NMPED Secretary Kurt Steinhaus quits Lujan Grisham administration

On Saturday, Democrat Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham’s New Mexico Public Education Department (PED) secretary, Dr. Kurt Steinhaus, announced his departure from the governor’s administration. He was first appointed to the post in 2021. 

“The state of public education in New Mexico is in a better place than ever because of Kurt’s dedication, and I wish him a very happy and well-deserved retirement,” claimed Lujan Grisham, whose PED ranks as the worst of every other state and the District of Columbia.

“I am deeply proud to have given my best to this job, but at this time I have a critical need to focus on my family and health,” Steinhaus said in a statement, as reported by the Santa Fe New Mexican. “I am grateful to the governor for giving me the opportunity to finish my career working on behalf of the state of New Mexico, and I know that she will continue to work to deliver the best possible public education system for New Mexico students, educators, and families.”

Steinhaus began his education career working for Alamogordo Public Schools, then at Santa Fe Community College, the University of New Mexico, and the Los Alamos Public Schools.

Steinhaus’ departure comes just one day following the announcement that New Mexico Human Services Department Secretary David Scrase, M.D., was also quitting.

Lujan Grisham’s General Services Department secretary, John Garcia, is also leaving on February 4, 2023. 


18 thoughts on “NMPED Secretary Kurt Steinhaus quits Lujan Grisham administration”

    1. I have known Kurt for many years. Kurt is undeserving of this comment. New Mexico is fortunate he agreed to led PED as long as he did.

      1. Maybe he has some values? WHO wants to be last? Most embarrassing. I should never have moved back to this state of Entrapment. I get sicker by the day.

  1. Is there any possibility that this is NM’s version of what’s happening in New Zealand? Illegal lockdowns, forced vaxes , face diapers, CRT and drag queens, grooming… Was MLG a protege of Bill Richardson? How about Epstein and Zorro Ranch? Child trafficking and Satanic Ritual Abuse? And MLG’s loving relationship with CCP officials? Can it all be tied together?

  2. Can anyone explain to me WHY this department even exists!
    Gary Johnson created the thing, and now things are better?

    1. This Department existed before I became a state legislator in 1975. The fact is that NM ranks #51 in public education results, but is much higher in per student funding. That’s nothing to br a g about anywhere.

      1. Prior to Johnson (1995–2003) a.k.a. Governor Gump, it was not a Cabinet level group or have the power it now controls. Local school boards mattered! Top level goverment controls are never good or efficient and never will be!

  3. Would love to know the REAL reason he’s leaving. Could be though the stress is too much and he’s speaking the truth!

  4. We desperately need SCHOOL CHOICE and a CONCENTRATION on the basic three Rs, with the ability to comprehend. A good foundation in these areas would go a long way to giving the children of New Mexico a ‘fighting’ chance to succeed when they go out on their own in the world.

  5. NM is definitely the worst in education. I raised 3 kids in the Roswell district and personally I know from the Board of Education, to the Principals/Asst. Principals to the actual stuff the kids are learning to the “nutritious lunches and breakfasts” they have that I fed my kids better at home even when we didn’t have anything but hit dogs and oatmeal. They stopped teaching cursive writing when my youngest was in elementary. When he was 15, he couldn’t read my writing when I gave him grocery lists to shop for me. He finally took my advice and kept working at it on his own and he is better now. But isn’t that a shame on the state when a 15 year old’s hand writing looks like a 3rd or 4th grader’s? Tells you a lot about these “wonderful” departments.

  6. Recently sent…PJS
    To: Hemphill, Siah
    Subject: [EXT] Please oppose HB126: strengthen graduation requirements, don’t weaken them!

    Dear Senator Hemphill:

    I object to the proposal in House Bill 126 to water down the high school graduation requirements by lowering the total number of credits from 24 to 22 and failing to include financial literacy, world language, and career technical education as graduation requirements.

    A September 2022 poll of likely voters in New Mexico found that 89% believe it is urgent that “the New Mexico legislature pass a law requiring a personal finance course in New Mexico high schools.” I agree: financial literacy should be a graduation requirement in New Mexico as it is in 32 other states.

    I also believe that all students should be exposed to world languages and career technical education, since the research shows that both of these courses are valuable to all students. New Mexico students who take two credits of career technical education graduate at rates nearly 20% higher than the state average. Meanwhile, two credits of world language are not only required for admission to many colleges, including the University of New Mexico, but can also make the curriculum more culturally relevant and benefit students in careers that place a premium on bilingualism.

    We have a responsibility to the next generation to make sure that New Mexico’s students receive a relevant and rigorous high school education that will prepare them for college and career.


  7. grisham’s comment, ‘The state of public education in New Mexico is in a better place than ever…’ is one of the most arrogant displays of gaslighting I have ever seen. It is incredible to me that anyone reading this could actually believe it. That people are so incapable of rational thought that they don’t recognize the insult of being lied to is both sad and alarming. Critical thinkers are the remnant of fierce independent people who founded this nation. Compliance is always rewarded by those who seek to acquire power. Those able to discern truth behind are always their enemies.

  8. On another topic :
    In New Mexico, we are trying to forget our POW and MIA’s.
    The flag and its associated flagpole were removed from the big I (intersection of Interstate 40 and Interstate 25) with no publicity. The state says the city did it. The city says the state did it.
    It is obvious that recognizing veterans that have given their freedoms and lives are not a priority in our state.
    No matter why it was removed, stolen, damaged or whatever, it should be put back up!
    We need to let the country know where our state stands on veteran’s issues!

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