MLG’s health chief says mask mandates, restrictive measures could last for years

During an online update, acting New Mexico Department of Health Secretary Dr. David Scrase made some eyebrow-raising statements regarding the use of masks and health restrictions, claiming the already restrictive measures could last for years into the future.

“This is going to stretch out much further in front of us than we thought,” said Scrase. He says he expects “a series of punches and counterpunches between the virus and the rest of the world trying to get this under control.”

“We need to think of longer-term solutions to manage this pandemic — things we can live with for one or two or three years rather than clicking on and off mandates,” said Scrase.

The Santa Fe New Mexican reported, “Wearing masks indoors for another year or two could be one of those preventive measures we must tolerate, [Scrase] said.”

After the Lujan Grisham regime mandated that all health care workers receive the experimental inoculation for the virus, many nurses, doctors, and other medical personnel were purged from their livelihoods despite them working through the heat of the pandemic. 

Now, Scrase is upset that hospitals are being bogged down and hospital beds not being available.  “Our hospital personnel are incredibly exhausted, discouraged and frustrated, frankly, that they are now managing a pandemic and working extra shifts and endangering their own health for what has become a preventable illness,” said Scrase.

But a pandemic — at least restrictions for one — lasting years does not appear to be good news from Scrase or the Lujan Grisham administration, especially as the 2022 fast approaches and New Mexicans may ditch the forever pandemic by voting for a Republican governor who will not force strict mandates and restrictions.


9 thoughts on “MLG’s health chief says mask mandates, restrictive measures could last for years”

  1. I was in a grocery store the other day not masked and I heard a child so small he was still in the shopping cart and I heard him say mommy that man does not have a mask on
    Then I realized which I’ve already known they want to up the mask mandates so when it is time to take them off they will not take them off they will still be controlled
    And how can we better get in control with this scam demic Wuhan Lujan and her Reich ministry of Health?….. here is a hint what should be done but the Democrats won’t even consider it

  2. Dr. Disgrace just said the same this that his hero Fauci has said. Bet the handshake is a bad thing for him also. Anyone who believes this geriatric nincompoop knows anything about science, epidemiology or medicine, needs to have their head examined. Anyone bother to ask why a person who supposedly did his medical residency is now a NM state bureaucrat? Altruism… haha

  3. He lies, occupancy is due to the fact that we have had a bed shortage since BEFORE C19. Actual C19 “admissions” have continually declined over the past three months. I put admissions in quotes as it is never clear if they are admitted for exacerbation of actual symptoms or because of other health issues/trauma and incidentally “test” positive. I put test in quotes as it still hasn’t been determined if a positive test indicates infection

  4. Could the lack of beds be due to lack of medical staff to care for patients because of the mandate? We are loosing doctors and nurses at a high rate. Completely leaving the state.

  5. Its all about power. New Mexicans need to fight back against these evil mandates. Or just keep doing what we are told. Too many people believe all the democrap nonsense. Start by getting MLG and her minions out of office.

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