Lujan Grisham’s Human Services Dept. Secretary David Scrase quits

On Friday, it was announced that Democrat Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham’s New Mexico Human Services Secretary, David Scrase, M.D., was stepping down from his post, one of the few cabinet members who has lasted throughout the governor’s reign beginning in 2019.

In a statement, Scrase said, “It has been an incredible honor to work for the Governor for the past four years.”

“I am proud of all that we have accomplished together,” he wrote, touting his response to COVID-19. He added, “I feel extremely privileged and cherish the four years working with the outstanding leaders and employees at HSD. Likewise, the several years that I spent with the Department of Health and their amazing leaders and staff was another high point in my life.”

“In addition to the support and encouragement that I have received from both departments, I have received continual and strong support from members of the Legislature as well, and for that I am very grateful. I have made many lifelong friends and will take wonderful memories into my retirement — And, of course, I could not possibly have endured the challenges of the past four years without the support of my wife Chantel and my family. I am deeply grateful for everyone with whom I have crossed paths during this time.”

During the pandemic, Scrase refused to lift lockdown orders and insisted New Mexicans must take the coronavirus vaccine. He also worked to keep the state’s indoor mask mandates in place. 

In 2021, Scrase said restrictive mask mandates and lockdowns could last for years into the future. 


27 thoughts on “Lujan Grisham’s Human Services Dept. Secretary David Scrase quits”

      1. An MD who leaves a practice to become a NM bureaucrat is either:
        1. Incompetent (1st DOH Secretary under Martinez)
        2. Full of hubris and corruption, hello

  1. Sure now he leaves after he destroyed so many small businesses while he was raking in his income not caring about the damage he has caused because of his mistakenly experience, I wish he would of taken that so called governor with him.

    1. Make up your mind! First you people said the governor ruined small businesses now it is him. She did what most New Mexicans wanted is to protect this state and citizens from dying from a deadly virus. If she did such a terrible job then she wouldn’t of won again. ALSO, if it is bothering you so much move go to another state and be happy.

      1. I’ve been trying to get out of my home state now since 2017! If so many of us don’t like Grishom, how do you think she won? Hmmm …

      2. The survival rate for this “deadly virus” is over 98%. Most people died from the “treatment” not the virus.
        NM is our home, we can’t continue to run from these tyrants. At some point we need to resist.

  2. Now that the state is in ruins financially, injuries and deaths caused by the “vaccines” he and grisham promoted continue to take place, and society is divided into two camps, he slinks away, proud of his ‘accomplishments.’ If – when – grisham ‘mandates’ another lock down for a ‘climate emergency’ or a phony ‘pandemic’ complete with mask orders intended to be both harmful and degrading, I expect the majority of people not currently wearing face diapers will immediately put them back on while feeling virtuous and thrilled to be part of the tribe. The damage to children is incalculable. This “doctor” is a criminal, as is grisham, for what they have wrought. Those who supported them, and will again, are obedient accomplices in the destruction. It has been terrible to witness how few critical thinkers – and how many cowards – there are in America.

      1. Thank you! It’s incredibly encouraging to post here and be reminded that there are so many people here, and in the world, who see the truth of things. Knowing it alleviates some of the heartache we are witnessing as what is happening unfolds.

  3. Great comment Nancy. Everyone involved in the lockdowns and jab mandates should be held accountable. The Children’s Health Defense Fund has tons of information out there that people need to read. Parents need to wake up to the dangers of most of the vaccines out there. They keep adding more vaccines to the recommended list. it is egregious. I never remember my kids getting an extremely long list of vaccines……follow the money. And no, I never used to be an anti vaxxer prior to covid but now would prefer to take my chances and rely on my own immune system. God help our corrupt healthcare system as well. I lost my job because I would not take the jab.

  4. New Mexico and wins one small victory with his resignation. We need to keep reminding this Administration that they work for US. Small victories mean we are moving forward… 🙏🙏🙏

  5. It doesn’t matter Herr Doktor Sklara where you run, you can’t hide. You have organized, implemented and participated in Genocide & Crimes Against Humanity. You can’t use the defense “I was just following Orders” the lame excuse used by Nazis in Nuremburg on their way to the hangman. But you will have lots of company, Her Thighness, queen mlg, NOT My Governess, prominent among your scaffold mates. You will meet Our Lord for final judgement – you can count on your eternity burning in the pits of Hell for your crimes…

  6. Well said everyone. I completely agree with the facts. And I add the fact that in all reality they are just trying to kill us all off so they can have more money most for the do called Governor to get her nails done and have dinner parties at our expence, also get all the jewelry she wants while we are locked down. The fact of the mask I disagree with them , I’ve heard it said and find it true… If you wear a pair of underwear and a pair of jeans and you pass gas it get through, the same goes for the do called COVID. That would have never been here in the first place if they had not gone to China and brought it to us. The other thing is all the damn mask does is hold in any germs that might get through…. Myself and family will not take the vaccines, and we can’t wear the mask. When our Lord decides it’s time for us to leave this earth he will take us. So if it’s from being sick , car accident, heart attack or whatever it’s time to go. I leave it to to he man in charge our Lord.

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