Poll: GOP beating Dems on ‘preservation of American democracy’

Democrats have been screaming in the national media about a supposed GOP-led “breakdown of American democracy,” as Democrat New Mexico Secretary Of State Maggie Toulouse Oliver did while on MSNBC, Americans have a much different perspective.

The claims of erosion of democracy have gotten louder after the 2020 election, where statistically impossible abnormalities put Joe Biden in the White House. Then, on January 6, 2021, as the U.S. Capitol was breached, Democrats screamed “insurrection” and “assault on our democracy” even louder. 

But a new Fox News poll just released last week shows Republicans are beating Democrats in the “preservation of American democracy,” with Republicans garnering 46% to Democrats’ 45%. 

On many other issues, such as inflation and higher prices, Republicans beat Democrats 55% to 36%, while Republicans crush Democrats on crime, with 52% to Democrats’ 39%. 

Toulouse Oliver and other Democrats claiming to be supporting democracy appear not to translate to results in the public eye, with the poll appearing to prove Republicans are better at preserving the Republic than Democrats.


3 thoughts on “Poll: GOP beating Dems on ‘preservation of American democracy’”

  1. The Dems democracy is by mob rule, the abandonment of our “rule of law” republic. In their “democracy” the law is applied selectively punishing those that do not tow the “progressive” line.

  2. So in the democraps view democracy is forcing counties to certify elections when they detect problems. Also, democracy is striping New Mexicans votes and putting the Electoral Vote toward the candidate with the most votes. We no longer have a democracy in NM.

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