is only on this field (MSNBC vs. Fox) that we are allowed to play. If you go too far to one side or the other you are out of bounds – or so it seems to the others who cannot venture off that particular field.

    1. If the Bible is self-explanatory why is it there are over 30,000 protestant sects, each with their own interpretation?

  8. You can all say and believe whatever it is you want to believe. There is no place in this country for the type of behavior that is going on at the so called institutions of higher learning. It is time for the President of the Unites States of America to act and call out the National Guard to all these universities and places these demonstrators do things like blocking traffic and the such and stop this type of terrorism.

    1. Baruch Goldstein

      And of course you are correct, Tom. The history of the land called “Palestine” is an entirely different subject from a discussion of if and where free speech ends and the right to assemble.

    1. Brilliant response, Chuck. Don’t forget “anti-semite” and “pro-terrorist”. You and Paul could form a tag team.

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