MLG extends COVID emergency order, Scrase insists New Mexicans get jabbed

On Friday, Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham’s New Mexico Department of Health renewed COVID-19 “emergency health orders” throughout May 16, 2022.

In a news release, the Department wrote, “COVID-19 cases have dropped since March and hospitalizations continue to be low. However, the most recent two-week data shows the new Omicron BA.2 variant makes up 22.1 percent of cases in New Mexico and continues to expand across the state, trailing behind the rest of the county.”

Health Secretary Dr. David Scrase, who has repeatedly flip-flopped on science during the pandemic, claimed that New Mexicans must now get another dose of the coronavirus shot.

“If you need your first, second, third or fourth vaccine dose, please get vaccinated – this is especially important for more socially vulnerable individuals and communities, where the risk of severe disease is more than doubled.”

In response to the renewed health orders, state Rep. Rebecca Dow (R-Truth or Consequences), who is running for governor, wrote, “MLG just renewed the ‘emergency health orders’ through May 16th. As long as she is in office they will never end!”

She added, “No more COVID tyranny. No more mandates. No More vaccination requirements as a condition or employment or enrollment at public colleges. End it now!” 

Other Democrat-run places like Philadelphia, Pennsylvania have already begun new lockdown orders, with mask mandates returning.

It is unclear if similar measures will be reimplemented again in New Mexico, but it may be unlikely due to Gov. Lujan Grisham facing a tough reelection. Any extension of the pandemic theatre may significantly lose independent and Democrat votes she would need to secure a second term.

17 thoughts on “MLG extends COVID emergency order, Scrase insists New Mexicans get jabbed”

  1. Not a peep yet on local news internet sites KOB and KOAT….maybe the news will put it out after Easter Sunday.

    1. 100% agree! I haven’t done one single thing that the “experts” have said to do. I’m a public school teachers in NM and among the student population we have three groups: one group did everything that the Gov said; they pretty much hid under a rock for nearly two years, they wear masks everywhere, even outside. These kids are like walking zombies. Another group did some of what what recommended. They aren’t anywhere near what we would call normal. They have lost much of their social skills, their common sense, their reasoning skills etc. We have a third group that didn’t do ANYTHING that the health “experts” said. They never wore masks except when there was absolutely no other choice. They got out and visited each other regularly during the lockdowns. They had big get togethers at grandparents or their own parents houses. They are completely normal today. We all just need to do the exact opposite of what the “experts” say.

  2. Dr. Disgrace couldn’t “help” a patient if his life dependented on it. He’s a geriatric quack. Anyone ever consider why a MD works as a state bureaucrat? Incompetent or on the take!

      1. I’m extremely interested in seeing TriCore Reference Laboratories’ 990 tax forms, after the stuff that went down in that lab over covid it would be extremely interesting to see who got paid what compared to previous years. When the CEO gets a day named after him by the governor its not a good sign….

  3. I guess this liberal nightmare will not end until MLG is gone. I’m going to go out on a limb here. Liberal democrats used a virus (COVID) to destroy Trump’s re-election chances. The problem is their tool got out of control and two years later look where we are. Just a thought…

  4. No, Dr. Disgrace, I won’t take your poison jab. I have survived Covid twice and don’t need it.

    This is nothing but BS to keep people scared. Haven’t they shown that the “boosters” only last for about a month?

    Why are we listening to these liars? They have been wrong the entire time!

  5. New Mexicans will bend over and take it. Thats why the evil b@tch I. Santa Fe keeps doing it. Time to move.

  6. Nancy Tannenbaum

    This ‘governor’ and her lackeys no longer even bother to use the overhead highway signs to reinforce their edicts as they have assembled a reliable army of fully indoctrinated, fear and virtue-ridden non-thinkers who will take dozens of shots and wear their slave masks forever while demanding mail-in voting.

  7. The never-ending-emergency and two checks with MLG signiture on it will be arriving just in time for the primary election in June and the general election in November. This is no accident or coincidence. This is control!

  8. Nancy Tannenbaum

    The brainwashing here is so thorough that overhead highway signs are rarely utilized by the ‘governor’ to reinforce her edicts as the useful idiots will follow orders, take endless “booster” shots, and wear their face diapers forever while the state maintains its ranking as last in everything good and first in everything bad.

  9. If you haven’t had your 1st, 2nd, 3rd, or 4th jab then get it? That don’t even sound like a compelling argument for a jab.

  10. MLG is using emergency powers to continue to stoke fear, and no one is buying it. This is clearly a pathway to ensure she maximizes her re-election. To be certain this is the only thing she cares about. Hopefully people will remember that when we were waiting outside stores to buy food in the freezing cold she was entertaining her cronies with waygu beef and high end booze on the taxpayer dole. This is hypocrisy of dem leadership in NM – and will likely never change.

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