Tucker Carlson interviews Rep. Lord about bill to castrate pedophiles 

On Thursday night, Fox News’ Tucker Carlson of Tucker Carlson Tonight interviewed New Mexico state Rep. Stefani Lord (R-Sandia Park) about a bill, H.B. 128,  co-sponsored by Rep. John Block (R-Alamogordo) to chemically castrate pedophiles as a requirement for parole. 

Lord told Carlson, “In New Mexico, the majority of the people in our state are moderate Democrats, but unfortunately, you’ve got some progressive Democrats that are pushing forward some radical ideology. So, my first session when I was up here, there [were] quite a few bills to be soft on criminals, let criminals out, [and] give them special things you wouldn’t normally have. So, I kept presenting amendments that said, ‘Okay, you want to let the criminals out early. How about not pedophiles? How about we don’t be nice and don’t give them special treatment?’” She said, “And every amendment I presented was shot down.” 

“So, it really got me thinking, so what can I do? What’s something I can do in this next session when I got reelected, what can I do? And I happened to see this bill in Tennessee that was based off the Alabama bill on chemical castration. I looked at it and said, ‘This is a great idea. This is… a tool we can use to keep these pedophiles away from our children.’” 

“I just don’t want pedophiles to get any special treatment or to be allowed early of out of prison,” she concluded.

The bill notes, “A person required to undergo chemical castration treatment shall begin the treatment not less than one month prior to the person’s release from custody of the corrections department and shall continue receiving treatment until the court determines the treatment is no longer necessary. The treatment shall be administered by the department of health.”

Furthermore, the offender must eat the cost of the chemical castration in addition to any court costs. 

Another section of the proposed bill reads, “In addition to any condition of parole under Subsection A of this section, as a condition of parole, a person released on parole under this section shall authorize the department of health to share with the parole board all medical records relating to the person’s chemical castration treatment. A person may elect to stop receiving the treatment at any time and may not be forced to receive the treatment; provided that the refusal shall constitute a violation of the person’s parole and the person shall be immediately remanded to the custody of the corrections department for the remainder of the sentence from which the person was paroled.” 


Photo: Screenshot via Fox News.


12 thoughts on “<strong>Tucker Carlson interviews Rep. Lord about bill to castrate pedophiles </strong>”

    1. I would be asking what help can we give the child victims of these pedophiles? Typical Progressive wanting to help the perpetrator rather than the child.

    2. They are pedophile’s, not redeemable, they deserve this and more. Children are our first priority, NOT these perverts.

    3. I think a mental institution would be more humane than prison, but nobody wants to spend the money, which apparently includes the voters electing people to office. Being able to walk around free is much more humane than locked up in prison, hoping some disgruntled guard doesn’t tell everybody you’re a pedophile and then you get jumped and murdered in the shower room.

  1. Maybe let the fathers,brothers,caregivers of the molested children take the pedophile out back for a little chat!!
    Stefani is right about our state being soft on criminals — Good ole Loserjan protecting her thugism buddies..
    It’s time to remove the revolving door at the jail house and hold NO BALLS judges and NO MORALS lawyers accountable!

  2. Where and why does the people of NM keep voting for these idiots? Pedophiles are mentally ill, they do their crimes as a means of control and intimidation, castration isn’t the answer. These people need to be locked in mental institutions where they can be monitored 24/7.

    1. I agree, but i think chemical castration and parole is still more humane than prison. They try to kill pedophiles in prison if they find them out, and sometimes the guards tell the other inmates about them.

  3. Two problems with this:
    1- Being a pedophile is a life-long mental illness, and therefore there is no place for “if the court deems it unnecessary”.
    2- The first pedophile who can’t get a job and can’t afford the treatment will probably be the first person to sue the state, and force a supreme court decision, etc., and the state is probably going to end up paying for it anyway.

  4. Great solution. Agree 100%. Thank you Stephanie and John for working so hard on this horrific problem. Also thank you Tucker Carlson for this interview. It shows that there are at least two hard working, dedicated and intelligent politicians in New Mexico.

    1. Pedophiles are oft repeat offenders and should not be given the chance to repeat.
      Kids are oft permanently affected.
      Perves should be chemically castrated if they opt for it and can afford it. The ones who are not neutered should have ‘Pedo’ tattooed in red on their forehead and sent to prison – but should be given the option of choosing execution AFTER the tattoo.

      That’s a much improved way, Pamela.

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